John Lovell Interviews James Yeager of Tactical Response

uh hey folks how's it going it's going through right it's going a little weird there good thing this is for my Caleb hi I'm Jeff Yeager with tactical response and I'm being interviewed by John today so the out this is mine I got this alright alright hey guys John level here with James Jaeger and I'm going to interview him and so what James did beforehand was he made a little facebook thread say hey what would you like to eat what would you like John to ask me so I looked at all of these and they're really epic I'm perfect go back and look at it because I wanted him to surprise me with the questions because I told people to post like some silly stuff and so I'm looking at the thread now and it's really awful yes I quite like right uh out of all the things people can ask you they want to know x-wing or TIE fighters I'll try fodder oh really just that simple my run for the bad guys on my GPS the TIE fighter is the vehicle on my GPS I well Herman uh let me see uh and why do they bank in space like they bank yeah but then there's no air now I don't know why it's like what and we got to get to the bottom of this no one's really important I've already moved on I'm looking down the thread la oh let's see it is you look remarkably good for your age what is advice you have for the others over 60 I don't I don't get it what's up I don't see a lot of lotion what's the jet lots of lotion there Yosha this is this is a question someone asked that I am interested in is what is James Yeager do this free time that's like non-gun ish type things are you like major pain where you sit around upside down and shut up take my gun apart before Layton what are you doing your free time um I've got five grandkids and a motorcycle okay I mean that's the short answer but like that's good but like we do like a lot of us here to ride in we did like just in August we did a 4,000 mile ride and stuff like that mean to me and the guys and and you know I've got the five grandkids of from from just under a year to eight years old and so we do thing you know stuff and my wife likes to spend time with me sometimes between the motorcycles other times kids once a month but we're gonna get together way what's up sounds really like there but um but I mean I'm a movie file so I we my wife has to so we go the theater a lot and you know and I'm lucky because she likes action movies and and doesn't expect me to watch the making of bridges over Madison County with her not just the movie itself yeah she doesn't even expect me to watch why did you have the two copies they didn't water it such few copies one of them is The Bridges of Madison County the other one is if you weren't bored enough the making of bridges over Anson Kenna ah good Michael so I gave a little nod to you guys that are asking them questions now I'm gonna ask what I want to so uh more you totally wasted that warrior-poet type stuff so this is kind of some of the stuff I want to and so here's the first one what motivates you to train yourself and others what's the fuel um that's uh that's a good question like what was the thank you he didn't say that about your question no by the way so are we talking about kidding why did I start or why do I continue like or what do you get I'm gonna give you free rein here I ask the question um I started I had a typical childhood but you know back in the 70s where we were not only allowed but encouraged to fight in school by the teachers I would say we went to recess you boy settle this I mean that and so I kind of grew up in this world of and it wasn't like every minute or anything but the you know you fought in things and and and and I was always interested in guns I never was interested in hunting but I was always interested in guns I had 22 pistols and rifles and and then there something about the precision of hitting that tin can or whatever that kind of drew me in and and so I think it was kind of a mix of realizing that there you know there were dangerous things in the world like in 1984 I was 14 and I read 1984 and suddenly became fearful of my government and things like that so there's all these things that happen to me as I was young and then and here's the the kicker when when when I was I started carrying a gun when I was 18 and it was illegal when I carried a gun illegally from 18 to 21 we still didn't have carry permits in Tennessee so I literally this is the truth became a cop so I could carry a gun Wow okay what motivates you to train now yourself and others makes you take there's two different things going on there one I believe this is a way of life it is a cultural thing and so it's important for me to teach that to my family and to be a protector of my family so there's that there's that done because you love your family right I'm sorry I didn't I thought we were doing an interview I didn't think we were doing no no no I'm just kind of you did that you don't answer I'm not giving one-word answers got you got free rein here but I'm just kind of like hey let me sum it up for okay he said all this word love care give me my love care for family all right cool so I'm just bullet point out but you do whatever you want now the broader picture is and and this is where I get a little theology theology local this is the channel to do it um I hear I've heard people all my life say they were called to preach like I've heard people say that they felt God thought that was their plan for them I think I'm supposed to be doing this on whatever level whatever God whatever whatever thing is in this universe and that's driving this stuff I believe that that I'm supposed to be doing it I was given some gifts and the ability to communicate and understand people were those gifts I certainly didn't get mathematics but but but I was given those gifts and I believe that's how I'm supposed to use them and I really do fill feel a sense of fulfillment every time a class ends that we have done good things and okay and free grain you said I could keep talking I'll finish up with that this is like I'm just excited for my follow up I'll finish up with this over fifty students are alive today because of our training that said to me and my instructors I could hear you telling me let's go load my gun get my head up get in the fight and so that's why that's cool that's great now you open the theological can of worms so I'm going to jump on that that's what I'm interested I think it's really important for gunfighters to work through that stuff gunfighters need to be good philosophers and good theologians first otherwise the foundation of their training is really just built on shifting sand so you're using the words like given which denotes a giver and you're talking about a kind of a plan which makes me think okay not only does James believe in a God but some type of God that is willing and destiny which means God is not some universe type force – James instead God has a specific plan that James would like to fulfill in your brain so you're already filling in a little bit of your worldview of your theology but I want you to speak on it of I wrote down is there a God and you've already answered that yes you believe there is and if so what do you think that God is like well you know I joke and I tell people when they ask me about it I flip utley say I'm an agnostic mercenary for Jesus Christ and I walk away as they bask in the greatness of that that those words but and a lot of people don't understand what the word agnostic means they instantly think it means atheist and it does not mean that but without the use of those words let me say this we have a creator there's no doubt this is not this is not random