It’s Time to Stellify – a Lemn Sissay poem for The University of Manchester

It’s time to Stellify Be the focus, be the vision Be the brightest, the universe Be the future, be driven There’s half a million alumni in
190 countries across the globe Over 25 Nobel laureates
This is our genetic code There’s stardust in your DNA
You are a meteorite You are the pen tempting words
You are the lens sensing light Be 10 thousand degrees
Be light years travel in time Be the star of the universe
And shine, shine, shine Be the star you are searching for
Illuminate the night Be the success you wished for
Be quicker be faster be bright And as the future dawns
You’ll get brighter by the day It’s time to let the sun shine through
You star, light the way Make all the difference
In every single thing you do Stellify, it means to turn into a star
And the star that turns it’s you

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