Joburg's literary history

at all aimed at teaching the literary history of Johannesburg Egham is a Couture of the Johannesburg literary district so we were walking to talk about the the literary district which is a new project we're doing with the Johannesburg Development Agency to highlight all of the bookish activities that happen in the city so what we're doing is showing people what's already going on and then we want to talk about the future about what we can do to make this neighborhood even better first stop the rain Club one of the oldest private member's clubs in Johannesburg it houses a range of artifacts and so they have a private library for their members inside that infuse collection of Africana but they also do have a current collection so they're still buying books to replenish the library all the time at the beginning that kind of a private library setup is actually how the library system began we don't think that we have books that are capturing all of this and I think seeing posters that contribute really shows you where we started to to way we are I mean the staff here from the 1980s that's all really talking about the corruption and these are some of the things that we are dealing with today Griffin shear says anyone with a curiosity about the history of Johannesburg is welcome to join the tour and talk os8 the literary history is very insightful James organizers of the tour say they plan to have more tours with the intention of keeping the literary history of Johannesburg alive literally a trans burg

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