Jared Singer – “How to Make Love Stay (after Tom Robbins)”

How to make love stay. One: Go out, dye your hair, get it cut, shave your beard, get a whole new wardrobe– I’m talking a “She’s All That”-level
reinvention of yourself. As soon as there is little enough
of the way you look that you barely recognize the person
who left the house this morning, go to a costume shop
and buy a you-colored wig, a cheap facial prosthetic, draw a superhero onto your polo shirt, and the minute that you look
like the cheap Halloween costume version of yourself, go home to your love
and say, “I love you. No matter if I become
a cheap hollow reflection of who I am, I will still love you.” Two: Sing for your love. Now, I do not mean serenade your love. Leave the ballads
and the Sinatra for lust. When you sing for your love,
it should come from the top of your heart. Love is never boring. It is never the same,
which means you should never sing your love the same song twice. Your song doesn’t need to be on key. It doesn’t need to have a melody. The only things it needs
are to be proud and to be true. ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ You’re a teacher
and I love that about you ♪ ♪ You let me sing you songs
when I’m naked and I love that too ♪ Three: Pretend that the whole world
is the music video of your love. Finish every sentence
by taking off your sunglasses, especially when you aren’t wearing any. You know everyone is staring at you
and it’s not because you’re a jackass. You know why. Give ’em finger guns. Create a new walk
that’s just for your love. Do not swagger. This is not the ’90s. Do not strut. You are not on a catwalk. Do not stumble. You are not drunk. Every love is unique,
so make sure that your walk is something the world
has never seen before. It could be the penquin. It could be the elephant. Whatever your walk is,
practice it enough that you can do it even while you are standing still. Want to see mine? I call it the Tiffany. Wasn’t it perfect? The world is a sharp-edged thief that will take everything from you. And hope is a dirty prayer
that we usually misuse. But love is eternal
even though we are not. The world will take everything from me. But I am ridiculous so that the world
will not take my love’s laughter, not hers, not ever. Thank you. (cheers and applause)

35 thoughts on “Jared Singer – “How to Make Love Stay (after Tom Robbins)”

  1. I stopped listening to a book for this…not disappointed I love him!!!!!

  2. My interpretation of the poem is:
    (1) Everybody's definition of love is unique. Doesn't mean you have to copy how your neighbor treats their significant other to show that you love your partner. So long as you are making each day of his life better, do it.
    (2) Love is unique. As time goes by, you might grow so comfortable to each other to the point that you no longer keep the spark going. That's why you don't have to sing the same song twice. Make new experiences and ignite those sparks again, but this time even brighter.
    (3) The world is chaos. It ain't always greener on the other side. There will be always obstacles along the road. Nevertheless, focus on both of you. Focus on the life that both of you have just built. Don't ruin it. It's the last thing you wanna waste after all the shits the world has been throwing at you.

    I hope I did the right interpretation.
    This is a nice piece, Jared.

  3. Aaaaa I wish I had time to watch this now– I'll come back for sure, but I've liked already

  4. This was amazing. Perfect balance between funny and serious and sweet… Amazing.

  5. I feel like I never express my love for Jared enough, but I almost always end up tearing up listening to his poetry.

  6. "Love is never boring, it is never the same, which means you should never sing your love the same song twice."

    A strong sentiment on love's mystique and beautifying presence. In a world of confusion, chaos, and hate, love will see us through, no matter from who, from where, or how it comes.

  7. "The world is a sharp-edged thief that will take EVERYTHING from you, and hope is a dirty prayer we usually misuse, but love is eternal…even though we are not."

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. That line just floored me. Such a well-done poem! ♥

  8. but then again you could do everything, try your best and it still wasn't enough…they won't stay, they won't love you back

  9. Left me in tears at the end… This was so beautiful, sweet, and perfectly humorous ❤

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