James Byrd Jr. ki11ing Texas set to execute John William King for brutal 1998 dragging death

James Byrd Jr ki1 one-ing Texas set to execute John William King for brutal 1998 dragging death barring a last-minute State John William King 44 will be the second person executed in Burke's 1998 death Laurence Russell group while most murders are brutal the viciousness of brutes killing shocked the world NBA star Dex most importantly the 49 year old slaying spurred Texas and Congress to push through hate crime legislation the federal act King has long maintained his innocence once sending a letter to the Dallas Morning News that would later be used against him he has said that the F King has repeatedly appealed his guilty verdict claiming ineffective assistance from his counsel for the last year and the US Supreme Court declined to hear his case in October some of Bert's family members have spoken out against capital punishment for his killers birth sisters right a modern day lynching it's hard to describe what happened to birds as anything other than a modern day lynching King Brewer and berry picked up Burt and drove him to a secluded area where they beat him and spray-painted his face before tying a logging chain around his ankles and dragging them behind a pickup truck for almost three miles police found most of bird's body June 7th 1998 the Sunday in front of a church outside Jasper Texas about a two-hour drive northeast of Houston's not far from the Louisiana borders the church was home birds a trail of blood led investigators to a field that showed signs of a scuffle there police Bert's acquaintances told police they'd seen Byrd at a party the night of June 6th that had left around 2:00 a.m. and was later seen riding in the bed of a pickup with three wise men in the cab after stocking berry for a traffic violation June 8 1998 police found the toolset matching the wrench blood spatters under the truck in a rust stain in the pattern of a chain the blood matched the cigarette butts contained Kings DNA and police learned Kings nickname was possum investigators another damning piece of evidence was a wall scribbling in Kings cell in which he describes Barry who had confessed and cooperated with police as a snitch we have made history and shall die proudly remembered though the motive was never specifically outlined race was a theme in Kings trial prosecutors produced tattoos included a burning cross the double lightning bolt insignia of Adolf Hitler's paramilitary Schutzstaffel a robed Ku Klux Klansmen a swastika the words Aryan gang exploits testified team was recruiting others to his cause an all-out race war and that leaving Bert's body in front of the church rather than obscuring it demonstrated prosecutors also presented a note they said King had tried to smuggle to Brewer in prison according to court records seriously three years after Kings conviction attorney Pat milling with prison fellowship sharing King's account of how white supremacists had conspired with prison guards to put King in the black section of a prison in 1995 a high school dropping the black inmates Nolan claimed repeatedly gang-raped King this Brewer moon King met in prison also joined the Confederate Knights of America for protection court records show both men were really King has never confessed to the killing Hugh never confessed to his crimes and he didn't testify at his 1999 trial though a letter he sent to the Dallas Morning News was presented as evidence in it she coughed bear even drove King and Brewer home where they gave him a cooler a beer in a bottle of bourbon King claims very left with birth debt at his trial Brewer testified that he had been only a bystander and that King and Barry had perpetrated the murder hi Jasper County District Attorney guy James Gray told the jury however this Brewer 44 was executed September 21st 2011 he angered State King is scheduled to be executed Wednesday at 6 p.m. 7 p.m.

4 thoughts on “James Byrd Jr. ki11ing Texas set to execute John William King for brutal 1998 dragging death

  1. Being from Texas
    I can say people need to mind their own business and keep their opinions and noses out of Texas justice
    Don’t mess with Texas !
    R.I.P Mr.Byrd
    Sleep well and at peace
    The men who hurt you are getting their punishment
    And my condolences to the King family
    (Not John William King) But his family they too also lose someone tonight

  2. Good riddance may he burn in the worst part of the hellfire for all of eternity. P.O.S💩

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