Jesus, Author And Finisher Of Faith | ಯೇಸುವೇ, ನಂಬಿಕೆಯನ್ನೂ ಹುಟ್ಟಿಸುವವನೂ ಪೂರೈಸುವವನೂ ಆಗಿರುತ್ತಾನೆ.

we are going to meditate about one important thing it is on the brahmic wasn't a circuit in a guru to know they are Mallika David how the Lord will take away all our cares and worries from our lives not my large Interborough no carcinoma due to the heat take the hackathon it a nice wad of money if you read Hebrews chapter 12 verses 1 & 2 every a hundred or one do here than anybody nobody today it says we should lay aside every weight in our hearts nama who didn't even take a la Barthe go pocket it awakened about the burdens we have in our lives we should live i'ma get want Al Abbar now hot equal to del luna park akhirah be cool we should look to Jesus the author and finisher of fake number cannot be so no original 20 so Nate this is not a vehicle the more we look unto him in John you to note about that trait from him will come into our hearts turn in the bar 110 Ambika nama who they talk about today so many times we see on ekeus our own ability me and I don't have to believe you didn't earn I'm licking and Ayana this was available on a mobile site Edale how can I believe that she is going to get up and leave rocky did you surrender geeky numbly no gin to stay humble iike Satya what to do in Maru though we are struggling hard in our hearts the Mahadeva hers to mundo over TV even today you might have come with such cares and worries of this world do say you know patent uh cinta pardon the new bundle boku to see the life of Abraham Abraham received on Audrey Abraham loved the Lord with all his heart Abraha mono/poly poor no food in the day when a pretty Cidade also he worked as a friend would walk applause whoo walk with Lord Jesus Nathan oh they were on the Gandiva ha ha eat no sullen dinner that he was afraid he was neat and I get that he was talking to him and walking with his other day with the authority doesn't a suti de la flama diddly problem is like a pseudonym Asami Sato he didn't have a child how many amuck little ela if you don't have a child even a mackerel isla de traer what amount of problem we are going through in the samisen AHA drove them away this evening also and lady came to testify about the goodness of God how she received a baby from the hands of God yes and evidence of a safari we will start with Habakkuk a diamond 11 de Marana and a Gracie called him that sucks really the RO chaga Linda Burney cerca gala no-nobody stay healthy need generalship the Galindo summer sac-cid-ananda Juventus action agenda get around athira gardenia well she shared a testimony tears rolling down raucous actual carnally nursery tied to my brother my sister how the none appears of other suppose you might have come with tears in New Canaan in the gap on the road already Aiden ended when their body what is going to happen to me and him in somebody said today and if you read Genesis chapter 17 verse 5 or the counterfeit NATO either knew what he noted the very end where the Lord spoke to Abraham alacadabra hominin umetani it was a promise from God they were on the margin the walk down over the people children of God you must read the Word of God as much as you can other than an appreciative a mockery name in his toggle to those to me there what governor yeah water water today Arabic Oh in the Bible there are so many promises from the law certificate even the nikah work done helper to them now what they were when all fear of God when you start reading it the Lord will show you his promises naming in Tobiah barbala now we walk even over the Baga they were worked on o sucked away the more control you know me better to the clearing Abraha Monica more clearly left but the Lord has promised that he will become a father of many nations other day on dr. Madani because Jennifer Guinea Netanyahu you meet again but what did he ever have to Abra hominy in Marita my precious brothers and sister Amulya socotra socotra the Lord will do the same thing as he did to Abraham today for you Abraham again more than a they were never gonna go Maliki the name if he read Romans chapter 4 verse 17 Omar paranal cosas de l'année would you know d3a abraham even though he was very old he believed the promise of God Abraham oh no tearaway saga drew Sidora Walker on a hog in Amba damn de what a babe same way identity we have to read the Word of God activate oh no would it be cool and when the Lord speaks to you through the Word of God some promise we should believe and take it for you now what would the waka demo control you out on the walk down only to do namun dekat Rebecca Donna Hogg you know number Waco number dykes korvac and according this Romans 470 ohm operon Alcorn every can opener baki Abram believed that are more than unbidden home and believe that God can all those things which are not there as if they are there in Latin I hear with all geekery war they were in Buda author and put it to Abraham oh no number the name it ago the debate yes very more Anthony why I get to his wife in the TiVo voice I get to she could not consume want a party city really lock again that periods are stopped I want the column Paquito and she cannot consume medically otherwise they could not McCulloch quantitatively lock again I do you know what was the belief of Abraham other opera hominin and Acadian good their God can call those things which are not there as if they are there in the day you enter the new year one to the negative a character named de cabra hominem be the and you may say that you are not getting married you hit a button on your mother Allah Lucas are dead I am the game even many brothers and sisters they are waiting even after 40 years to get that life partner Anika socotra socotra allah wa ash'hadu Russa in otomo-san Watty lagos Locatelli the terrain with our children so we are crying McIlvanney carotids are a but today you are going to receive working from the law are the reviews a devil in the wounded bhutanam you hungry kediri hallelujah hallelujah the Lord is going to supply your need startanim important in Denis Nikita name but what you have to do you mean murder Baku I see a girl I believe Abraham a number huggy you must say really Baku the doctor say that they cannot conceive why did he return on a carboxylic acid of lambda my wife cannot conceive an end at the Garbo tiago dealer but i believe nan obtaining there is a child in my wife's womb 900 a girl but I don't know magu a day that's free aden Ambika can you believe that we are eating animals I don't a a promotion is not their promotion ela they said cannot be given to you as an important cog with the lambda here thorough but you believe are the new number E and say activity there is a promotion running a promotion a day the Lord is going to give me that promotion I promise to pour liquid RA you believe you number e it will happen like the other hog yeah but there that's way the God of gods say is the rock here today if you believe you number the other day if you believe you a number other if you believe you know that day you shall see the glory of God you dear mom in appendix alleluia alleluia my children of God and a PD Immokalee today you're going to see blessings from the hands of God's David a fast in the near a boggy juice and washed on delicate theory yattawan the neva cacophony in a murder he started giving glory to God ultimately every game I am a solicitor or ambassador and was strong in faith but to autonomically do de nada and even though he and his wife Sarah a very very old daughter no other entities are a voice I get through Sahara because if believed a god they were an hour embittered haha the Lord honored them cut no Nagaraju the beautiful son called Isaac soon drew and Omega is a canonical drama contra nothing is impossible until you are God Nemeth every Asadabad Acharya wouldn't do