It’s really hard to say what you
really want to say to somebody. I don’t think I ever said
“Thank you” to her. I was offered a new position
and my first reaction was “NO”. Very gently, she told me that
“You are able to do it!”. I consider her as my “guiding angel”. Angela was less like a sister and
more like a second mom, in a way. I never told her “You know,
you had this influence on me and you made me
the person I am today”. The one thing I would
tell Silvia is that she brings me joy and she
brings me happiness. I’m a bit nervous about telling
what I really feel because this poem summarizes things that
I always wanted to say to her and I wasn’t able to do before. This one. I wrote this for you. – No!
– Yes! – You?
– Of course, me. – No?
– Of course, me. I saw you stumbling down the road
A fast-food bag in hand – No way!
– Mascara running down your cheeks – Oh, my God!
– Our meeting wasn’t planned Of all the times you took my hand
And showed me the way through But then you came,
And you showed me You opened doors I thought were shut,
A new world shining bright Too often I repaid your love
With arrogance and spite I know we said we’d take things slow
We’ve both been under strain It’s time to say what’s on my mind
If not, I will regret it I can’t forget the love you showed,
I never will forget it. – I love you.
– I love you, too. You have the chance to do it, too. Say the things left unsaid to your
loved one with a poem. Have a coffee together and get inspired. Join the “Meet With A Poem” event! Julius Meinl
Inspiring poets since 1862

8 thoughts on “JOIN MEET WITH A POEM 2017

  1. Я могу тебя очень ждать,
    Долго-долго и верно-верно,
    И ночами могу не спать
    Год, и два, и всю жизнь, наверно!

  2. Per tutti gli amanti della poesia:
    L’amore non dà nulla fuorché sé stesso
    e non coglie nulla se non da sé stesso.
    L’amore non possiede,
    né vorrebbe essere posseduto
    poiché l’amore basta a all’amore.
    – Khalil Gibran, “Segui l’amore”

  3. can i share this beautiful words…….

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