Jordan Peterson – Poverty causes crime? Wrong! – The Gini coefficient

Yeah, so there’s this interesting phenomena. That is very characteristic of Societies, I believe pretty much everywhere. It’s being studied now You can calculate an index called the gini coefficient, and the gini coefficient is a number that represents How much inequality of income distribution there is in a given? geographical area so you could calculate a gini coefficient for a street or you know an area in the city or a city or a state or a [country] you can do it at all those levels and What you find is you know you always hear this idea that poverty causes crime That’s a classic left-wing idea, but it’s wrong. It’s seriously wrong and [it’s] importantly wrong and it’s Definitively wrong not only that so there’s no argument about this. It’s already been established what causes crime especially aggressive crime is relative poverty and Relative poverty is not the same thing as poverty at all It’s seriously not the same thing poverty is when you don’t have enough [to] eat Relative poverty is when the guy next door has a much better car than you So and there’s lots of relative poverty in the United States and there’s some absolute poverty but even the absolute poverty in the United States Is nothing like the absolute poverty say in places like India or in sub-Saharan Africa where absolute poverty means you have nothing Now what’s really interesting about the gini coefficient? Is that? If you go to places where everyone roughly speaking is Poor say by National standards [right] I think South Dakota was often used as an example or maybe one of the maritime provinces Like Newfoundland where there’s where there’s low average income, but it’s pretty flat distribution there’s almost no crime and if you go to places where the everyone’s rich then there’s almost no crime, but if you go places where there are poor people and moderately well-off people and rich people And the distribution is really steep then the rate of aggressive behavior among young men And it’s usually within their own ethnic group starts to skyrocket Out of control and the reason for that seems to be that if the dominant Hierarchy is too steep then the young men have no Likelihood of climbing to a dominant position while playing the standard social game and so what they do is turn to aggression aggression to To make their mark on the world and it works, [too] That’s the other thing is that make no mistake about it if you’re if you’re looking for status in a place where status is hard to achieve, and you’re the meanest toughest guy around then and You know around a bunch of people [who] like you don’t have much money then you’re going to benefit from that status it works. Yeah Would that be part of the reason why… cause I know I think that the violent crime rate in the U.S. Is higher than it [is] in Canada Would that be part of the reason why… sure Sure, yeah I mean, you can make [a] real conservative argument for making sure that you know the conservatives are very anti income distribution And we figure that’s because of the guys that have this male independence you know they identify [with] this male independence factor They don’t want to be distributing resources to people who are down the dominance hierarchy because they want they want them down in the dominance hierarchy they want there to be a difference between the people on top And the people on the bottom so [that] they can be the people [on] top so that it increases their relative attractiveness Like it’s a perfectly logical game And they presume that while the rules are set up and like Every man can go for it do its best in the winner wins and the loser loses And that’s just how it is and don’t ask me to fix it because I don’t want it You know and besides that it’s I don’t find it I find it distasteful to attempt to fix it more than that right because it’s a moral issue. It’s not just that an intellectual issue so So you can make a case however, you can make a case from the conservative point of view especially with regards to say beliefs in religious traditionalism and the desire to Maintain social stability that you shouldn’t let income distribution become too unequal Like one of the big things your society has to do is to make [sure] that that doesn’t get out of [hand] because it tends To get out of hand it tends towards a few people having everything and almost everyone else having nothing It’s a natural in a sense. It’s a natural consequence of economic progression which is actually something that Marx pointed out although an Italian named Pareto had figured it out at Approximately the same time and I think with a lot more Conceptual clarity but the more unequal you let your society get to higher the probability [of] death Roughly speaking through violent causes and no But but but I’ll tell you why is that you know? Men want to climb the dominant hierarchy and the reason they want to climb the dominant hierarchiy because that’s how they get access to women [societies] actually [have] [earlier] in this [discussion] you talking both familiar and the unfamiliar and the structure So it seems like we all want to live within the structure but we don’t want the rules to apply to ourselves. Well, we have this contradictory problem We want to be protected [by] the structure, but