like that makes you at least a deist Orpheus but we have a creator and in then I was raised to Southern Baptist and that is what turned me against organized religion as we know it so I don't know exactly what answer like or what your what you're trying to like let me know no I'm no no no I didn't mean I didn't mean like lure me into something I mean I don't exactly know what you're asking me dine-saw okay clarify just a moment I don't I'm not talking about religion or denominations or anything else like that but there is a gun okay what does that God want from man yeah I don't know okay I know what he wants from me okay uh he wants you to be a good protector of people but why are you doing he didn't tell you cool I didn't get that I think with that my mom I got a Bible me anyone good oh you'd be surprised how many Bibles I've been given by people either because it because they think you're almost out of frame bumpo in your first video either because they think I'm godless like a heathen or that I'm totally a book bible thumper I need another Bible because I've worn one out I mean like I literally have a stack of personalized Bibles like all kinds of different you know that people get and I'm like all the time and here's what's funny um people there are two gifts that people give me all the time that I find out Bibles are one and alcohol is the other one they bring me alcohol all the time like a gallons attainment gallons yeah the báb to do Jim Beam and you're with a Baptist do that gotcha but that a little uh never happened he's just kind of like in recovering from a childhood see you always you never take a Baptist fishing with you because they'll drink all your beer but if you take two they'll watch each other to make sure the other one doesn't drink Oh TJ and everyone's a hypocrite I am too it's kind of like geez today be perfect design perfect and I've been a hypocrite ever and so want to be like Jesus I'm not pulling it off at all so this is John with a warrior poet society and this is James Jaeger with tactical response and is that the movie night I don't know I can ask you know you want one more oh yeah come on what is the most underappreciated area of training mine said mine say unpack mindset and the thing is is that like if I stay it all right scavenger hunt finally as many books as you can on mindset as me as you count on tactics as me as you can on skill as me you can on gear there would be truckloads of books on guns and gear and scopes and slings I'm so immediately bored with it all and then and then they would come to me with these books yeah on mindset yeah what's kind of this is a gear boat but it mentions but here's the problem yeah yeah the game the mindset the mindset of buying your gear but here's the problem there's this many books they haven't read them yep that whatever they whatever they think is out there for them is right here cool another person on facebook thread thanks ask the question where should we train other than tactical response oh definitely know we're in Georgia because yes I'm a trainer in Georgia quick discerning Minds who feel like oh you know set them up but uh so um I haven't taken any like the shooting stuff they do there but I have taken to night vision classes at telluric and I would put the quality of instruction and professionalism energy enthusiasm knowledge of the subject at the highest rank I send people to to turn with John at telluric all the time and I don't know if anybody ever goes but I we mentioned you guys frequently in our videos and in seriously people are always asking to work on our training in Florida or whatever and I'm like they're really close but give us some other things thank you give us some other places okay all right Bobby all right let me toss it it's my turn hey it's my interview all right so I'm kind of like alright I'm in charge I don't need you talking so let's let's let's look at it this way when I start to amount of structures there's all kinds of guys teaching stuff right we have to put them on some kind of priority list and so the in my opinion the instructor that should be the highest on your priority list are the ones that won't be here very long like the old guys cool so they're old guys which in acetate with absolute respect there are old guys like Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch like John Farnham at defense training international there's like in hackathorn it can hackathorn shirt as Harris James yeah how much haha but there's guys like that and I'm not being mean they're older they're all 70 something or whatever they're all still fit and you know but every bit like that they're going to expire I mean it's going to happen and so those guys are from a different era like literally when men were men and the sheep were scared and you know like all that kind of stuff and so and so like one of my biggest regrets is not having trained actually with Jeff Cooper it just wasn't possible but some I was old enough to do that he wasn't doing anymore and you know but uh but those guys we host uh we host Farnham here every February and Clint's minutes out Thunder ranch in Oregon or Texas he's mostly in Oregon sometimes in Texas on the farm travels around I mean India now sorry oh heck phone travels around but uh those guys that's good I wasn't planning on answering my own question but now I'm compelled of like Paul he'll teach something else man I want to come see I don't know Paul but I've read a few of his books and uh that's it that's a cool dude do you know him have you met I don't think I've met him he's a nice guy I don't think he likes me I kind of like everybody so I don't care what the politics are some are gonna hate me because James is on my channel and some are you gonna love me and I don't really care either way people didn't like him I like my probably like you too not you though not you there you put that now that with me wherever the one behind you yeah put that down you're sick that's awesome oh how about that that's a pretty good interview good all right cool John level warrior-poet society Jane Jagger tactical response yeah and like usually at the end of an interview you said hey interview person you know hey yeah you're uh tell them that they can find you and that's where I would say all my stuff so let's let's do that do that right now Michael do it right now no don't edit it do it right now no no I'm good I just okay go kind of felt okay all thing about five four three how can somebody find you I don't tell them it's like an IQ test and if they're too stupid to find me I don't want their money maybe they could just type your name and YouTube and watch I don't scare loads I don't care I'm telling you you set me up to say that you could say I'm not answering you yes no I answered you I didn't tell them this is how he gets this winsome charm how do you have critics what is great I told him the other day I'm like James you got lots of fans and lots of critics and you've really earned them both haven't you and I thought it was gonna gonna be like I didn't know how he'd take that I just wanted to say he's like oh yeah yeah I don't want everybody to like me no no no I mean like okay if you're on a cruise ship and everybody likes you who wants in your lifeboat everybody sure so many see if you have a lifeboat then the boat went out everyone made it anyway right buzz because I line up yeah that's sharks and ocean Oh so not a gay life why we like you more than travel think of a better example yeah that's a terrible all right this really got away from us this probably wasn't a great interview and some of your thinking I shouldn't have watched but it's too late so take it easy guys later

