Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme & More Kids Songs by Little Treehouse

“Johnny Johnny” “Yes mama” “Eating sugar” “No mama” “Telling Lies” “No mama” “Open Your mouth” “Ha Ha Ha” “Harvy Arvy” “Yes Mama” “What are you hiding” “Nothing mama” “Telling lies” “No mama” “Show me your hand” “Ha ha ha” “Harvy Arvy” “Yes mama” “Eating chocolates?” “No mama” “Telling lies” “No mama” “Show me your hands” “Ha ha ha” “Harvy Arvy” “Yes mama” “Studying hard?” “Yes mama” “Are you sure?” “Yes mama” “Show me your book” “Ha ha ha…achooo!” “Harvy Arvy” “Yes Mama” “Have you been naughty” “No Papa” “Are you sure” “Yes we are” “Open your hands” “Ha Ha Ha” “Harvy Arvy” “ Yes Mama,” “Are you sorry” “ Yes Mama,” No more lie Promise mama “Can I have a comic?” “Ha Ha Ha”

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