JOINING THE GAME MASTER?! Mystery Package From The Game Master

Logan’s just down this alleyway but we got this address right 6767 did you see it anywhere I’m not seeing any numbers just like it doesn’t exist it’s like it’s between two blocks Jake creeper ayo let’s go down Papa Jake family Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and guys as you know things have been getting a little bit weird on the channel alright we have this guy known as the game master and well he’s locked Papa Jake up he’s tried to hack into my channel he’s actually well kind of successfully deleted videos on my channel and so far he’s just all around messing with youtubers but we have been on the hunt the trail to Saul who he is and figure out how to stop this game master before he ends any of the channels today guys I think we might have the biggest breakthrough in solving who the game master is and how to stop him and it all came from our last video so as you guys know in our last video we actually had a little bit of fun and went ahead and played a nerf war but we knew we still had to get back in solve this mystery so once we got home we came home with this now guys this the chest that we found while exploring the abandoned pirate ship that the game master had been on inside this chest I think there might be some valuable information to potentially stop and uncover who the game master is I don’t know about you guys but I think it might be Chad wild clay it could also be Steven share I wouldn’t trust them over there guys I don’t know I don’t know who to trust anymore it’s that except for a little look like it we can trust Logan right I think I think we can locate we don’t need no lie-detector machine alright we’ve got an old-fashioned way to do this Papa jake-style Logan you’re not the game master right no Logan do you pinky swear you’re not the game master yes there you go and solve Logan I now trust you Logan is not the game master hashtag confirmed on papa Jake’s channel but we can’t say so for the other youtubers we might be able to figure out who it is if we get into the treasure chest now Logan have you made any progress and getting into this thing does it look like I made any progress not really man last time I saw you were just trying combinations on it guys we’ve been trying a bunch of combinations on this to see if you get in that way other than that we were thinking about just straight-up smashing it but I don’t want to ruin anything that could be inside this box so I think what we need to do Logan is we need to break out some power tools I think we need to cut this chain get inside here and figure out what is in this once and for all so are we going to the workshop oh yeah I said we bring this to Papa Jake’s workshop break into it and solve the mystery also don’t forget if you happen to be brand-new to the Papa Jake fam hit the subscribe button join the family down below and if you like us solving these mysteries and you want us to continue and go full Sherlock Holmes up on the gamemaster then hit the like button down below let’s try and crush 25,000 likes on this video I know we can do it and I know we can stop this gamemaster all right Logan let’s head to the workshop but we cannot leave this room until we break into this thing we need to figure out what’s inside no guys we have to be careful because whatever is in here we definitely do not want to break it so but we’ve got some miniature tools here maybe we could like pry off some of these things do check this out look right away guys I started prying at it I got this like little metal piece off whoa dude this might be able to help us get in I think the hardest thing though guys is gonna be breaking into this chain and I mean this thing is solid maybe we can get into the box without breaking the chain right maybe there’s a way we can get it off look whose hinges at the back maybe if we could get these hinges off we might be able to chimney the top off and slide it out from the chain okay the only issue will be there is a secondary lock here I didn’t notice this when we’re on the ship but check this out guys there’s a lock right here but I’m wondering if I drill right into that do think it’s small enough that we could break it it looks like it alright let’s try the drill guys so you can get in alright guys check it out so there’s a secondary lock here and I think I might be able to use this to actually torque it off as you can see it’s on there really hard right now but if I stick this in here 3 2 1 hmm I think we got it check it out oh dude we got the lock off alright well that’s one lock a couple more to go guys check that out literally busted this right off alright let me see if I can do some more stuff to get into this I’m still gonna try the hinges but I’m wondering if I’m getting the top see if this drills Logan Circle jig we don’t know what’s inside a little bit of a hole you’re in kind of peek inside see anything all right well the top is definitely made out of wood and that makes sense this is an old chest let’s cut this off whoa dude check that out well you can actually see like the nails and everything holding it together why we’re making some progress I’m getting whatever this band is although I’m not sure if the band is part of like an aesthetic feature or if it’s actually gonna help like reduce the structure but if you notice here guys the side of it is actually like hardwood and the top here is almost like a leather so we might be able to get in it from there so think we might be able to get these off though guys look at maybe hand me like a hammer or something all right let’s try this so two