30 thoughts on “Jacqueline Woodson reads “Tobacco”

  1. "I do not know yet / how sometimes the earth makes a promise / it can never keep."

  2. What a soothing voice. And I love the little singing there. Thank you, Jacqueline.
    Beautiful thumbnail format, by the way. It's muted but it stands out. It's neither too academic nor 'artsy'. I really like this endeavor, even though I think I'm yet to 'grow up' enough to really appreciate poetry

  3. What a wonderful channel this is growing up to become. The incorporation of singing was beautiful!!

  4. "Summer is over, a kiss / of chill in the Southern air." Beautiful, thank you!

  5. Love this channel! I’m a big fan of poetry, but I wish there was some way Nerdfighters could interact with each other’s writing and poetry. Is there a place like that?

  6. I absolutly enjoyed listening. Its crazy how sometimes words can create feelings in the same way music can. I wouldn't say I can comprehend this one to its depth, but I can still kinda feel it. 🙂

  7. "and the earth waits
    for what and who it will get in return"
    Marvelous. Thank you Yours Poetica for making this channel.

  8. Not enough breath left now
    to sing so I sing for him, in my head
    where only I can hear.

    I relate to these lines in a different context. My grandfather had Parkinson's and later Alzheimer's as well, and I used to take care of him. These lines just hit me in a different way 💙

  9. Might be my favorite reading so far on this channel…of course, I’m probably biased because of Life’s Library.

  10. I was able to really feel and understand this one. Reminds me of my own grandfather.

  11. This was beautiful, and the ending was so strong. Possibly my favourite final couplet ever? Left me breathless

  12. I finished this book a week ago and I still have these poems on my mind. As soon as I saw Jacqueline on screen, I had to click! <3

  13. This is definitely my favorite so far. Amazing! You have an authorial voice which feels very familiar to me, yet I can't place it. Maybe that is just a really wonderful quality of your writing. 💜

  14. This is by far one of my favorite books. I even read it out loud to my class in fifth grade. Thank you for sharing your childhood with us!

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