Jesse Parent . Её части, которые важны | Перевод для Slam Poetry

after my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer I put on a shirt that been folded for months fallow and dusty in my closet and he pulled out a long brown chestnut hair from a jagged seam see my wife has always had long hair that waist-length librarian straight loomed down her back she his feast and I famine our friends would often say her long hair is what defined her along with her smile and when my wife found out the tumor was malignant she called it her asshole which shocked our church friends she said she wanted her asshole removed which confused the proctologist but she embraced pruning as a means of growth survival when we had to tell our kids that my wife had cancer my eldest son held it together made it into math my daughter shattered like a slipped and soapy plate but my youngest the eight-year-old went silent is sleep eyes wide and wet and in a voice like Jesus young and in the temple wise he asked his mother will you survive and I broke an oak giving up to the storm but my wife she weathered and simply replied I’ll try no promise just an exercise of will behind a wet smile and she fights like only she can wears a pink feather boa with a cancer shirt on every time she goes to chemotherapy but she rides on the floor a week later when the poison in her body flips her off instead she tells the oncologist to hollow her out to bawl her like a melon and she will fight to stay the greenest rind to plain her straight take every lump and soft part of her she will be so much woman without it vows to be bald and breathless was still alive still breathing evicting this asshole from her body and I remember all of this as they look at that long brown strand I have excavated from my shirt from a time when cancer was something other people got when assholes were simply things that and governed Indiana and I hold that thin strand over the trashcan and I let go I go downstairs to cuddle with my wife on the couch kiss her bald head and she manages a smile that is weak but still her still there and when we put our bald heads together it looks kind of like a butt except there is no asshole [Applause] [Music]

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