Joel Nelson, Cowboy Poet – Awakenings

we cannot say what drew us here what Piper's flute what sirens song in younger days another year when Sun was low and shadows long her great height deserts rooted us on we were but boys when we wrote in to live the life and chase the dawn till evening Sun shone down on men and nature was our friend and foe she dealt his pain she brought us bliss our mother earth we came to know was nurturer and nemesis our cattle graze her hills and draws her August drain has ripened now for horseback men with horseback laws may she be saved from park and plow we've seen her change since we wrote in have read her pages as they've turned and warn our stirrup leathers thin we fear the lessons we have learned what hands could tear this land apart we are not all what we appear we can't afford the careless heart that beat within the Pioneer and red man's wisdom has been cast aside as savage yet we see the noble savage doubtless passed much closer to his earth than we are we her stewards foes our friends and who could better serve the earth we throw these questions to the winds and ride toward answers timely birth

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