5 thoughts on “Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi at Kolkata Literary Meet 2018

  1. The interviewer made it clear in the very first minute that he is going to screw it up. And he did it with successfully. It was a rare opportunity to mine jewels out Javed Saab and Shabana ji but an incompetent interviewer deprived the audience of that experience.

  2. The moderator is a little insolent, ignorant, and impolite. Why publish an anthology when the poems are available on the Internet? What kind of a question is that? "You described in English, say it in Urdu." She was responding to the moderator's questions in English. And, how about saying PLEASE.

  3. Are you serious? You had the privilege of inviting the two most articulate and erudite artists in India and you end up asking the most incompetent and cocky interviewer to conduct this conversation? In the whole city of Calcutta was there no scholar or intellectual who could have been assigned this task? Or, is it that Patherya brought in the big sponsors and so you ended with him on stage? In any case what a wasted opportunity.

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