PMS is not gonna beat us we’re getting into this thing no more oh dude I got the hand guys check it out we got the hinge off one hinge down one hinge to go look the tops like literally moving now guys this is a pretty old box so it seems like it’s falling apart fairly easy but man this is giving us a run for our money we also have no idea what’s inside so hopefully it’s not broken or gonna hurt us it looks like I can actually like slide it off dude check it out you can almost see inside dude what is that it’s not like a like a book or something we gotta get this off man Chane still stuck it’s gotta be another way it’s wrapped around this leather band maybe if we cut it all right try something to cut it with there’s one thing I know how to do Jake it’s how to use a saw look at you watch icon the bands whoa dude you got it on it nice hi guys we just cutting the leather band and I think we now are able to get the chains off so nothing else in it oh we went all that way for an empty box there’s no way this is empty there’s got to be something in this I think go to the band and go ship for nothing hey Jay hear that something inside this must be a big bottom somebody blow it here let me try and pry it off that’s really stuck in there I’m mostly able to get it up there’s something under here guys check this out what is this it’s kind of crystal yeah I think this is worth anything this paper wait Logan there’s writing on it guys guys look what it says it says call me signs check this out it’s literally a note signed by the game master and it says Paul me and there’s a number here look see should I do it I think we have to do it Jake guys I mean this could be a huge trap I don’t know what could happen if I call the game master he could use it to locate me or worse I know this is a good idea but why would this be at the bottom of the treasure chest that was on a boat that’s supposedly sank 200 years ago I think we have to call it I think he knew someone was gonna find this okay guys we just made it to a park because we decided that if we are gonna call this number we shouldn’t do it from somewhere where they can trace us if they do trace the call we want them coming here and well not our house guys I don’t know if this is a good idea we don’t know if this could be a trap or what this number will lead us to whatever you do guys don’t call this number all right Logan I’m calling the number quick that’s best ring three look do you click ask you this congratulations on winning this step of the game you have been chosen to do hello this recording Richard it’s the recording it’s recording hello winning this step of the game you have been chosen to join the game master hello can you hear me that’s just a recording yes I accept what no yes I accept it’s a rope it’s a robot loading you try yes we accept we will join you 67 Riverside represent I think goes Riverside Drive 67 Riverside Drive I hung up cheek what are we doing joining the game master I’ll go guy told you trust me guys if we join the game master we can figure out who he is we can figure out what he is we can be double agents we can work for the game master but put a stop to at the same time that’s sneaky it’s a great idea Jake but what if this is a trap look I know it could be a trap and gas I know what you’re thinking okay there’s a lot of conspiracies about other youtubers being the game master I mean we did pinky swear that Logan is in the game master but before you go ahead and tell all the other youtubers that Papa Jake’s the game master it’s not true guys we’re doing this for a reason where you’re gonna infiltrate the game master you’re gonna find out who he is and put a stop to him and the closest we’ve ever got is a meeting at this address I think we go there now and we see what he has to store for us come on let’s go well let’s just end this hope we caught this address right 6767 did you see it anywhere not seeing any numbers it’s like it doesn’t exist it’s like it’s between two blocks I mean I guess that’s why it’s an alleyway hi come on keep moving guys we’re getting close I hope we made the right decision just up ahead I think it’s decent like there’s another alleyway up ahead just up here wait looking look there’s a truck let’s get a military truck you think that could be what they used to transport each other I mean they have fairly military-grade stuff that could be them but where are they I see him anyway hello I don’t know where this what’s the because this is the address this has to be it there’s no other place you could be maybe it was a trap Jake maybe this was a bad idea the Logan Logan we have to do this we have to infiltrate the gamemaster we have to join him hello cheak creeper look at mr. creeper right there guys yes we’re here to join you guys join the game master you want me to have this but wait huh we beats up to the call wouldn’t listen to me what why’d you give us this no I thought I thought there’d be like we get in a car we go we go somewhere that just a box just another box Jake we don’t know what’s inside that box I told you it could be a trap hi you know what we’ve been out here long enough look let’s take this back home and let’s open it up maybe how to join the game masters inside here you guys might want to stand back a little bit this could be something bad okay well well logos this plan this will be like a big initiation cake or something like that again hopefully there’s nothing bad and your guys been going really careful too because I don’t want to hit anything or break anything let’s go all the evidence for us whoa

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