Journaling: How to Write Stream of Consciousness ✏️

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. So good to see you guys. Today’s video is about journaling, specifically
how to write stream of consciousness style. Stream of consciousness is a style of writing
where you just literally flow, from your brain to the paper. You try not to think too much. You literally write what you’re thinking. Think of it as transcribing what’s going on
in your brain, transcribing your thoughts. It’s really organic. It’s very authentic. You just let it flow. You let the words flow out. You stay very nonjudgmental about your work. Because I think, a lot of people, they write with a purpose or they want it
to sound pretty or poetic or meaningful, whatever it is. Stream of consciousness is like the opposite
of that kind of writing. Stream of consciousness is nonjudgmental flow. It’s supposed to be messy. It’s supposed to be ugly. It’s not supposed to grammatically correct. You don’t even have to have the right punctuation
or spelling. There are no rules, absolutely. The only thing is just flow. Stream of consciousness is my favorite way
to write. I feel like that is the way that I communicate with myself within, my
soul and my heart. That’s how I figure out what I want. If you’re going through a tough time or your mind feels really cluttered, really
messy, or you’re just confused about something, stream of consciousness writing is a great
way for you to just let it out, try to organize whatever’s in your mind. When I say “organize”, I don’t mean organize as you write. I mean, let it flow out. Let it be messy. But you realize that once you see all the thoughts out on paper,
then you’ll have some revelations as you’re writing and it will become much
more clear in the process. To me, stream of consciousness writing is
like magic. It can really heal a lot of what you have within and it can uncover
a lot of what you have within. So, if you’re new to this style of writing,
it may be hard for you to immediately flow out the words onto paper in the beginning because
you might just not be used to it. So, in the beginning, if you don’t know what
to write and your mind is blank, you can literally write, “I don’t know what
to write. My mind is so blank. Blah blah blah. Words words words. I still don’t know what to write.” You could literally write your thoughts as they come, but that’s
the whole point. You’ll notice that, once you do that, more will come out. So it really is about not giving up, not stopping, just let it flow. Let it flow, and you’ll love it. It’s so much fun. Just to spark your ideas on what you can write
when you’re trying to do stream of consciousness writing: you could
write about what you’re feeling at the moment. You can write about what you did that day
or what you plan to do later. And if there’s something that’s bothering
you: something that’s really helpful for me is to continually ask myself, “Why?”. Basically, you make a statement and ask “Why?” and then you answer that statement. And then you ask “Why?” again, and you just ask why five or more times, and
it’s really interesting to get to the core of what it is. This is something, I can’t really explain,
but if you could pick one thing that, maybe one issue that you have. Be like, “Why do you feel this way?” and just keep asking why, why, why, why, why,
and you’ll get to some place really interesting. Another thing that I like to do is write as
if I am my future self, as if I’ve already accomplished the goals
that I wanted to achieve and just write in the present tense like,
“Oh my god, I’m so grateful that this just happened and this just happened. And my life is going wonderfully, blah blah
blah.” This is part of the law of attraction. So if you haven’t seen my law of attraction
video, I’ll link it here and here. Basically, just feeling how it feels to have
reached your goals or to be living your dream life, will bring
that closer to your reality. Sometimes I utilize my morning pages time
to just dive myself into that place where I want to be and write in the present
tense of that. You could also write about things that you’re
grateful for, things that you’re excited about, things that you want to be working on. You can write letters to people who are in your life. Write your feelings out to people, how they
made you feel. You can also write in bullet points and make
diagrams and doodles, whatever your heart feels like. There are no rules. It doesn’t have to be paragraphs. But most of the time, for me at least, I think
in words. I’m less of a visual person. I’m more of a words person. So I have pages and pages and pages of just
words. And sometimes–I think a lot of times, I
get video ideas from stream of consciousness writing. If I have a good idea or good quote that I
want to use, I’ll just put a star next to wherever that is and come back to
it later. It’s a really great tool for anyone in general, but especially if you’re
a writer or you’re a creator. You get a lot of ideas from writing this way. To me, it’s like my form of meditation. It’s how I connect to the spiritual side of
me. Alright, I hope this gave you a better idea of how to write stream of consciousness style
and how it can really, positively impact your life and make you feel
more connected to yourself and bring you closer to your dreams. All that good stuff. So what are you waiting for? Get out a journal, and write, write, write,
write, write. Okay, love you all and see you next time. Bye!

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  1. This video makes me want to write my thoughts more especially that I have no one else to talk to.

