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  1. Great work
    Putting together this AWESOME video
    Thank You 🙂

  2. Your outline and description has fascinated me. This review process is what I do after watching plays. I had no idea that this was done by others. I thought I was maybe a bit crazy by becoming so immersed in thoughts provoked by plays. I have cancelled my TV satellite reception so I can occupy myself watching the rest of your videos. I started at your 2013 Philosophy Intro. Big Questions….Philosophy classification of questions/areas of inquiry. Wish me hope to develop my learning because I have some personal Big Questions of Life to think about. Thank you for all the work you have shared. You are very animated in your presentations and this is terrifically communicative.

  3. Thank you for your videos, they are amazing 🙂 the Netflix show the good place is a cute Hollywood version of no exit I find amusing

  4. Yeah, having studied the play I really appreciate what you have to say about it, it must be one heck of a pleasure to be in your class.

  5. What would humans do without essence, or if their existence is completely useless and absurd to their current situation? Would they have any essence per se?

  6. To what extent does the assumption of existence preceding essence, essentially state that nurture completely overrides nature?

  7. Your description of a drawing room as being "gauche" or "kitschy" is at the very least debatable.

  8. Knowing "No Exit" only through a (well done in my opinion) early to mid 1960's cinematic short, I will now go read the script.

  9. I am truly one of your biggest fans…thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Your teaching method here is exemplary. It appears that this is not your first time through this analysis. Your thorough understanding and ability to quote lines certainly enhanced your lesson as well as supported your analysis. I have been asked to study this play and do my own analysis of it. You have set the bar high. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us all. Please continue in your efforts.

  11. Professor Sadler, when you said, " you can't change you can't grow." A vicious shiver struck me, and I viscerally felt, " whoa that really is hell."

  12. The lecture helped me to understand at least something (not much) in the play itself. But still it seems Sartre has little knowledge of hell.  I guess a standard family, a wife, a husband and two kids may be a far better suited to serve as hell.  I wonder whether Sartre was married or not. Perhaps not.

  13. Great stuff: philosophical insights from a professor who looks like he wrestles in the WWE between seminars!

  14. thxs, very helpful 4 my exam!! my theory, as a catholic believer, is that these three persons actually are not in hell, if we talk about plot-location, but in pre-hell, since in hell only are people who really want to go there (like IS-People), and since two died violently. Pre-hell would be a very close, strong and immediate Sensation of a really damned place, but still the Chance through very strong Mediation to get out of it… Another argument for that would be the absence of instruments of torture which probably exist in some kind of impersonal form in damnation. and after my research, besides Sartre's biographic Background, the Interpretation of the three persons of social groups in a state is the most lucid one to me

  15. very professional lecture . it's like listening to Sartre in person . Only he speaks in English . Many thanks . Merci beaucoup .

  16. Greetings dear Professor!  Always happy to hear your courses and lectures.  Very quickly, a French "Second Empire" Style drawing would roughly correspond to a Victorian Style drawing room should one look for an idiomatic sounding translation that would mean something to Anglo-American audiences…

  17. hey, this video is amazing firstly. I am a philosophy student and am doing Philosophy of Literature this semester; this happened to be one of the pieces of literature we are studying. You made it so simple thanks.

  18. This room has much nicer acoustics than the other one. It's easier to hear what you're saying.

  19. Are you saying that "Hell is other people" would only apply if you're stuck with people, like being stuck in a room in 'No Exit'? If one is not forced to be around others and can choose who to be around, or be by oneself and be contempt and not feel like one is missing anything, does "Hell is other people" still apply?

  20. You are the "Intellectual Dude"
    Thank you for making this 🙂

  21. what do you think sartre would say to someone who had to make the decision of taking a family member off of life support?

  22. I'm a new subscriber. I'm really looking forward to digging into these lectures! Thank you for posting these.

  23. Dr. Sadler,….I need to do a philosophy essay on this book. I have to do a comparison between Sartre and 2 to 3 other philosophers. Can you give a helping hand with this?………Thank you, sir

  24. Hi. I think you did a great explaining the play. But I think you forgot to explain some parts of the play that are very important. For example, when Garcin says "I got used to live among furniture." Or when he says "is what they tell us down there." Why there is a paper-knife? and why the objects in the room can not move? why every time they argue the place gets hotter? Any way, I like your videos.

  25. Thank you for your videos! You make so many it's awesome! Just one suggestion. I think it would be better if you put a mic on you. That way we could hear you better.

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