6 thoughts on “Jonathan Franzen: What accounts for China's disregard of nature?

  1. Liberal relativism. Their Culture accounts their disregard for nature. They have not changed since their recent prosperity and as we all know deep down – they never well. It is what it is.

  2. What accounts for Brazil's disregard for the environment then? Sure, they've had it tough, but this is something most developing countries do. We did it, albeit in the 19th century when standards were different, but our sacrafice of the environment to the gods of materialism continues. I don't see anything that exceptional about China, except maybe degree. Somewhere floating around the net is a picture of a Chinese river that's orange. Looks like a river of orange sodapop.

  3. If you are right, it's still not 'WE'.
    People from the US often think that they are the only ones that use the internet.

  4. lol, you make it seem like that the Chinese are so miserable that they are destroying their environment to feed themselves. Although Western Imperialism and Mao (Most Chinese consider him crazy now) ruin China for 3/4 of 20th century, it has nothing to do with China's disregard of environment. It is call industrialization! Every development countries goes to this phase of environment sacrifice, India, Brazil, and many more. Btw, Chinese are not starving since 1970s after Deng saved China.

  5. Very valid points and insight, however, if they don't sort their shit out, we are all going to be even hungrier for longer.

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