Jar of Poetry Ep 145 – After Dark – Already Mine (Spoken Word)

what we do here just go back back back Oh what's going on chase Jacobs here welcome to jar of poetry after dark oh yeah that's right after da it's not daytime no this is after dark I'm thinking about doing something different so if you're new to this channel normally what I do is what I call happy mindset poetry I like to think of it as just a little nudge from the universe to help us raise up our vibration so we can have a much better day yeah but every once in a while I like to do a little lovey-dovey poetry so that's what this is about right here something and I'm doing something maybe once a week I'll just call a jar of poetry after dark palms yeah they're hanging out in the book I have it's funny is that I got two books out on Amazon and I was working on book three and then I decided to work on book four which is love poems so I put out book four on my patreon site before book three he's been put out so my daughter thinks that's the coolest thing ever that I put out book four before book three so there you have it book four is on the patreon side it's called love poetry and lyrics and it's about lovey-dovey stuff and so that's what this one is today I'd like to do a love poem for you all right so this one I got one right here where it's over here all right this one right here yes yeah love poems it gotta be up in this – bandana backups – all right so this one this one is called already oh I love those feelings stirring inside of me another step forward and set those butterflies free the moonlight shines paths as the clouds divide of the sky there's abundance all around and no need to question why the cool wind blows as I walk up to you Alfre hello and my coat oh because I want to as I take a deep breath and choose my next line there's no turning back now all I want is already mine all right there you go that's the poem right there yeah Paul reminds me just you know embrace who you know who I really am and what I have to offer that's what that's about who you really are what you have doctor it's about following your passion even if your passion become something new yeah it's about abundance and realizing that there's there's enough around of everything as long as you learn how to attract it yes indeed it's about appreciating what you already have and being willing to let it go freedom of the flow there you go yet this has been jar of poetry after dark if you like this poem you like this stuff let me know in the comments if I was thinking about maybe doing this maybe once a week do little jar poetry after dark yeah and if you really really really like these stuff this books available just got to go to patreon until my tier 3 so it's called love poetry and lyrics yes I got a bunch of poems in there so alright I'm chase Jacobs this has been Charles read after dark appreciate everything love Foley need nothing no Stan Bob Nichols Yanko yeah this new crazy mother [Applause]

28 thoughts on “Jar of Poetry Ep 145 – After Dark – Already Mine (Spoken Word)

  1. ✋🏼👊🏼😃❤️
    I love those feelings
    Stirring inside of me
    Another step forward
    And set those butterflies free

    Much appreciation, love, and light my friend. Sending you vibrations of happiness and harmony.

    Namaste Knuckles 🙏🏼☮️

  2. Book four already out and book three in the making 😎 love the poem ❤️ you are cool as crap 👍 gratitude 👍 universal law and taking the path of least resistance to more of what we love 💕

  3. oh abundance is what I need – i try – namaste my friend 🙏🏼☮

  4. You better tell it like it is Jace, I'm totally here for it!! Beautiful as always!☮️😊🤗💕✝️🙏🏼

  5. Beautiful lines Jace yes i enjoy after dark so i think you should do one a week …about book 4 i hope its on Amerzone soon

  6. Will have to look into book 4! Love poems.. earn some points with the wife🙂 Thank you, Jace❤😍🐈

  7. Very nice poem there is definitely enough to go around.🤣watched in full sent you out on Twitter have a great weekend added to my playlist.

  8. I stepped out of my comfort zone today and it felt confronting but I think it will be fine! It was just a big step! Thanks for your poetry!

  9. Yessss!!!!! Yes! That’s 100 percent right ha! Freedom of the flow I LOVE it after dark is my kinda thing 😊

  10. New neighbors came to send encouragement to the front of the house. Please come and visit us at home. Follow me. Thank you. 1365🔔 72👍

  11. Very cool Jace love this poem reminds me of standing on a mountain taking in the beauty of everything 🙂 💕 happy within your self x

  12. It's a great video. i am your new friend. i connect your channel ~❤️❤️❤️

  13. I just love how you talk. it's so crazy. Loving your videos and poetry.

  14. Positive vibrations and love poems, BAM!!! Love ya my braddah ❤

  15. Great poem and right before bed here 😴😴 loving the after dark!! Got your back my brother 👊👍💪 full watch and see you again soon!! Goodnight!

  16. hahaha nice name for the love poems you want to do once a week! That’s a great day:)! Hope all is well!

  17. Jace honestly, the eye contact leaves me captivated and watching the whole damn video without even realizing it. You have AMAZING things to offer and we can feel it!

  18. Awesome you’re after dark love poems I’m glad you’re going to include these at least once a week

  19. ❤️beautiful upload
    My friend 😊🦋🌸
    Sending hugs and good positive vibes your way Tfs 👍🏻support

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