9 thoughts on “Jamyang Norbu, Writer and Activist

  1. I am the second type of reader. I agree with some of his claims and assumptions while I disagree with some and comment and critique on them. Overall, I believe the space for intellectual debate should be there and there shouldn't be absurd dismissal of discourse by bringing in boundaries of conventionalism.

  2. I have confidence that one day JN will be more appreciated then he is now.

  3. We love you , Jamyang Norbu La.
    Criticize the performance not the performer Haters.

  4. It's too early to criticize our exile government Mr jayang norbu la. I do respect your inner feeling but a wrong time now..you will have planty of time to criticize when Tibet becomes free from China….

  5. ཧཧཧ་མི་དེས་ཤི་མི་འདུག་ག་ངས་ཤི་ཚར་བ་རེད་སམ་བྱུང་དངོས་ནས་མི་དེ་ད་ལྟ་བསྡད་་འདུག་་

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