we want to advance our position within it and so that means What that should mean and this is I [think] the definition of civilized behavior is that you’re allowed to advance your position within the structure as long as you don’t disrupt it negatively you know And I think most people do do that in fact I think people in civilized countries do that so effectively that it’s an absolute incomprehensible Miracle I can’t understand how or why I never got established But like a psychopath will he climb the ladder and cut the runs off underneath Fundamentally right, it’s like he doesn’t care. He doesn’t even care if the damn thing maintains itself You know he’s perfectly willing to have it destroyed after he’s exhausted it you know but if everyone acted like that or even if a fairly substantial Percentage of people acted like that the whole thing would come to a halt virtually – like in no time flat so so mean Why? See you might here here’s the reasons likely You know because one of the things we were talking about was masculine violence now the thing about Masculine violence is it only tends to emerge in situations where there doesn’t … there don’t seem to be any other reasonably viable means of Advancing Status so it’s not reasonable to say that men are aggressive. You [can] say that on average men are more aggressive than women and You can also say that if that if you put men in a situation where they have no Where they can see status differences, but they have no means of moving forward That they’re likely to turn to aggression as a way of establishing dominance and then you can say that that’s… the reason for that is [because] it makes them more attractive – the fundamental reason yeah? Oh yeah, bring that on foul? I’d just like to add on: I read this article [once] that talked about how polygamous societies are [more fond of violance]. Yeah, absolutely [just] The reason: If one guy has two wifes, than there is fifty percent of the population that has no wife – that’s right – no access to [them]. Yeah, that’s exactly right the Evolutionary psychology explanation for the Pathology of polygamy is that if once you let it establish itself [then] the men get ultraviolent So would you say that normally there would [always] be a basis for …? Many people have said that [and] yes, I think you can make a strong case for that And I [think] the fundamental reason is the one that you [just] pointed out. You know the idea is well would you rather have one woman or die You know or sorry that’s not quite right would you rather [no]? That’s not quite that’s not quite right would you it’s more like would you be willing to limit yourself to one partner or Have a shot at many partners, but a much higher probability of dying [yeah], right, and you know some guys will take that they’ll take that the high risk approach You know so now it just doesn’t eliminate the difference in Individual differences in determining who’s going to be aggressive because what will happen is that as the gini coefficient pressure rises? The more aggressive men the men who are more aggressive by Nature will get more aggressive First right so you can imagine it’s a threshold phenomena to some sense so [and] what I should tell you as well is the relationship between the gini coefficient and Male-on-male on the side isn’t like 0.2 or 0.3 Which is about the correlation that you get if you were predicting something like that using personality. It’s like point eight or point nine It’s like idiot of all of it. It’s the explanation So it’s a huge effect. You know it’s so it’s so big in effect that you can basically say oh Well we figured that out allthough psychologists never know when they figured anything out and they keep endlessly Retesting it over and over and over because you know we don’t know how to bring our science to a stop but if you don’t accept the gini coefficient aggression data It’s like you might as well throw the rest of social sciences out the window because the effect is unbelievably powerful [hilarious] [it] depends you can do it at any level of analysis you can do it you can do it by County you can do it by City You can do it by state and you can do it by country [and] it works on all of those levels Like it predicts agression [all over…]? You bet yeah, yeah, and [that’s] a great question. [I] mean the method logically sophisticated studies. Have done [exactly] that To ensure [that] [while] to ensure [that] it’s actually this phenomena rather than other factors that might be offered in that particular geographical area so countries with a higher gini coefficient or more violent and Cities within that country [that] have a higher than average gini coefficient for that country are more violent on average. It’s a very very robust robust robust finding so all [right], so We’re going to say for the sake of argument that you’ve got the male dominance hierarchy and it’s represented as Masculine now one of the things you said he thought that women carried an image [of mat] of men in their unconscious And she he thought that the image that Women carried of men in their unconscious was a group of men not an individual man. He called that the [animus] whereas he believed that the image that women Image of women that men carry in their collective unconscious was of a single woman, and he called that the anima

