29 thoughts on “JACOBEAN AGE // Literary period & movement//

  1. What language is she speaking, please?

    I can catch a few English words but the rest sound like gibberish spoken in a sing-song fashion. 🙁

  2. mem plz thodi or informations add kia kro syllabus k according bht kam hota h

  3. Madam literature ka aglo section period ka no. Name kya h… Sequence shi nhi h..

  4. mam mughe apke old age or middle age ka vedio nahi mil raha

  5. Thanks mem ,,mem apke notes shhi dekhai nhi dete ,,,plz thoda clear dekhaye

  6. Mam thoda lanthi video banya kro chote chote video se sllybas cover nahi nahi hota deeply question ate

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