JackSucksAtLife DISS TRACK (Official Music Video)

Jack, listen man… I didn’t wanna have to do this to you. But you gave me no choice. You stole my sponsor, you stole my thumbnail, and worst of all, you stole my YouTube Rank. Get ready for it. Here we go. Hey, Jack, welcome to my track. (Hi.) I wish that I could say that you would welcome me back, But I’m banned on fucking SkyCade. Now, how can we be friends when you stole my YouTube rank? DAMN You abused the rank yourself… for so many years that when someone does it right, yeah you couldn’t fuckin see it (Haha!) I didn’t see it… That dragon was invisible. Im glad it happened though it was the first thing on you server.. ORIGINAL Even a rank inside your server was created by me I’m the *original* ace, Ambassador to the community When you banned me from your server, you lost your best meme And if you gave your dog a treat, I bet he would agree! *WOOF* Or would you prefer a random number generator? Better yet! Let Kai choose! YEAH He gets the views! Ooooh man I bet that really bites. If only you knew… What losing YouTube rank felt like… OH! WAIT! I guess im not alone. When it comes to YouTube rank… We both lost one At least my YouTube rank is on a server that matters Yeah… Hypixel doesn’t take too kindly to hackers You should listen to the guy ME who always does it right. This perfectionist at heart has got a little advice… You can’t win a fight with #GoodGuyAce You should stick to what you’re good at, SWIRLY FACE You feelin the burn yet jack? Well you’re gonna HAHA ‘Cause when you mess with me you mess with my team. Don’t forget your headphones jack, Because next on the mic… Is my boy Spifey I got it figured out, bro. The reason you’re a cow MOO What? A new trend comes out and jack is on the prowl. Damn More minecraft hackers… Its really not complex. Find a guy, ban him 10 minutes it brings the checks! Echo Echo, Lets slow this down. You’re fighting ace, yet you’re wearing his gown? (AYE) Alexa! Alexa! Or should I say Jack? Cuz you both repeat things: play.skycade.net Ok jack there was no point in my dissing You did that yourself; The life you’re missing? Come on man… Its in your own name I guess it’s why you chose a Minecraft fame? Hey, Jack, how ya doing bitch? After this, your channel’s gonna be left in a ditch! I would say I’m ’bouta bring your channel to an end But you’re doing it yourself with TREND!? TREND?! TREND!!! You’re far from original is that why you’re after Ace? Swirly effect to fix that f**king face SamSmellsOfApricots Jack smells like s**t Suggestion for your channel: just f**king quit SkyCade dot nah… SkyCade rather not Please respond, Jack! Please take your best shot This guy needs Jesus; better give him 5 bucks At life… isn’t the only thing you suck! (Sexual Referance) Now, Jack, I got some things to say 500k subs, that’s pretty OK Says the person with 100k.. *cough* But looking back at how your channel was born, How could you be proud of making f**king Minecraft p**n!?! Diss track, my bill, I’m the main driver Your channel would be dead if it wasn’t for Fiverr I’m sorry man, you just had to be stopped And when you fight TheOriginalAce, you’re gonna get dropped! *Flexes*(hahahaha) That’s not all, bro We’re not finished with you… Ace… FINISH HIM Justin Bieber called and he wants his hair back?! But he wants it with a comb, cuz that hair is bloody wacked When you’re trollin your fans, you really wanna look like that? (i wouldn’t) Come on now, Jack Stick. To. The. Format!?!? You can’t escape from this track NO EVADING! Sure ya banned my alt, but I’m still playing To all of jack’s fans who think that I’m a savage, Don’t worry kids! No Long term damage! Now a message from massdrops favorite YouTuber Huge thanks to Massdrop for sponsoring this video. To show their support for me, and not Jack. They sent me four AKG M.220 Studio Headphones to give away to you. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna give away three of these at the gleam link in the description below. There’s six ways to enter, So make sure you use all of them for a better chance of winning. And for the last pair of headphones, I’ll be launching my very own minecraft server today for A Testing day” today only. So I’ll give this last pair of headphones away to a random player who joins my server today, at Play.Minevibe.Net All you have to do is hop on the server, Type “/giveaway” followed by your email address, and you’ll be added to the raffle. But I do recommend sticking around if you want to see me spawn some ender dragons. FUN FACT: on Minevibe, we don’t ban our youtubers sort of abusing their ranks. We encourage it. If you enjoyed this video, and you’re a little bit confused about why I’m making a diss track on Jacksucksatlife, Then go ahead and check out this one. Jack and I got a “little feud” going on and this would pretty much explain it for ya. Massive shout out to my “friends” Spifey and MadMaker7. Please do check out their channels, They make some amazing ass content. So do show them some love. I’m looking forward to our fight Jack. Although I already killed you once with this track. And as always keep it fresh.