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  1. Another narrow minded conservative fool insecure.  Insecurity is the major cause of crime rich or poor.  Democratic Socialism and the security.  This guy s a typical insecure brat.  See hoe loud and anxious he is when people don't go along.  Narrow minded people, sexist, egotists etc. have no common sense,  They are in isms, nationalism, egotism, Catholicism, usually men calling the shots.  He has knowledge true.  But without common sense the knowledge only suits him.   Another typical academicism egotism fool insecure successful in the gradgrind.  An insecure Canadian snob.  Most Canadians are secure with common sense.  Not so many people like this.  This is true in the US now.  More millennials are secure with common sense., joining others secure with common sense.  (Make art not war)  Fewer suits and ties and ties for authorrity.  Women inn simple but attractive clothing no makeup.

  2. And then there was a multitude of images portraying the gods of all creation as we know it called The Anime

  3. I like this guy very much. I have seen many videos of him. I am astonishingly amazed by how much idiocy he spreading in this one, especially the "others have everything, while the rest got nothing" part. Maybe he should study some economics.

  4. Ahhhh, the video stopped soon as he was getting into another topic 😫😫😫

  5. Does the Gini coefficient apply to men only? I'd like to hear how low-status women tend to acquire relative status.

  6. Correlation is not causation. Poverty and crime are both caused by low IQ. The reason you don't get much crime in rural areas like South Dakota will be because the local economy is simpler and easier to understand and thus the fact that there are rich people and poorer people doesn't result in anger. This only happens in cities where the rich are in an isolated bubble from the poorer people. This is why in rural areas people tend to vote for right wing parties – because people in rural areas tend to understand how the economy works.

  7. 1m59s "if you go places where everyone is rich then there's no crime" . And here is the the problem with Mr Peterson. He seldom questions the categorical integrity of his concepts and their drift. Shame really. I might really have enjoyed Peterson's Craft Beer or his high CBD extracts or his cubist interpretation of Vincent's Starry night more than listening to him uncritically regurgitate EduVommit composed on a diet of Horton's guide to statistics; Cliff notes does Sizek on Lacan on Frued; and the JustSoStories. Just saying.

    Mofo just adds to my grumpiness that's all.

  8. Poverty doesn't cause crime inequality causes crime. This has been common knowledge since cavemen. America needs much more welath redistribution

  9. The rich hide themselves far away from the poor. Their wealth is offshore and they dont want anyone to know how much they have. One might think millions, or even a couple billions, but there are people who have trillions of dollars and they dont want you to know. They control the media and keep your eyes elsewhere. They can kill people they dont like and lable anyone unfortunate to catch a scent of their misdeeds a "crazy conspiricy theorist" but many conspiricy theories have been proven to have been true. We dont see their misdeeds and we dont see their hordes of wealth. We dont see the sex slaves and the bodycounts and we dont see the exploitation of impoverished peoples, so nothing is done about it. Nothing will be done about it. It will only get worse. If you dare oppose them you will be found dead and the police will say you commited suicide. We are all fucked.

  10. What scares me about these lectures is that he talks of things as "facts supported by data" but he rarely shows the real data and the sources they come from, making it impossible for students to interpret them, or to asses how much the data support his thesis.

    Most of the time, statistical data must be interpreted with caution. Statistical studies must be reproduced, or they can't be taken as true. A large percentage of statistical studies suffer from p-value hacking and biases. See:

  11. I have to disagree about poverty. I didn’t give a care about who had what at 12, when I was starving. I wouldn’t steal from other people. Just food and just from businesses. It lead to stealing other things from businesses that weren’t necessity. Until I spiraled into true kleptomania. I would go to a store and buy something with no desire to steal and have bunches of things in my pockets and sleeves. I was scared so I told my mom and she got me help.

