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it is effectively the BAFTAs of the book world tonight the biggest names in British publishing was celebrating another bumper year and amongst them the crime writer who can boast sales of a hundred million and Counting it's Lee Child little wonder that the man who created Jack Reacher was named author of the year for his contribution to the health of the industry so I've read separately that every four seconds seven seconds nine seconds or 13 seconds someone in the world is buying a Jack Reacher novel and it sounds horrible to say but it we've given up counting because it's just we'd have to have a full-time staff counting them you know it's it's just amazing it's a nice position to be in isn't it yeah Child's Jack Reacher novels numbering 23 so far are about a former military policeman who travels the u.s. solving crime they've been translated into more than 40 languages it was childs dismay at losing his job after 20 years at Granada TV in Manchester in the 90s that he credits with his writing career this is how I always put it I loved it and then one day my bus said something to me that just made it impossible to continue he said you're fired and that's how it all began and so the writing was was not an ambition I'd never thought about it before I'd been a reader all my life and I thought what am I going to do next and I just thought you know what I'll try and write a book and it would not have happened if I hadn't lost that job Tom Cruise famously played Jack Reacher on the big screen but for the TV series child is currently developing he's looking for a new actor after his readers complained that Cruise was too small we did not have the physicality that Reacher has you know it was awkward because I'd like Tom Cruise he's a really nice guy he's a good friend and so he was suffering from the criticism and I felt sorry about that I'm asking for suggestions you know get on my Facebook page and say who do you want and I'd love to cast a complete unknown tonight's author of the year is reaching out Ninan on our news at 10 you

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