Jack Buck's 9-11 Poem

I would like to read a poem which I have written for this occasion after which there will be a special 21-gun fireworks salute since this nation was founded under God more than 200 years ago we have been the bastion of freedom the light that keeps the free world aglow we do not covet the possessions of others we are blessed with the bounty we share we have rushed to help other nations anything anytime anywhere war is just not our nature we won't start but we will end the fight if we are involved we shall be resolved to protect what we know is right we have been challenged by a cowardly foe who strikes and then hides from our view with one voice we say we have no choice today there is only one thing to do everyone is saying the same thing and praying that we end these senseless moments we are living as our fathers did before we shall win this unwanted war and our children will enjoy the future we'll be giving [Applause] you [Applause]

22 thoughts on “Jack Buck's 9-11 Poem

  1. Like the new stadium but feel like the old Busch is more nostalgic guess nothing will ever replace it

  2. God bless Ernie Hayes also long time organist RIP to both of you

  3. God bless america RIP Jack go rest in paradise you deserve it us cards fans miss you big time. Words cant express my feelings when this speech was made to go up there as sick as he was and make this courageous speech shows a lot of heart and guts I love my country and I feel like this was the perfect thing to help baseball fans everywhere feel a sense of pride once again that had been lost during the 9/11 attacks

  4. to the 9 people who disliked this video…… Go FUCK yourself.

  5. The Israeli Mossad carried out the 9/11 attacks from start to finish.

  6. I just saw this and I want to thank you for posting this. My hats off to You and Mr. Buck

  7. How sad it is that the fashion today is to undermine all of the values for which America once stood.

  8.  St, Louis lost a member of the family when Jack was called home. Jack was the Cardinals MVP

  9. Heartfelt..but not really true. For the real truth, consult Webster Tarpley or Michael Ruppert

  10. Not to be rude, but wasn't that why Harry Caray and other annoucers that died before Jack Buck died?

  11. So true: Joe Buck is a talentless, BORING Hack. But Jack Buck was great.

  12. This should answer all critics on why we are in the middle east


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