  12. I allready knew this im poor I dont rape, murder or steal. Its just not in my nature to do so.

  13. One thing these ppl never talk about is what’s the right amount of inequality. Obviously we can’t have everyone make the same for multiple reasons the main one being that higher growth comes with more inequality. So we can’t have either extreme. The liberals want perfect equality and my conservative brethren don’t want any redistribution. While I don’t like it I can accept some wealth redistribution tho I believe the proper amount falls closer to my side than the lefts side if our priority is growth.

  14. Q:anything
    A: Yeah, absolutely! the Gini coefficient works! its a huge effect ! +explains again

  15. Damn I came into this video with a love for Peterson but ready to critique what he said but damn he’s right

  16. The singular of phenomena is phenomenon… I see even JP uses the plural to mean the singular…

  17. poverty doesn't cause crime. crime causes people with money to leave, so all you have left is poverty.

  18. lol actual liberal here, we know about relative and absolute poverty, don’t strawman us

  19. All unhappiness is caused by comparison, don't know who first said it but its still relevant today. There is poverty, and as he said real poverty, not having enough to eat.
    During a time in my life having lost 60 lbs (was over weight) living in a run down rental, no heat or lights, but I had rats, at a point of having no food at all except a tub of old flower with weavels in it, foraging of the land (berries, dandelion greens) , that I resorted to crime and broke into a food ware house and stole food, plenty of food.
    Used to meet a group of friends at this time once a week at a restaurant, for a social get together, watching them all eat while I had a coffee (could barely afford that), one of these guys, a practising lawyer asked me how a stayed so slim, I truthfully answered, poverty, I could think of no other answer.

  20. A lack of the prospect of "better" in your future makes crime look like a glimmering possiblity of salvation. I was poor in California but I had my van and I was working every day to make my dreams come true to the best of my knowledge and ability.
    Now, with my van taken from me and being bullied at a dead end job there is no possible positive future to work towards and my present is terrible. I also know alot more about the world now. If at all possible, if I knew I could get away with it in the long term, no matter who you are reading this, I'd steal everything of value from you and not lose a second of sleep over it.

  21. Peterson is incorrect in summarizing the research. Absolute poverty and
    Relative poverty both seem causally associated with crime across countries and time periods. Evidence suggests Bigger effects for relative poverty on violent crimes…. and Bigger effects of absolute poverty on property crimes. Also don’t trust anybody who says research proves something. Proof is for mathematics; in the sciences, there’s just slowly increasing confidence in a conclusion. As with most popularizers, Peterson plays fast and loose. Makes him interesting but not trustworthy.

  22. I Watched Dennis Prager’s Video about this same exact topic last night on His Youtube channel . Crazy ? Smh 🤦‍♂️ 😝

  23. Jealousy and ingratitude destroys people and nations. It leads to theft and destroys families and neighborhoods. It stops you from enjoying what you do have, especially the things that money cannot buy. You can buy a car, but not a spouse and children that really love you. Besides that, there will always be someone who has more than you do, even if you are rich. Money will not buy lasting happiness, but will only satiate you temporarily.

  24. Relatieve poverty is REALLY NOTHING at all. Just jealousy, plain simpele. But than again…..alll those guyz in financial business. Are ALL GREEDY BASTARDS TO THE BONE….they are sick of GREED…

  25. Surely law causes crime as without law, the behaviour in question wouldn't be a crime!

  26. He so freely and so often lectures on subjects waaaay outside of his expertise.

  27. Look the real issue in America for crime are cities overpopulated with blacks. Wherever blacks congregate in large numbers, crime follows. The whole bullshit of socioeconomic is getting played out

  28. YOU let your society go… Who is the YOU? Sure communist society doesn't have violence because somebody is trying to force equality? lol Peterson is a leftist person.

  29. NO, JBP, you cannot make the conservative argument to use the force of government to steal from the rich to "spread the wealth around". That is called legal plunder and might I remind you, that is the promise of socialism.

