John Lithgow Talks ‘Bombshell’ Movie, New Book On President Donald Trump | NBC News Now

17 thoughts on “John Lithgow Talks ‘Bombshell’ Movie, New Book On President Donald Trump | NBC News Now

  1. John's such a funny, intelligent man. I expect Trumplethinskin will be ranting and raving on Twitter shortly.

  2. Anonymous means unaccountable. Propaganda book is trying to blame an administration for all government incompetence.

  3. so, how is that BIDEN DERANGEMENT SYNDROME working out for you republicans? like a circular firing squad, you say?

  4. Awesome – Love this man since 3rd Rock from the Sun. And, now a great writer. Most excellent!

  5. Good news is that America and the world LOVES President Trump.
    He's made publishers great again. They're all voting TRUMP 2020! Because WINNING is more fun!!!! #walkaway

  6. Donald Trump is the WORST president in United States history, here's the PROOF:

    – Put the US in more debt than every president before him combined
    – Killed thousands of middle eastern women and kids by droning countries we shouldn't have been in
    – Built cages for and imprisoned thousands of illegal immigrants with little food and water
    – Multiple oil and foreign business scandals
    – Highest black unemployment rate since before Civil Rights acts were passed
    – More on-average terror attacks (yearly) than any other president in history
    – Vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline
    – Abandoned key allies like Israel to appease his party's irrational demands to get the Muslim vote upon re election
    – Biggest health care FAIL any president has ever had

    Did I say Donald Trump? Oops I meant BARACK OBAMA…. All of these are true. Please google search every single one of these points if you don't believe me. Obama is a coward and easily the worst president we've had in modern America. And that's saying alot considering Bush idiotically fumbled Katrina relief and invaded the wrong country after 9/11.

  7. Sad to see another great actor catch DeNiro’s Disease !

    You know I remember-reading Maureen Dowd’s book lambasting GW Bush – I came away with the impression she was diminished – and merely came off as a mean girl petulant child – this is not satire -this is venom from an unbalanced mind

    His smug elitist manner proves it….

  8. This guy suffers from TDS too. Hollywood creatures were all created from the same mold. No diversity whatsoever.

  9. What was his last work? Oh yeah, “The Day After”. What happened a year after “The Day After” was broadcasted? Ronnie Ray Gun blasted Fritz Mondale. Keep on dreaming, Has-Been!

  10. Packaging false information attempting to smear Trump. To be used as propaganda for the young kids at school. Their base. Brain washed damaged kids.

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