João reads a poem in Portuguese (Subtitles PT. EN. FR. ES.)

Hello, everyone! I’m João de Souza and I’m going to read you all a poem We need to talk, you and I You destroyed everything that was mine You didn’t think about the pain I’d feel Nor did you tell me what you wanted Now, you ask me to forgive you I shan’t leave you I shan’t leave you You must listen to me, understand? What you did will cost you dear It isn’t difficult for me to venge myself At least you’ll think before you do But you ask me to forgive you I’ll not leave you I won’t leave you So, if you liked the poem give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment You can write or mention the errors too. Thanks and goodbye.

8 thoughts on “João reads a poem in Portuguese (Subtitles PT. EN. FR. ES.)

  1. I've just watched this video, there are some parts that I didn't understand, I would like to give you an advice, add subtitles on your videos, then more people will understand them.

  2. Poetry just doesn't stir much of my interest. But, what the hell, you can do whatever you want. Vá fundo, cara.

  3. De quem é o poema? E o seu nome é mesmo João de Souza?
    Em termos de erros, como falou uma mistura de Português não brasileiro e Português brasileiro eu não percebi se com o "você" quis dizer algo informal(Br) ou formal (não Br). Também disse mal o pedir porque disse "pidir". Mas não está nada de mau. Aprender línguas é complicado e fico contente por ter aprendido a minha!

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