    Giving poor people free money is a great way to keep them locked in a cycle of poverty forever. And it won't solve a single problem for them – 70% of all lottery winners go broke and file for bankruptcy.

    Maybe you could instead get your head out of your ass and realize that the leftist construct of "the robber barons" doesn't actually describe a single conservative. That would be a nice place to start.

    Seriously, wtf JBP?

  30. I was born in 1931 and lived in the east end of Toronto between Queen street and Bloor Street until about age 18. My mother once told me: all of us in this neighbourhood are lower middle class. When I was growing up we did not bother to lock our doors either when we were in or out. We came home once and heard a burglar run out the back door but paid no mind because maybe it was just someone looking for something to eat. Nothing was missing because we had nothing worth stealing.
    But after that we did try to remember to lock the back door.

  31. Mr Peterson the Alt right spokesperson pushes his own neo fascist agenda and denies what is patently obvious and proven time after time by detailed scientific studies. His cooperation with neofascist Douglas Murray goes a long way to prove that this member of the alt right has become seriously unhinged. Anyone with a modicum of common sense will only have to look at the situation in South Chicago to confirm that poverty causes crime thereby refuting the deranged alt right spokesman and exposing his neofascist agenda.

  32. Dude he was saying something interesting at the end, does someone have the link to the whole video?

  33. The problem with communism is that forced equality seems to result in more suffering and violence than the inequality produced by capitalism. I think that is where the Gini coefficient falls down. It is too simplistic of a concept to implement into incredibly complex societies and get the desired result.

  34. Why don't we just attempt to wipe out all Freemasonry. It's not people, it's principalities and powers and the structures they have us create. Fucking geometry and shit.

  35. Crime is caused by not drinking a cold soda. As you can see he takes a sip of the beverage to satisfy his bloodlust.

  36. I learned this just by moving to LA no need for a degree to find out men get extremely pissed off when they see how much others have and their inability to attend that much

  37. So a hungry man wouldnt steel bread? Crime in india is low? Sure if I have nothing and everbody in my area has nothing , I wouldnt steel from them, cause they have nothing. Its not just a statement of the left, its proven truth. Crime in the netherlands is also lower than the us, why? Cause we are more socialistic and distribute our wealth better and you'll have easier acces to education and chances in life. Of course has the ego of men and his fixation on shiny things his influence but poverty leads to crime. If i had to steel to survive I will, thats what animals do, thats what humans do.
    This is a stupid remark for such a smart man.

  38. Its funny because he says its relative poverty that causes crime yet that proves even more that the left is right. Funny dude.

  39. First time I've ever disagreed with him. He probably never lived in extreme poverty so he doesn't understand.

  40. Poor people steal because they are poor, but that's no excuse to steal because stories say that Jesus didn't complain about being poor or even crucified because he was tougher enough to live in hell.

  41. This isnt such an earth shattering find Peterson..when everybody is poor then who are you going to steal from to better your life? the real reason a city communities crime is off the hooks is because a certain peoples cultures in these ghettos have a lack of morals …you restore morals and then the crime nose dives….its not to difficult to understand Watson

  42. If you listen to JP you figure out that he isn't far right at all, he isn't even right wing. He just realizes that the left is completely off the rails.

  43. I was homeless for 5 years. I never committed a crime against anyone.
    Crime is about character. Or lack thereof.

  44. It’s always funny hearing the right talk about how the left “fears intellect” when the right is so highly uneducated

  45. Dr., I almost always agree with you. One thing that I'm not sure of is the suggestion that conservatives (at least ideally, though some most certainly do and is not limited to conservatives) intend and desire for others not to make it. Now, your point seems to have merit, that is, they psychologically view it as it being a sign of achievement that allows them to be most attractive in relation to others. It is important to note, however, that it is likely viewed as not being their duty or responsibility, too, if not primarily. This is not to say they refuse their fellow man in hopes to solely remain number one in the relative hierarchy (though possible), but rather more in align with deontological views concerning individualism.