Allah it will happen on a foggy semester day today you are going to receive all the blessings from the Lord God Almighty it is a solution on today with maybe a larger than honda leaky theory in the year 1969 Sordo murder Autobot rally my husband was just 34 years old that time amazement at Agha what not wash away so and he was affected with TV tuba classes our gates I arose upon the b200 the lungs were affected he reduced washoku blood cell 42 and their doctor say he will die within a week at one month white the river drove on the team rocket anwar Louis I want the net exchange and again what a bit about tequila my children luckily no chicka Bow Wow Dana Quran was just six years old all the Nakuru are wash away saga my little daughter was five and swell baby non America ie the thing road Chickamauga do I can't think of anything in a minute semantic algorithm a negation over there I wanna call ordered a tumor a tail that's the only thing you and I can do nominee multicolored a revolt okay when you face many problems in your nominee Kazama soon you join the leader mode vada don't go to men and women monastery up a little bit go to Jesus yes or nobody hugging or to Jesus is soon available to you as a family on the bottom wagon if you are suffering as a family equal to Molly Barnabas Steve as a family with the modulo B and if you are affected in your own way at what limo white because you mandala but separated a you it's a noble hoagie I'm helpless father Martin anonymous a high card there's nobody to help me so high midori arena I have come to you naina buddy buddy Jani and ESA hi needle can I enter him already when you cry and to him you didn't worry about what will happen in a so much today if you read Psalm 91 verse 15 if NATO both Andujar Nathan anybody over there the Lord says Saturn hella funny he shall call upon our nano geekery and I will answer it Parthenon outages of the record of anyway when you call upon your father in heaven you pulled open a certain day I didn't care about that da I decided oh yeah he loved me and open it and a union again double I believe none in number they named me wonder sir hi needle when you cry like that I need it tomorrow Dada he says I will answer him Hollywood Reporter tinea know Tony telling this non-utility baccarat table today he often even more in Hollywood Reporter Tony I'll be with him in trouble nah no son question automatic irritating I will tell you about him and honor him now more than ability Demodocus attaining this is going to happen in your own life today must want the Jew model Hindu Nativity key the pre-race just believe the law you cut the number carried a stay and give the problem in his can Arthur a hostile Nima somewhat cynical to BD and he will deliver you from all the problem you are going through in my loss some 7,000 you be really put it on aid in my life and I was there like that Nanaji mother Dorothy I to I cried unto the law on enumerate a and the Lord spoke to me carton on that Marathi the know you must know you know Goethe Arabic o your God will speak to you in Medina Monica monotone am brigade Jesus will speak to you soon amended Martin a he spoke to me afternoon de matar D'Amato not only the other motorola he told me one more thing but rahmatan sanitary de and so far you are conducting meetings in small places chica chica cuddle a new Cutrona for CJD in Dineen de jesus calls meetings will be held in open our meeting is to carat and a portable buyer and Acuto val marcado today what a great God we have in thought Oh daddy would know me get Danny DeVito duction on a corn in the bun day and told my husband and I got Danny hey today that this thus far is our problem each day Thomas Thomas a new your Lord has spoken to me cartoon Ananda Guattari panic today the Lord is speaking to you use a cotton indigo Martin a local in a summer sale name jojoba seed Arusha ha you give your problem in the hands of God in Misawa sena kanaka le quartier a the Lord will supply all your name gotta be me luck or techniques 1 ohm and Ibaka today under the Lord will supply every need you have in your life no Madhu to delegate it in a cotton rope or a suit on a really now witnessed yahagi numbered every evening who misunderstood amalaki de watashi wa the moment the trend of a geek but needy because Augustana the next on the Volta gave birth nearly bugga we see they were Oshawott the 101 d colleague our Heavenly Father nama / local Sanjay what a great Guardian to the Union Appa Melanie increase Ooty you know pretty sauropod ever see your children's life must democracy you Tony no depe many of them are living in Sonique or on the card reduce suited RA you don't have P is a Madani laughs yes suffering like anything all the Holocaust equality direct their hearts are filled with sorrow powerful they are do cut in that to be day many are suffering any could cost reported re they are not able to spend at least one never with your face in a summit on the ones they don't take a lily cover go to LA because their hearts are full of sorrow yakonov they evaded in the to be day this world has only dark and local delivery on the car to be day they are all filled with this totally on the car no to missile pretty direct you have promised to a father you know what Donna market on there those who trust in you yeah I mean Alberto said the taro will do a murder in aggregate output the plan Marty will transform their life or Jitendra ponter velocity whatever sorrow they have you need to cover get through your goddamn white heinous electron today will you are the only one who can bring them out of all darkness gel on the car the Bill Graham are like needing a mattress or they won't do all the sorrow yeah Luka right now the lay right down Italy you know the hearts of your people and I'm o'clock oh then you know Bala Swami the life of your children Mockridge evita war needs this blessing mastery joshua the Beco lord those who want job not gonna get a ton of the Beco the p come out on a become the divine p is a mother knew only know their hearts mom in a matter of who they good tapa touch some wood to cut the name let the sorrows be gone out of kaha Galia pas that may be because of sickness how do we add in the bundle would a baby fill the way the sorrow of the couldn't to be both no money to the operation operation Anadyr voodoo how can i receive the full healing he poorness was to take a coven DeLeo they may be suffering or capital mother honey you're a card of peace a modern day route you are a god almighty sort of shocked run to the north supply this say to each and everyone were crying like that we are our moral duties are our elder Agata Teina pora sapa first of all it'll be filled with your divine when they like near died because a modern auto company let them bring auntie iranian architecture to the colony undersea God's abundant bless every opera finish was no boundary and fill with the peace that passeth all understanding mere addition to quality right now Tony Graham model catch each and every one who is going through sorrow rock to Baltimore to Yara dukkha the leader Euler number two and burden to Qatar Delhi and all sorts of suffering but they'll operatically right now usually we believe our number two it that you are a God who hears the cry of your children in a McCallum arena Kelly school on today I'm done a number to a touch each one of their rock Taverna Mutapa let me be out of all such problems a loss of a cylinder over up early touch each one but your number to let them receive the blessing of God right now Yahshua the needle is weak or easily hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah believe it no no motivate and give glory to your wonderful name you know go Tottenham Akamai missile state thank you Father underneath only in Jesus is soon Anthony oh man I mean I'm a I mean you

