31 thoughts on “Joe Hill Tells You How To Write A Horror Novel

  1. There are many subgenres within horror literature because of a kind of hybridization with other genres and thanks to talented writers, we can enjoy a wide variety of literary possibilities.

  2. Nobody cares about your generic characters or their generic lives. Focus on the story instead of the to-do list of fictional characters. We don't care if the main guy loves his wife, has sex or tries to quit smoking. We want to know why somebody is trying to kill him or why!

  3. I completely disagree with him. Spending a long time "getting to know" the characters is just a big bore and a drag. Senior King has an amazing ability to ramble for hundreds of pages with little to nothing happening. I never cared for any of Kings characters. Im interested in the mystery.

  4. ~Your very lucky and blessed having Stephen King for an awesome dad in your life.~

  5. ~I could never write a book as great as your dad Stephen King.~

  6. You are awesome! Thanks for the info! I am about to embark on a romantic horror novel myself; having never written a book before, all information helps!😃

  7. So like his Dad. I have read all of Joe's. I am so happy the King genre continues. Thanks man.

  8. I agree mostly with the bonding of the characters. I watched A Quiet Place, and I felt so attached to the characters it made it so much more suspenseful when they were on danger.

  9. I usually root for Jason cause the characters are bland. However, in Stephen King's IT, I almost cried when Georgie died just because he had so much likeablility already. He went to retrieve a boat and got killed over it, just because he was afraid that Bill would be very mad over it, and it breaks my heart that Georgie died. And the whole adventure I was rooting for Bill and the rest to take down Pennywise because of the injustice Pennywise created. You really feel that loss with Georgie, and I think that's what really made IT the movie classic that everyone knows and loves to this day.

  10. I'm a writer here in Montenegro(country in east Europe) and I write book's about serial killers.I'm well paid and I can aford a 80 sguare feet house with one floor.I'm 27 years old and now I started writing a new book about Jefrey Dahmer and his life.I'm the first thriller writer here.I wrote books about imaginary detectives and killers,and I also wrote books about lifes of Ted Bundy,John Wayne Gacy,Charles Manson and one book about the case that happened here(not in Montenegro,but in area of East Europe) about a 18-year old girl that went missing,but she was found two days later,starved,beaten,raped.It turned out that the killer gave her water in which he masturbrated.It was a fucked up case,but my longest book.It had 250 pages.

  11. I mean Jason Voorheese loved his mom, he was deformed, we should be rooting for him, sympathizing for him tho

  12. I have a idea for a novel called North Is South, the world is nonsensical and dark. But near the end the message unravels.

  13. I'm making a novel called, 'Lucy'. It's about a girl who thinks she's losing her sanity because she's hearing demonic voices speaking to her, and she's having Biblical dreams. She has no father, but her strange genetic afflictions don't come from her mother's side. These strange abilities she has include: Clairvoyance, and seeing the dead. It turns out her father is Lucifer, and she's a modern day 'Nephilim'. Her dad has been trying to reach her for years, but this was the first time he could actually get in her head and talk to her. Now she needs to find out how to actually see him and she gets to ask him all sorts of questions about why he's done what he has. Later, Lucy realizes she will ultimately end up like her father, unless she becomes a true believer in God. This tests her faith and sets her on a quest to find God.

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  15. I'm still pretty convinced that he just goes by Joe Hill because otherwise he would have been Joe King… Get it? Joe King? Joking? I stole this joke.

  16. I'm currently working on a horror story called The Afterdarks. It's about kids who didn't listen to the parents when they told them to be home before dark. Spoiler! A lot of these kids end up on milk cartons.

  17. Joe Hills heart shaped box do yourself a favour and read it this Halloween

  18. Horns was a better movie than any of the movies adapted from your dad's stories. I've read most of his, but none of yours. Stop trolling me on the web boards of your dad's website under different pen-names. We are all adults so, uh, let's keep the rivalry for the King's crown civilized.
    With Crazy Swirling Eyes,
    D.L. Schindler
    p.s. If my breath smells jealy, it's because I had some peanut butter and jelly, not because I am a wannabe horror novelist. Also, I have been a member of that website for years and only log in to wish happy birthday and stare at the list of 200+ stories by you-know-who and wish I could have written maybe one or two that were that successful. I know you've never even visited those crazy swirling boards.

  19. I'm gonna try that approach. I've always spent more time writing a complete timeline than writing the book, thanks Mr. Hill

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