  46. "Violent crime is higher in US than Canada." This is a terrible comparison. Canada's population is much smaller than 'murica and the population is spread much farther apart. While the concept still works in Canada, comparing the two countries is completely irrelevant as Canada as a whole has much better values and morality than the US.

  47. I think there are people here who have absolutely nothing your wealth does not wash over them in passing. Just because you go home to air conditioning the guy sitting on the ground outside is not feeling it. Police take their homeless carts and toss chicken manure down to keep them from setting up their box.

  48. It would be scary if that were true, to me, since I assume crime causes poverty. The big issue for capitalists is explaining why poverty is inherited. And explaining how we fix it.

  49. Jordan Peterson often tackles the subject of male aggression. I haven't heard him mention the effects of testosterone (or how testosterone works) in hist lectures. So I would like to add, a paragraph about testosterone, from the book Behave written by Robert Sapolsky (If you are not familiar check him, you will love him). This is the recap for a section talking about testosterone.

    "Testosterone makes us more willing to do what it takes to attain and maintain status. And the key point is what it takes. Engineer social circumstances right, and boosting testosterone levels during a challenge would make people compete like crazy to do the most acts of random kindness. In our world riddled with male violence, the problem isn't that testosterone can increase levels of aggression. The problem is the frequency with which we reward aggression."

  50. This guy says things that are just out there. He is talking from his belief. I do not know one drug dealer that is out on the corner selling weed at 3 am for sport/hobby. Really girls out there tricking as a hobby/for the fun of it. Some shoplifters shoplift for mental reasons some do it to resell the item or they shoplift to wear it. He is out of touch with people, he does not know people and is talking from his perspective again.

  51. The Democratic Party has an entire voter base because they’re able to convince a group of people that they’re entitled to whatever they want because they’re victims of constructs (which are actually imaginary) such as “White Privilege” and “Institutional Racism.” Essentially, a Victim Mentality is what causes crime and poverty because it reinforces the notion that sitting on your ass and taking shortcuts in life is okay. The entire prison population and 90% of people on welfare are people who took shortcuts in life because they see themselves as victims.

  52. In respect of the correlation between Gini coefficient and violence, how is violence measured in the studies?

  53. an obvious contradiction to this idea that violence comes from relative poverty is the french suburbs with high concentration low cost housing : all equally poor and so much violence that police can no longer get into these neighborhoods. since then french gvt mixed low cost housings in middle class neighborhoods and guess what ? there is a higher relative poverty difference but no violence.

  54. I'm so glad this conversation is happening. This is a topic that's been confusing me for decades. I was raised in absolute poverty. Having enough food to stave off hunger was a real concern. I never owned a new article of clothing. Everything that I wore was a hand-me-down or from the second hand store. We went dump picking on Saturdays to find furniture and to pick through the rotten produce thrown out by the grocery stores for something that could be trimmed up and made edible.

    This was a common way to live. But nobody did drugs or drank. People attended church often. Our houses were meager, but we kept everything very clean. We'd mend old, torn sheets to extend their life. We didn't suffer infestations of roaches or fleas and – if anyone allowed their home to fall into such disrepair, we'd chip in as a neighborhood hand help them clean up… once. If they let it go again, they'd be shunned. Children ran the streets in threadbare clothes, but we were safe and happy.

    Over the last few decades I've noticed a serious change in the impoverished. Lots of alcohol and drugs. They're immoral in their hearts and will lie, cheat, and steal anything that's not bolted down. We didn't lock our doors in our neighborhoods. (But everyone did have a gun.) Reputations for honesty and hard work ethic were everything and now that's just gone. Barter was a vital part of survival and, if you were a known liar or thief, nobody would work with you.

    It mystifies me that the left blames poverty for all evils of the world and I know that, just become someone is poor, doesn't mean they have to be immoral, dirty, or addicted. I remember doing a deep, spring clean of our stinky, moldy basement apartment. We bleached the walls. My mother dusted everything and meticulously cleaned the sofa we'd found on the side of the street and repaired. "Just because we're poor doesn't mean we have to live like pigs. We don't have much, but we should appreciate what we do have a take care of us." This was my mantra growing up. (Coming home and finding out that my mother had patched and pressed all of my torn jeans led to an epic fight. She couldn't comprehend how being shabby could be a style.)