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  1. Praise d Lord…..Glory to UR Holy name Jesus….yes,I believe upon U Master……I love U Jesus….mother plz pray for my whole family….God give u gud health n bless u ..ur family n ur whole ministry…

  2. இவள் ஒரு திருட்டு பொம்பள… ஏழை
    எளிய ஜனங்கள ஏமாற்றுகிற குடும்பம்..
    இந்த தினகரன் பிராடு
    ஜனங்களா ஜாக்கிரதையாக இருங்கள் இவர்கள் எல்லோரும் திருடர்கள்… தசமபாகம் கானிக்னக ஏனழக்குதான் ஏனழக்கு தரவேன்டிய பணம் நி சுகமா வாழ்கிறாய் நி சபிக்கப்பட்டவள் அதி வினரவில் சாபம் வரும்..
    ஆமென் என்று சொல்லக்கடவர்கள் ஆமென் திக்கற்ற விதவ பரதேசி இவர்கள் நியாயத்னத புரட்ரவன் சபிக்கப்பட்டவன் ஜனங்கள் எல்லோரும் ஆமென் என்று சொல்லக்கடவர்கள் ஆமென்..
    குருடனை வழி தப்ப செய்பவன் சபிக்கப்பட்டவன் ஜனங்கள் எல்லோரும்
    ஆமென் என்று சொல்லக்கடவர்கள் ஆமென்.. விழிப்புணர்வு வேண்டும் ஜனங்களா…
    ஏழைக்கு தர்மம் செய்யுங்கள் கருமம் விலகும்…
    பூலூ தினகரனுக்கு பணம் கொடுத்தால் ஜனங்களே
    உங்களுக்கு சாபம் வரும்..

  3. Praise the Lord. Plz pray for my life partner pradeep hembram and my family nd mai job..Thank you jesus.Amen 😢😢😢

  4. Amma plz pray for my family to get united together again and all my parents divorce cases will be cancelled in jesus name

  5. Please pray for my daughter and son to get a permanent job. Pray for my daughter's wedding and my family.

  6. Amen.Mother Stella please pray Prinisha ,married have a baby.

  7. Praise the Lord Amen. hallhulliya please sister my husband dilip Tirkey ke liye prarthana karna chahte hai. Please prayer for Amen Amen.

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