28 thoughts on “Jim Morrison Poetry Session February 3rd, 1969

  1. Jim's poetry makes you feel like your there,I could listen to him talk all day,rest in piece brother

  2. Can someone explain this? I see a lot of Jim Morrison's poets on youtube with titles like: the white blind light, search on man, soft wild promises… and so on. But the thing is they're just don't match with his original poems. I wonder which one is original – poems from this video or the one I've already mentioned? Did people really just take various of his verses and edited it to be like one poem?

  3. Love this guy. Use to sit in his bathtubs in a bunch of drugs and just write and speak to make these mesmerizing poems/songs/lessons

  4. "The music was new black polished chrome and it came over the summer like liquid night" love this..

  5. Saw The Doors at Boston Arena where Northeastern used to play hockey..I was 15 in 71..went by myself..5 50 a ticket..I saw him and listened…and still do at 63..jim and the Doord were the Balls Period

  6. "(seldom have we been so slow, seldom have we been so far)
    My only wish is to see far Arden again."
    I find this line to be one of the most powerful poetry I've read. It's so loaded with something I can't describe properly… Like insanely hopeless longing. Like grown man longing for a childhood or a…
    Nonetheless, it's great example of his writing style. You can't describe it. "Far Arden", these two words. You just fucking feel it.

  7. I can’t be the only one who wants the world to be this poetic , or at least my world

  8. I just wrote a piece and am looking for comments, suggestion, and criticism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7–0H5L6BVw&t=18s

  9. Come on come on come on come on come on now touch me baby sha da da da can't you see, that i am not afraid sha da da da da, Lawrence is good at pianooo, he shall be rockin in ma showw

  10. Jim inspired me to be an artist, a poet. He had and has such a strong spirit

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