Jaden Smith Freestyles on The Tonight Show

-Welcome back.
Always great seeing you, buddy. Congrats on the record.
-Thank you so much. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s great.
-I really appreciate it. -You are on tour
now for the album? -Yeah.
I am on tour right now. It’s my first solo tour,
so I’m really excited. It’s very different.
-Are you digging it? Are you liking it?
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
It’s a lot of fun, yeah. -You’re playing
Highline Ballroom this weekend? -Yes.
-In New York? -Yes, I am. I’m really nervous
for that show. That’s gonna be a lot of fun.
-Do you get nervous still? -You know, I do get
a little bit nervous sometimes, because it’s — you know, when
you’re opening up for somebody, you’re like, “You know,
if I mess up, you know, Justin’s gonna come in
and kill it, so I’m fine.” But it — You know, it’s —
-When it’s just you. -When it’s just me,
it’s like, “Man…” I really want to give
people a show. I want to give — give my all
on stage, you know? -I heard that — and I don’t
know if it’s true, but, when you write these —
the songs on this record, or in general…
-Mm-hmm. -…you freestyle a lot more
than just write them out. -Yeah, I do.
You know, it kind of just comes to me naturally,
in a way, where I just kind of —
I like to piece it together just, like, piece by piece instead of just writing it down. ‘Cause I feel like, if I write
something down in my notebook, I’m like, “Now I have to
say this. I wrote it down. You know, I can’t change it.”
-Right. -So, when — when I don’t
write it down, it kind of gives me more freedom
to go back, change lines, and not really, you know — If I write something,
I’m like, “This is a poem, and I want it
to stay how it is,” as opposed to, like,
letting it become a song. -So how long will you —
will you spit for? Can I say spit?
[ Laughter ] -Usually it’s just,
like, small — Usually it’s just, like,
small chunks that I’ll do, and then, like, I’ll piece them
together to make a longer song. So, I’ll just do something,
like, really fast, like four lines, and then I will
come back the next day and then I’ll do another four — or I’ll go in the studio
and listen to them. -‘Cause I can’t even
do two lines. -Yeah. Yeah,
-I mean, I’ve tried. It’s awful. I mean, Black Thought,
obviously — Tariq — can just crush. He just goes, I mean —
-Oh, amazing. -No, he is.
-Amazing. Amazing. [ Cheers and applause ] So incredible.
-But it’s like a talent. Could — Could you give us maybe
a taste of a freestyle? Can you do —
-Yeah, I could try to — I could try to
make something up right now. [ Cheers and applause ] -Do you want a beat or anything,
or do you just wanna go? -No, no. I’ll go a cappella.
I’ll go a cappella. Check it. Check this.
So, it’s like… ♪♪ People hit me on Twitter
like, “Jaden, you wildin'” ♪♪ ♪♪ Let me talk my piece
on Jimmy Fallon ♪♪ ♪♪ They hit me on the ‘Gram
like, “Jaden, you stylin'” ♪♪ You ain’t know
my swag was on a thousand ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on, man. Thank you. I hate to put people on the spot
and do that, but thank you for doing that.
I appreciate it. -No, of course. of course.
And, honestly, thank you so much for having me
on the show, honestly. -Oh, no. We love you.
-I-I appreciate it so much. -Dude, you work
your butt off, man. -Thank you.
-I love — Dude, you know — I didn’t even
know you had a record out, and then I saw
the “Icon” video… -Yeah.
-…that went everywhere. -Yeah.
-And where was that and what kind of car — what — It was just you in, like,
a desert or something awesome? -Yeah. Yeah. Like —
-So, where were you? -Well, so,
that’s a place in Malibu that I really like going to. And the whole album
is kind of about me being obsessed
with, like, the sunset and, like, that’s, kind of,
like, the whole theme of it — of, like, “Syre”
where it’s, like, the sunset. I’m, like, so obsessed with, so I went somewhere that I could
see that pink sky. And, honestly, that wasn’t
supposed to be the single. I-I did a whole production
for a whole nother video that was supposed
to be the single. And, last second,
we got the edit back, and we were like,
“Oh, my God, like, we can’t even see
your face rapping. Like, we didn’t shoot it
correctly. Like, it — it can’t come out.” And we’re like,
“Oh, my goodness. It can’t come out.
What do we have to do?” And I’m like,
“I shot this random thing of me next to a car
on the sunset. Maybe just put that out.
Just release that. See if people like that.” And we did, and
now it’s just — -But, I mean,
that went everywhere. That — I was like —
-Yeah. It just went everywhere. -The album has been streamed
100 million times. I mean, that’s —
-I can’t even believe that. -Isn’t that the coolest thing
ever, man? -It’s the coolest. I’m just so happy
that people love the art, and it just makes me want to
just keep going. -Now, you have
a remix coming out. -Yes, I do have
a — a remix coming out. We shot it in Colombia. I went to go visit my dad, and I was like, “You know,
let’s do two things here. I’ma visit you, but let’s shoot
a music video, too.” [ Laughter ]
You know what I’m saying? -Got a little business in here. -Do you know what I’m saying?
-Yeah, we’ll do family time. -Let’s try to —
You know what I’m saying? You got streets
blocked off and stuff. Let’s — Let’s use some of that.
-Yeah. -Um, so, so —
[ Laughter ] -Why not, man? -I shot a video with Nicky Jam.
Shout out to Nicky Jam. And we did a —
[ Sheers and applause ] an “Icon” remix in Columbia,
so I’m — -When does that come out? -That’s gonna come out
in two weeks. -All right, it comes out
in two weeks. Tonight, you’re
performing “Icon,” and in the back…
-Yes. -…you will see this —
the “iconic” video… -Thank you.
-…of Jaden Smith. Thank you, buddy.
Always good to see you. [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Jaden Smith Freestyles on The Tonight Show

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