5 thoughts on “Jonny Geller on the Role of the Literary Agent

  1. Really informative, though interesting how he got the enduring popularity of psychological thrillers so wrong. We can expect more "Girl" films too!

  2. What I personally would like to see would be a video of a would-be published author, segmented into 1) doing all the suggested research into which agent(s) to approach 2) preparing a submission exactly to the specification the agents themselves recommend 3) sending an electronic and a hard copy so that their arrival with the selected agent coincides.

    Then, not even getting the courtesy of an automated response from the agent!

    Happens all the time. Anyone with even the teeniest knowledge of email can set up an auto-response, yet how many authors submitting their work are left wondering if the agent ever received it? To be fair, CBC did acknowledge and respond to my submission – and I'm not naïve, I don't expect every agent to respond with a contract and advance – but some of the agents out there have an elevated view of their own importance and there will come a time when they really do need more submissions. A little respect for authors is all that's required.

    Sorry, rant over, but I know I'm not alone in this view.

  3. wow, 3 years later I get an email – get invited to listen to Jonny and find out its 3 years old. Seems the ro;e of a CBC agent has not changed – its to get suckers to pay for old advice.

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