Join Pay With A Poem 2016

Vienna Since 1862 people have been writing poetry in coffeehouses. Today, coffee still inspires poets. Poetry is more than words on
a dusty piece of paper. Poetry is action. Poetry can open our eyes
to social truths, it can challenge
inherited value systems and it can tune our hearts
into what really matters. Poetry has the power
to change the world. That’s why I take poetry
onto the streets. I want to prove poetry is as
relevant today as it ever was. I want to prove it has
the power to stop people, to change their day, and be kind to each other. To listen to an interior voice,
a voice inside themselves and to see beyond
the surface of life. Robert Montgomery. Poet. Dreamer. Doer. If we had more poetry
around us, the world would be
a more meaningful place. Poetry can make
a better world. Join us on March 21st! Step in for a coffee, find your inspiration
and write. For one day, we’re changing
the currency in coffeehouses around the world. Pay with a poem!

6 thoughts on “Join Pay With A Poem 2016

  1. Great video mate :0 Im subbed, keep up the good work 🙂

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