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  1. Did you ever watch the Friends episode where Chandler's girlfriend Kathy is a theater actress and she's doing a love scene in a play with some guy named Nick? Chandler is worried something might happening between them because of the chemistry he senses they have on stage. He expresses his concern to Joey who tells Chandler not to worry because, as long as they have chemistry on stage, they are not sleeping together; it's only when they don't have chemistry tahat they're cheating. One night Chandler watches the play again but this time there is no chemistry between Kathy and Nick, so after the show he accuses her of cheating and they break up (Note: at this point, the audience knows she is not cheating). Chandler then tells Joey what happened, but the latter is shocked that Chandler took this so far. Chander reminds him what he said, but Joey backpadles a bit and admits it was only a theory. Now Chandler is worried sensing he made a mistake, so he rushes off to his girlfriend's apartment. Cathy answers the door looking like a cat caught with a canary in its mouth, but Chander is oblivious to it. He sort of enters her apartment on his own accord and starts apologizing. While doing so, however, he suddenly notices Nick's pants laying somewhere. Chandler picks them up and neatly folds them. Cathy acknowledges they are Nick's pants. So my question to all of you is this: Do James Yeager & John Lovell have chemistry?

  2. I cannot believe this video escaped my attention. I laughed so hard and ended up spitting coffee everywhere! Awesome

  3. Cool interview! On the mindset stuff, I'd suggest The Art of War and The Book of 5 Rings. Ancient stuff by today's standards but a warrior is a warrior, no matter what era he existed. And of course Tie Fighters have to bank even in space because doing a 90 degree maneuver will produce excessive g-forces and destroy the pilot's brains, we all know that.

  4. This is the only WPS video I have ever thumbs down. James Freeze Under Fire Whilst Pimping Stolen Valor Yeager…

  5. James Yeager is a mess. you should do a video with Demolition ranch and hickock .45, both of them are awesome people and good shooters that do it more for the fun of it. they don't talk tactics too much, but demo ranch matt is a veterinarian so you could maybe talk to him about his training on handling a human casualty (if any) and just shoot the shit with hickock and him both

  6. What god want from man John is to be glorified. just like a father wants his son to love and respect him

  7. Holy shit!
    Man, these guys are great. I’m just stunned that they are so aware.

  8. John is the man, also mike seeklander, would like to see those two on a video. Yeager thumbs down! Lol sorry not sorry

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