Jared Singer – “Fat Man Dancing”

I’m a fat fuck. Dough boy! Compared to me, Moby Dick is a goldfish. I am the real great white whale. And I’m here to tell
all you skinny motherfuckers, Sam Cook, to get off the dance floor. You’re doing it wrong. Your easy elegance is the biggest lie. When a body my size
begins moving in a direction, it tends to stay moving in that direction. There is no improvised elegance here. I need to plan out every movement. This means that I have the potential
to be the greatest dancer the world has ever seen. The two skinny men I asked
for advice on this poem told me that I should dance here. (cheers) They don’t get it. They don’t understand
that this has never been about being a spectacle, that this is about how we live our lives. If you want to see true excellence,
do not follow the naturally talented. Follow those who are hungry who have something chasing them. When you love yourselves
the way I love this, then and only then will you understand
what this poem is about, and I will not dance
until my dancing is like me, perfect. (cheers) But watch your back, skinny motherfuckers, ’cause I’ve been practicing. (cheers and applause)

14 thoughts on “Jared Singer – “Fat Man Dancing”

  1. I love that although he's talking about 'dancing' ,when people hear this poem each person thinks about a specific insecurity or problem

  2. "Told me that I should dance here …" My eyes were glued to the screen. I loved the way that people didnt "get it." This was amazing. Well done man … this got to me.

  3. I love this ❤❤ I'm super self concious about my weight and this just made me so happy. And then the end was just so perfect I swear ❤

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