100 thoughts on “John Turturro Talks About How He Brought Barack And Michelle Obama Together

  1. You really should watch a Turturro's movie called "Romance and Cigarettes," with James Gandolfini, Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken.

  2. i just know him from adam sandler movies, which made me think he was stupid. I can't believe he has a masters from yale.

  3. JT should get more recognition for his rendition of William of Baskerville. The "Name of the Rose" miniseries was unjustly panned IMO.

  4. I swear, I was just randomly thinking about him and Anthony Anderson yesterday. Completely random! "This doesn't work without mics Simmons!" 😆

  5. I am scared for our country. The Democratic party does not seem to be able to get it together. The kool-aide drinkers are taking over our country. and everyone is going to pay for it. Stranger Things

  6. It was interesting to learn about his family with Henry Louis Gates in "Finding Your Roots" on PBS

  7. This episode had Jesus, CT God, and our lord n savior Colbert… Lent was last week right?

  8. "There's no such thing as bad publicity, though."
    I think Paula Deen would dispute that.

  9. 5:11 "Well you're the leader. In Salsa, you know, you're leading the lady. But I mean, I'm not really leading her."
    Oh, isn't he humble. 😊

  10. Leather holds more germs than anything else does! Especially the bottom of women's purses that are leather!

  11. If you want to see a couple of really good performances, watch "Box of Moonlight" with John Turturro and Sam Rockwell (it might be his first film) and "Quiz Show" is another one, it's a bit slow but ACTING (say that in a Jon Lovitz voice)

    LOVE that movie!

  13. Well there Stephen my friend how are you? I just like to mention that John Turturro is an awesome great actor who knows how to act. John performed great acting in the movie Clockers along with co star Harvey keitel. All the celebrities that you invite to your show Stephen are very amazing. Stephen it's very logical that you provide your guests with hopefully purified drinking water, because you should know alot of Americans are diagnosed with either type 2 diabetes or type 1, as a result of drinking soda. Stephen you are doing us all very proud of the hard work you are doing to entertain us all over the United States. Don't forget who you are Stephen that defines you as the 1 late night talk show host. Well peace out for now Stephen, say what's up to John and his band for me.✌🎼🎹🥁🎸🎷🎺

  14. Love Turturro. I have been anxiously awaiting Season 2 of The NIght of" It was set up for a sequal but I am starting to think it is not going to happen …?

  15. Oh! OH! I was thinking "Who the hell is 'John Turturro'?". Never heard of the guy.
    And then it turns out it is THIS guy!
    I love this guy! Ha!

  16. I have been a big John Turturro can for decades but this is strange. Saw the clip and thought 'that's too sloppy to be the Coens.'. And they are not associated with this in any way. The compelling thing about the Big Lebowski was The Dude, not Jesus. And Jesus, in the original, was convicted for exposing himself to a minor. This project was ill advised.

  17. "To run for president you have to know all these subjects; History, Science, Geography…" Or you could run as a Republican.

  18. Was excited to hear in this interview (since it's not mentioned in the video title) that the Jesus is getting his own movie, but after seeing the clip I'm just like "Meh …" Looks very low budget and off.

  19. Several years ago, a group of pranksters stole the mascot from a hamburger restaurant. As ransom, the group demanded that the restaurant put "John Turturro – a fine actor" on its sign. After the sign was changed, the mascot was returned.

  20. I just love this man. So humble and chill. One of the best characters actors of all time.

  21. I didn't reconize the name ,but the face I instantly new, I've loved this guy in all his movies💖💓💕💞

  22. What is amusing,(only to me ) is John Turturro looks a lot like the only Trumpist I know personally.

  23. Boy I miss Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, Jay lenno. Today's late night comedians, are just usefull idiots. Well paid idiots. Its a shame!!!!!!

  24. I love him but my dude nooothing happened in that clip. I don't know if that character has enough to carry a whole film..

  25. Tim Ferris learned tango by starting as the feminine. There you were doing that but in the masculine position.

  26. I hope this shit does not refer to what I think! There is no going back for me, and no power in this world will be able to force me!
    The 2000 shit, together with all of you better stop and simply LEAVE ME IN PEACE! I only go up, I mean North, I mean icy lands!
    I am being extra polite with shit like you, for the words you deserve cannot be uttered!
    And don"t dirt the name of my God( and your God too, even if you are aware of it or not) with your ugly mouth!

  27. This is so unfunny. Also, anybody who says that Michelle knows anything about history and geography is absolutely lying. Never heard her talking about anything else but her two children. SO. not buying this absolute idiocy.

  28. I love John Turturro, he's such aa great actor and always seems like such a good laugh. O Brother Where Art Thou is one of my favourite films.

  29. John T. – before the advent of rubber soles, leather soles is where it was at, as far as great dancing! Freedom of movement was wonderful! As far as I'm concerned, rubber soles ended the greatness of dance!
    Now, I don't want to see animals killed for my dance shoes but if you could create the equivalent, that would create some great dance moves!!!

  30. What is going on now with The Late Show? These interviews are so short and they just abruptly cut off, it is almost rude really. Here Colbert has some of the most famous actors and personalities and just starts to have a conversation and suddenly he is saying ok, bye now. John Turturro is such an exceptional artist, and so fascinating, but is accorded about 5 minutes. Wouldn't 15 be like a minimum?

  31. He should have done it in character that would have been amazing. See him come out dressed as the Jesus

  32. You've gotten Rotten!!! Nobodies upstaging You. Let YOUR GUEST SPEAK!!!CONTROL YOUR SELF. ❤

  33. I saw 'Do the right thing' at a free showing at Central Oregon Community College in 1989.
    With my mother. I was 11. We were hip.

  34. What a wonderful human being! That goes beyond his talent- which is indisputable. But to see such a genuine, humble, giving personality – is so rare and so refreshing nowadays.

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