Jennifer Aniston Drops By to Wish Ellen a Happy Birthday in Person!

(SINGING) Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Ellen. Happy birthday to you. Ellen, it’s your 60th birthday. And you and I have had
so many amazing times together on the show. Oh. Ah! We’re all so excited
that you’re turning 60. And we really love
you so much, don’t we? For 60 years, you’ve
been delighting– well, no, not 60 years. Well, somewhere around
12 or 13 years old, you started
delighting everybody. So for the past 48
years, you’ve been the champion of love and humor. I love you. Happy birthday, Ellen. And I’ve got to tell
you, the next decade is going to be great. Take it from me. Girl, happy birthday. I hope you have so
much fun on this day, and then every day after
that, and then every day after that day, and
then after that day until your next birthday,
and then you have more fun on those birthdays. We met years ago and have
been great friends ever since. Our meeting had to
do with you giving me a pair of Ellen underwear. But in all those years,
I’ve never taken them off and I’ve never washed them. Happy birthday. I love you. Happy birthday, Ellen–
wishing you magic and miracles on your next trip
around the sun. That was poetry just, like,
off the top of my mind for you. Bam! Ellen, Marshall here. I wanted to tell you
that I kind of felt like I knew you before we met. And now that we met, I kind
of feel like we’re besties. So I was probably
going to move in. I’ll talk you about that later. I just wanted to
say happy birthday. I wanted to wish you
a happy 60th birthday. You don’t look a day over 20. I love you. The world loves you. We all love you. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, Ellen. You’ll never be as old as I am. It’s so not fair. (SINGING) Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. Happy birthday,
Ellen, and many more. I love you for life, baby. Happy birthday, Ellen! Congratulations on
making it to 60. Of course, you just
aged one Trump year, so you look amazing for 138. See you on the famous
people escape shuttle. Ellen, as we say
in Australia, may the bluebird of happiness crap
all over your birthday cake. Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson. And Sarah Paulson
here– we’re work. Let me just flip the– This is not going well. We’re at work. Oh, year. We’re at work. And we are so sorry
we can’t be there. I don’t even know. Were you invited? No. Happy birthday,
Ellen– jazz hands for Ellen on her birthday. Wow! We know that a lot of people
are joking about this day. We wanted to take a more
serious approach to this because we’re very
glad you were born. To say that we think you’re
amazing, and we love you, and we’re so grateful
for all that you do. I hope you have a great year. And I hope you continue to be as
beautiful, and as light, and as loving, and gorgeous as you are. And I’ll see you down the road– all the best, my dear. (SINGING) Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to you-oo-oo. Happy birthday, Ellen? Yep. Hi, sweetheart. Happy, happy, happy birthday. I’m so sorry I couldn’t
be there tonight– today. But you know I’m
shooting, and I just want to wish you the
happiest birthday. We will celebrate for more to– [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING – DNCE, “CAKE BY
THE OCEAN”] (SINGING) You should
be rolling with me. You should be rolling with me. You’re a real life fantasy. You’re a real life fantasy. But you’re moving so carefully. Let’s start living dangerously. Talk to me, baby. I’m going blind from this
sweet, sweet craving, whoa oa. Hi! Oh, you’re really here. Surprise! [APPLAUSE] Well, that was– They opened the door. We’ve got to work on our timing. Oh. Hi. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, you were
trying to get away. I was trying to do a bit, and
then they opened the doors. Oh, no. And then I was going to run
out and do a whole dance up and down the stairs. Darn it. Well, this is a surprise. Yeah. Hi. Hi. Sweetheart. What kind of a day
are you having? It’s a great day. And now it’s just starting
to be a whole new day. It’s a whole new day. Yes. Yes. It’s very exciting. Oh my god, Michelle Obama. Yeah, Michelle Obama was here. I mean– I talked about being on
this show 15 years now. You were my first guest. You gave us that welcome mat. I was. I remember that. Do you remember the
first time we ever met? Yes, I do. I was at your birthday party. I was at your 30– OK, let me do the math. I would say I think
you were 36, 37. I don’t know. No, 38. Anyway, I was at
your birthday party. And I went with Kathy Najimy. Mhm. And I remember being
absolutely in awe of you because I had already seen your
HBO special with the hello god, all of that where
you went behind and you spoke through
the animals on the wall. Mhm. Remember that? Yeah, I remember it. You were like my– I was like I idolized you. I’d never seen humor like that. I mean, I laughed so hard. It got me, and it always
does still to this day. You get me in a part of my
funny button like nobody else. Aw. That’s so sweet. It’s true, and my
heart– my god, the tears that have been
happening back there. Yeah, it was pretty– a lot of good things happening. Yeah. I mean, that was a sweet tape. You are extraordinarily beloved. Well, I’m very grateful. I’m very grateful for that. [APPLAUSE] I don’t remember– I asked
you that because I was hoping you would remind me how we met. Because I don’t know how– I know you were at
that birthday party. Wait, you then also
crashed my 27th birthday. Oh, so then you came to
my birthday with Cathy. Mhm. It was at the Buffalo Club. I remember that. And you crashed. I wasn’t invited? No. And I remember feeling
terrible because I had just been to your birthday
party, and then you were at my birthday party. And I went oops. Yeah. And you made it very clear
that you’re crashing. It was very adorable. But then that’s why
we became friends. Then we became friends. Then I was making– then I
was invited to everything. Everything. Because we had
friends in common. Yes, we did. Well, we had Cathy, and it was– oh my gosh, it was the ’90s. It was like the Indigo Girls. It was Melissa Etheridge. K.D. Lang. K.D. Lang– remember my best
friend Dre was with me always. And I do think there
was a moment where people might have not known
if I was possibly on your team or not. Yeah, I think a lot of people
just had crushes on you and so that they were hoping. Oh, well. I think that’s what it was
because I think a lot of girls had crushes on you. They did? Yeah. How do you guys ever know? How do you know? Yeah. How do us guys know? Well, yeah. Well, I mean, what
are the clues? What’s the, like– Well, they don’t make
it obvious like that. Well, that’s my move. That would be creepy
that you’re just looking somebody up and
down going, hey, Jennifer. How are you doing? Oh, I don’t know how it works. No, it’s just like– I don’t know,
flirty or something. Yeah. But I think– yeah, I think
girls had crushes on you. Well, that’s so sweet. Yeah, well, it’s too late now. Yeah.

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