    What the hell happened? Are people looking at social media and thinking that everyone has it better than them? Is that the problem?

  55. In all honesty, help! Given this, why do central planners insist on mixed economic neighbourhoods?

  56. I am going to chime in on this. What he says here is true with a few minor issues. First, there is no way to enact a collective initiative by way of the democratic process that will result in a reduction in poverty. Central economic planning always transfers income and wealth from the bottom of food chain to the top. There are no any exceptions. There never will be. What is the biggest cause of poverty in the United States today? There is not one cause of poverty. The greatest cause of the of the growing lopsided nature of the Gini Coefficient of which he speaks is rooted in the passage of the of the Full Employment Act of 1978. This act mandates engaging in central economic planning activity on the parts of the president, congress and the Federal Reserve. Self interest is always assumed to disappear when collective is undertaken. It doesn't. It intensifies. This is because, by way of the dominance hierarchy, those in charge of implementing the collective action seize the opportunity to climb higher on the dominance hierarchy ladder. Given this, any law designed to reduce poverty will create more of it. Self interest, not public interest, guides the decisions leaders make. Governments make political decisions not economic decision. Therefore any decision with respect to economic issues will be for the good of the folks making the decision and not the ones who are supposed to receive the benefit. How do we reduce poverty in the United States? We repeal the Full Employment Act of 1978. It is not the root cause of poverty of all poverty but it is the root cause of any new poverty and the growing lopsided income distribution portrayed by the Gini Coefficient.

  57. So thw more chances a state gives to its citizens to climb the social hierarchy, the less crime are perpetrated???
    Am I right or wrong?

  58. This is exactly why I have learned to slice and dice the extremely venomous snakes and terrestrial giants with my mind…..

  59. Many of the poorest people I have known are the most generous to their fellow kind. It is WRONG that this causes crime. Greed, vice and coveting is the cause of crime hating on people above you.

  60. Wouldn't a social system that allows any woman to advance in status beyond any man accelerate this process?

  61. Good stuff. I really learned something with this video. Its so blatantly obvious once it's explained.

    Now how do we fix these causes? I see many urban males exhibiting the aggression you note. Where do we begin to improve that need for dominance through violence? I know many things begin at home and there are programs being initiated to break that cycle of violence that children are raised in, but what about the late teens and 20-30 something males that shoot each other daily? How do we remedy that when many have never groomed themselves with skills other than violence to gain dominance, authority and appeal?

  62. [Person 1]: climbs ladder and cuts rungs off as he goes
    [Person 2]: kicks ladder legs out from under Person 1
    [Person 1]:
    (•°ô °• )

  63. The polygamy question was interesting. You can look at any species that has large families of multiple females mating with one male and you'll often find gangs of bachelors that are always looking for an opportunity to take out the leader of a group, replace him, and kill all his offspring so the females will ovulate. The social trend of hypergamous women is having the same effect on single men. We have men killing themselves at alarming rates as well as engaging in increasingly violent behavior against "the establishment."

    I know so many single mothers in their 20s-30s who got knocked up, had a kid, split with dad for whatever reason, and are pissy because the world hasn't provided them with a prince. They're all the time posting bullshit like "if he doesn't love you for you, he doesn't deserve you" on their social accounts. That right there is a huge red flag. They keep themselves single and make themselves prime targets for PUAs who say whatever they want them to hear, pump 'em, and dump 'em.

  64. Uh, misleading title. JP agrees there is an association between higher poverty and higher crime rate.

  65. A gallon of paint is very affordable. Soap is cheap. Elbow grease is free. Everyone I grew up with had very meager resources, yet our behavior and appearance didn't reflect it. Most all of us had Dads.

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