Jonathan Mendoza – “State v Zimmerman” @WANPOETRY

– July 13th, 2013. Sanford, Florida resident
George Michael Zimmerman is acquitted on all counts, including second degree murder, in the death of Trayvon Martin. 17, unarmed, and black. Five of six jurors are white, none are black, George is white. February 9th, 2013. The Zimmerman family states that George is mixed race,
Afro-Peruvian and Irish, and that media routinely
lightened his skin to portray him as a white racist. George is not white. July 27th, 2012. George’s close friend and
devout white supremacist Frank Taaffe becomes George’s
most vocal supporter. George is white. July 15th, 2013. Fox News argues that Latinx protestors of the Zimmerman verdict should be standing by the
one of their own race. George is an opportunist. January 15th, 1866. Florida’s Black codes deem anyone with an eighth African ancestry as black. George’s great-grandfather is black. George is black. July 28th, 2013. George is pulled over for
speeding near Dallas, Texas. He tells the officer of
the pistol in his glove box and is left with nothing but a warning and a continued lifespan. George is not black. February 2nd, 1848. After the annexation of Northern Mexico Hispanics are labeled white when only whites may legally own land. George is white. April 1st, 1930. Mexican is added to the US Census to legitimize deporting half
a million Hispanic citizens. George is not white. April 1st, 1940. Hispanics re-become white after protesting having to
use segregated facilities with black and Asian Americans. And George is a middleman. October 16th, 2003. I’m 10 and old enough to ask if I’m a collage of my
parents’ skins or none of them when a white kid tells me I do not look like one of the bad Latinos and George does not need to be white to have white privilege. George does not need to be white to be anti-black. (audience members applaud) January 2nd, 2009. I am fourteen watching Oscar Grant’s
last breaths leave him, for the first time, when I asked my dad of my skin and all its invitations and George is whatever
the cop’s swift hand says he is. September 2nd, 2014. George is pulled over for a fifth time after yelling to a man,
do you know how I am? I’ll fucking kill you. And George is a celebrity. George is George, Zimmerman, from TV. April 26th, 2005. The stand your ground law
that will protect George is passed in Florida, through ALEC, by the gun industry and George is capitol, an investment. George spikes gun sales. George is a salesman. May 11th, 2012. Marissa Alexander uses the same law by firing a warning shot to defend herself from an abusive husband. (audience members applaud) Marissa is sentenced
to 20 years in prison. Marissa is black. George is American. George is George, Zimmerman, from TV. (audience members applaud) February 26th, 2012. The cops comfort George and
George slips on the right or the right or the white
skin and George is right or white, so holds rights. George is documented,
does not have an accent, does not have a disability, is not black, is not Muslim, is not woman. George is man. George is cis-man. George is alive. George is alive. George is alive. George is alive. George is alive. George is alive. George is alive. (audience cheers and applauds)

4 thoughts on “Jonathan Mendoza – “State v Zimmerman” @WANPOETRY

  1. Sounds like recessive hybrid issues. Nothing of interest to hear here accept the belly aching of the status quo.

  2. The repetition was powerful because ppl like Zimmerman safely exist and function like this repeatedly.

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