100 thoughts on “JackSucksAtLife DISS TRACK (Official Music Video)

  1. Give up now Ace. We literally have DoniBobes on Team Jack. Sure maybe you have enough confidence to go against Jack. But do you got enough to go against a 1.2 Mil youtuber? I thinks not. (Ok I thought it would be pretty obvious because its a year after but apparently i have to actually explain this ;-;. THE COMMENT IS A JOKE CRONIAN!)

  2. FOR EVERYONE WHO IS PISSED AT ACE this is all a joke smh, theyre really good friends, and if ur still mad at him just for joking around with jack then ur actually retarded

  3. My diss track on ace

    Hey ace wtf u doing
    im the one whose winning
    your the one whose drooling
    what you doing you put sponsor in your diss track
    jacks the one who really gets jacked
    and your friends their cool
    or maybe not man
    your just sitting there eating food out of cans
    play.skycade.net you should should join or not!
    didn't you get banned
    for that big stupid dragon
    man you messed up
    thinking it was cool
    but everyone on your team just sits and drools
    bye ace
    once i trusted you
    but i guess that's the end of the case

  4. But jack killed you in subscribes mad ur channel in 2012 and only 150 and jack over 600

  5. orginal ace is a bich it was his fault and his team it dumb 😀

  6. 2:27 As soon as madmaker7 said born, I knew he would bring up Minecraft porn. After all, this wouldn't be complete without that point.

  7. Hey ace you big disgrace you look just like shrek by the look on your face
    you think your cool dabbing on an enderdragon but yt thinks r so ugly so im laggin so stop diss trackin on jack as your lackin iq go back to school and learn this…
    you dont hire 10 people to help you diss track on someone who has more subs that all of u added

  8. Ok so u are mad about getting band for ruining spawn and your mad about that why did you diss seriously jack doesn’t really care

  9. Dude thats his sponcer he had it longer then you youu fucking stupid ass nigga

  10. Did that guy steal w2s line on ksi
    When you fight joe Waller you gonna get dropped he just replaced the name

  11. Yo ace, isn’t it meant to be the diss track mobile, and that’s how he’s the main driver

  12. Ace, you have broke all honors of codes to humanity's insanity… how dar eyou stanist… 1:12

  13. so you will stop harrasing him so fuck your this is why your bad at everything bitch

  14. It's a trend what do you think your suppose to do a trend

  15. that last guy say jack fix your face but he needed 1st to see his face lol

  16. ace you think your awesome?
    then wheres your bling
    jack crowned himself winner before he have even started this thing

    sorry ace but your diss sucked
    that's the best thing you could construct? think so

    then your a bitch

    the only person getting dropped around here is you..by your mother..as a baby. you got dropped on your head as a baby..thats what i'm trying to say

    i hate your channel

    but at least you've already taken out the trash.

  17. Watch Jack this is not family friendly xD

    Diss Track: Dont like Jesus

  18. That badly made dragon ride isn’t even looking forwards
    Litteraly he never abused unless trolling HACKERS is abusing

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