[IU TV] 내가! 마! 억수로! 좋아한다고!

You mean, I look like a dance singer? Ah, you mean, I look like Elsa? Elsa is… Well, I’m.. I’m not Elsa.. Well, I’m I know that she’s got
an enormous fandom Well, how dare can I be.. How dare can I be like Elsa.. Let’s just.. keep that story only between us Younger sis Jiyoo? Making the younger sis project To make ‘Park Yohan’s
heart trembling We need to show him a bit
different look from the usual days Say to Jiyoo that mom can’t
go home today More more more more – About.. this much? Shall we draw it up to here?
– More more more more Now, it looks a bit.. the corner of your
eyes looks like the assistant manager Han Hyeyeon You’re walking the path of
Superstar Stylist now Superstar Stylist You should be the next
Superstar Stylist since you’re wearing a blue outfit today I’ll do red eye makeup for you Korean flag concept? To express your patriotism (she doesn’t know
where to put her brush) Which color did I just use now? This one I think I I.. I’m so good at makeup but
since I have bad memory How is it? – What.. did you just do?
– No no, not yet – Still a lot more left to do
– Okay Look at the shape of her lips,
the lips when she focuses But.. Isn’t she grabbing my hair too strongly? She’ll do your hair later as well I’d compensate you everything
(don’t worry, I’ll compensate you with my ability) (everyone knows my
ability to use straightener) She’d only work on its half,
and just leave – to go for a rehearsal
– Uh, are we gonna do a rehearsal? What did I do?
Did I work on this part? Which one did I use
for the lower lashes? It was something wider
than this one, right? (a firm trust for Jingjjang)
Working on your lower lashes Is this the one? Ohhh Okay now, I’d do bbam-bbam for your lashes,
bbam-bbam for mascara and I want her lips.. to be a bit nude toned M.R, M.L.. M.L MLBB (unreleased video for special episode
for 1 million subscribers) That dry.. this.. we call it M.’I’.B.B, right? MLBB – M.L.B.B?
– Yes She says M.I.B.B (I made you laugh a little, huh?
I was confused) M.I Hyeseon You’re laughing too loud? Hyeseon Why don’t you just swear instead Just to be cool You’ll be out of your breath indeed I want her cheek to be.. not standing out too much To have some mood – Lips.. must look lively
– I got it, just go already Let’s not make her lips
nude toned too much For her lips.. M.I.B.B? – Is it M.L.B.B or M.I.B.B?
– It’s M.L.B.B M.L.B.B With the feeling of a dried rose It should be burgundy tone,
but not the one that’s too reddish I’ll leave and come back
(she heard many things but could recall the style vaguely) Until you receive
confirmation from Jieun Don’t erase it – You should not get out of the waiting room
– Point a dot on her left cheek (getting worse) Today again, Yoo Inna has come so Yoo Inna, say hello with
your voice today as well Ah ah Hello Hehehehe Well Yoo Inna, your outfit today.. Yes What happened? I mean, why did you make
yourself so pretty like this No, this one was the prettiest
among the clothes I had Please take me a photo once Please take her back side once Ta-da Wow, it’s really a perfect camouflage These days, her style has changed a lot like mine I mean, isn’t her back side look
perfectly like IU (what’s wrong? it’s cute though,
it’s my taste) Please go and be seated Please enjoy watching it What happened to your outfit today? Well, the outfit is.. Why bother explaining it You should explain it though Right, should I explain it anyway? Yes Who prepared the outfit today? Oh well it’s me, it’s me Do you like your makeup though? (silent)
Her face doesn’t look good There’s no answer No.. I’ve even seen her taking
a selfie a while ago She acts like that although
she likes it Busan Do you still remember
the memory of last year? Memory of last year? (it was so nice last year)
(I can’t just pick only one) For instance..? Last year, Busan fans were
singing along so warmly and their reactions were so good that
you said you wanna hug each one of them (right right)
(such a vivid memory) (show me the footage please) Right there,
right there The audiences really make up
the half of a concert work Really, it was You see my serious look, right? For real For real, I thank you so much, really To this extent, I could have just cried It was really good, you know? I was feeling really good and, I wanted to hug each one of them – Ah, right
– Ah Right, that’s what happened I mean, I was since Busan fans always cheer so well and stuff like that since they are passionate, I rather tend to forget that warm passion always Busan is hot actually It’s not just the level of
being hot in Busan (I’d do well on today’s concert too)
Okay, today as well Let’s do that, let’s ride the waves Riding waves in silence I can’t hear it
(she can’t hear it since she wears an in-ear) Riding waves Uh? What did you say? Riding waves,
riding waves in silence I won’t do it for today It’s not something we do any time (there’s a strict rule for doing
the waves riding, you know?) (today, she has the best condition)
(are you all ready to enjoy together?) (Jieun, you should jump) (ah, it’s not this side) ‘We like IU so much’
(in Busan dialect is?) ‘I’m saying, I like you, you know’ It’s this kind of feeling so (every week, the best of) (‘we like IU so much’ is made) Really We can’t win Busan people Uh… But, it’s the last song now After you take rest for
about 4 minutes and shout ‘IU’ for 1 minute, I’d come back soon so that
your neck wouldn’t hurt Please do some stretching as well and go to washrooms I want you to do that Got it? I really want to go to washroom right now I don’t seem like to, do I? This is professionalism indeed

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    를 use 해서 이글을 to see 하게 make 할겁니다 다들 Be careful!!!

  2. IU, for a 1300 years old lady, you are so beautiful😍 and your voice is so amazing🙀

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    그리고 코로나 조심 하세요
    그 예쁜 몸에 코로나 걸리면 ㅠㅠ 언니 그리고 마스크는
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