JHOOTH BOLE KAUWA KAATE | Moral Story for Kids | #Funny #Bloopers | Aayu and Pihu Show

In todays video, we have showcased 7 types of lies. Which happen in our daily lives, sometimes. But the last story is very special. Don’t forget to watch that. I have taken bath. Aayu did you bath? No mumma I am just bathing It is very cold I will just add a drop of water. Son, please do shampoo properly. Yes mumma Have you applied soap, properly? Yes mumma Bath faster Mumma, I am done. Oh, there is still water in the bucket. Yes mumma, now I have bath properly. I applied shampoo and soap also. Come fast, I will make you ready. I have grown up, I will get ready by myself. I must get ready fast, otherwise mumma will come. Did you bath? Yes mumma look, I am looking very nice. I applied soap also. Did you do shampoo? Yes. Did you shampoo? Yes Yes How will you catch me? I threw all the water. Aayu, my son come here. What happened? You applied soap? You applied shampoo also. Shampoo bottle is empty How did you shampoo? Mumma, earlier it had a little shampoo. When I used it, bottle get empty. Oh, you made the bottle empty ! Soap is dry ? Mumma, soap was telling, it is very cold. So, he requested me not to add water. I will do the remaining bath tomorrow. Oh, wait. It is very difficult, to make kids bath in winters. If you have someone in your house, who bath like Aayu? Then show him this video. Oh, Towel is also dry ! GULAB JAMUN KI KASAM Mumma, I am back from garden. Do you want to eat something? Yes mumma, I want sweet. Sweet? I will bring something sweet, after I finish tea. OK I just bring some sweet for you. Here son, there is Gulab Jamun for you. Wow mumma, Gulab Jamun. Yes you wanted sweet. – Phone ringing – Hello Yes sister. Aayu hit vansh? No mumma. Aayu is saying no. Aayu tell me the truth. Yes mumma truth. No Aayu is saying no. Mumma I swear to Gulab Jamun, I didn’t do anything. Aayu sweared to sweet. Your promise is a lie (Song) You Liar. How many numbers have you got? Mumma, I am back from tution. Mumma, please give something to eat. Yes my child. Yes, eat some biscuits. Mumma I need something else. I will just bring Milk. Pihu, did your teacher disclosed, Science test numbers? No mumma. OK Here my child, drink milk. I will take some rest and then prepare dinner. Pihu, how much you scored in maths test? 9 English you got 8? No, in English I got 7 OK, in Hindi you got 8 Yes and 1 in Science? No, who told you that, I got 2 !!! If you lie, crow will hit you (Song) Jhooth bole Kauwa Kaate Sorry mumma Yes we got the science result. I got 2 numbers. Cat spoil the milk. Aayu, milk for you. Drink it, don’t spill it. I earlier told you, drink milk properly. How did the milk spill? Mumma, I din’t spill it. Then who spill it? CAT – Where did Cat came from? from gate. Cat came inside house? Yes and cat spill the milk. Cats also like milk . Then why did she spill it, she could have drank it? She ran because you came. OK Today, cute cat saved me. Mumma, please clean this. Yes I need 1 chocolate. Mumma Mumma, where are my chocolates? You remember that Cat? She must have finished your chocolates also. What? Noooooo I didn’t broke it !!! Sister, will you play snakes and ladders with me? Yes I will take red, I will take blue. Who broke the new dinner set? What mumma somebody broke the glass? What mumma somebody broke the glass? Yes glass is broken. Now will you tell, who broke it? Mumma, Sister. No, I didnt broke it. Aayu did. I also didn’t. Tell em the truth. Mumma, I am playing game since last 1 hour. Aayu, just came, here. He must have broken it. No mumma, sister must have done that. She is now blaming me. You both keep on blaming each other. I saw sister, going to kitchen. I just went to drink water. Pihu did you broke it? You went to the kitchen? Aayu Tell me the truth. Mumma, I saw sister was drinking water in PINK glass. Then she broke that glass. By the way, how do you know ? That Pink glass is broken ???? Aayuuuuuuu Who broke that glass? You gave the hint by yourself. Now, I understood everything. Did you clean the room? What mess, have you made in the room? All clothes are lying on bed. Ok, now both of you clean your room. Aayu I need this room clean, after that you will play. Ok, we both will clean? Yes both of you together will clean. Aayu, please clean the room. I will get tired, there are so many clothes. Sister, we can put all the clothes in drawer. Yes Aayu, very good idea. Sister leave that mobile. See, how fast we finished our job. Oh, you ….. Wow my children !!! You cleaned the room, so fast. Aayu Very Good Pihu, did you saw my multi colour shawl? No mumma, it is not there in this room. We just cleaned the room. I could not find it since morning. Mumma, missed her own shawl. Yes Aayu Pihu, please help me to find that Shawl. Mumma, it is not here. No mumma. What is this? Ho…. Aayu did that… Who put all the clothes in drawer? It was Aayu’s idea. Sister told to put all clothes in drawer. No, I didn’t said that. No, Yes, No, Yes, No Yes. It was his idea. It was sister idea. Keep Quiet. Mumma’s Lie Yes Aayu What happened? What are you thinking? Mumma, you always catch our lies. Telling lie is a bad habit. So, you should never lie. What mumma, you never lied? No, I never lied. Mumma, you never said a single lie in your life? No I never say lie. Then how did you catch our lies? Because, I am your mother. I know, how kids lie and where will they lie. Because in childhood I also……. Yes, you lied as a child. You caught my lie. Many kids lied, so I also lied sometimes. Lying is a bad habit. But, few kids sometimes say lie. Have you lied sometime? Then please let us know. Share with all your friends, who sometime lies. OK, TATA, BYE BYE, LOVE YOU ALL Mumma, I forget to tell you 1 thing. What? I didn’t bath since last 3 days. Come here…. You din’t bath since last 3 days.

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