  2. i do that but i may write one sentence mixed up of all languages that i know … i mean i start with one or two words of this language then i complete the same sentence in another language and so on .. do you think that this is weird ? 😅and

  3. This is great! I didn't know there was an actual name for this. Just wrote one of these entries less than an hour ago and now I'm watching your video! Thank you 🙂

  4. I love coming back to your videos, everytime I drown myself in self worries. I like the way you express your thoughts and concepts so nicely. <3

  5. Have you ever heard of "The secret"? It's a book which is exactly what you are talking about
    That you should feel like something you want to happen in the future already happened and if you think that it's already happened, it will happen ( I hope you understand what I'm talking about hups)
    and it works with all of the things you are talking about (Ok not with stream of consciousness but i think you know what i mean) Sooo i just wanted to say that there is this book and i think it's a good book to read if you work with something like this

  6. I am thinking of starting doing stream of consciousness to help me get my feelings and thoughts out to help inspire my art. I have been looking for help books on creativity. Books that talk about these types of outlets. Have you got any suggestions?

  7. It's funny…I'm an artist but I think in words too…Not sure how it works lol but when I learn languages I also think in symbols (I just recorded a video about how learning sign language has helped me learn other languages because I can see it)

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  9. Hello, Lavendaire! I'm from Dominican Republic and I'm so happy that I found your channel. This is a wonderful way to focus on how we feel. I remember that in the last month, I was confused and sad about me and my goals and i dedicated some pages of my bullet journal to make a reflection of my day at night, like speaking to myself and telling me how I was feeling and what were the reasons why I felt like that and also what were the things that were stopping me, why I felt I didn't deserve some things and literally, later on, reading that I could find all the reasons and work to achieve my personal goals. I'm obsessed with learning English and your channel is really useful for me, I already know English but I have to improve my pronunciation. I love your content because I work every day in my self love. Thanks a lot!

  10. Not good in english but I love to write, for me it's a passion, but I can't put my words on a journal, it's very frustrating….

  11. thank you for the amazing ideas, I tried asking "why" consistently and really reached a totally different point than what I started, gonna try the other ideas in the next mornings😍

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  15. Thank you I have been journaling for some time to deal with my anxiety and shit this helps thank you

  16. thank you. I remember this method when I watched your videos, I thought it was good but a lot of times when my head was full of thoughts doubts and problems I still felt like I didn't want to try. its too much effort, it might just get me more and more depressed about my thoughts as I go because I tend to go darker and darker, but after a long time I tried it today. just now, I finished writing 8 a5 pages. seriously I didn't even notice that I flipped pages so many times while writing. since yesterday I felt so miserable and negativ, I got headaches from thinking about things there seemingly were no solutions for and today I decided to give it a go and I feel so much better. sure I was negativ in the beginning I wrote that I wanted to cry all day and the next days too but I feel good now. I feel so much more at peace. I'm so glad I tried it. it seemed like such a huge problem to tackle that I thought would take days, weeks to feel better again, but actually this was more than enough right now.
    thank you for sharing all your insights, you are a real inspiration and a truly amazing person. best wishes 😊

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  22. I just found your channel and omg I've been writing like this on my journal!! I didn't know it was called stream of consciousness. This is my favorite~~

  23. I do the same but instead of writing it down I just talk to myself out loud or stand in front of a mirror and talk to myself. I know its weird but sometimes it helps me figure out solutions to my problems, cause I speak the issues out loud and that makes things easier to understand somehow

  24. After watching your videos I always feel so at peace, I don't know you are so real in your videos and every new one inspires me again to be grateful for life. Thank you! You are spreading out so much kindness and life energy 🙂

  25. Hi, I'm really grateful for the idea with asking myself "why". I have serious problems with my self-esteem and self-confidence which led me to depression without even realizing it myself. Normally this kind of lifestyle and raising your self-confidence advice videos never helped me at all, I was doubtful and actually they led me to even worse mood. A few days earlier I decided to go to a specialist and I still have to wait two months for the first visit, but just realizing that it's depression made me want to fight for myself.

    Anyway, today I tried your advice and it made me realize things about myself. I think it's a great idea and I guess the first step to heal is understanding why we do what we do with a little compassion and consideration. Thank you for sharing and adding a small brick.

  26. I like the ask why part. Why? Because I need to know why am always so salty. Why? Because yeah.

  27. I've been doing this as a release every evening. However, I've gotten into the mindset of writing immoral things that I don't believe in or actually like writing (swearing, derogatory things about people and some other more questionable areas). I'm not like that at all in real life, and I know it shouldn't bother me because it's just spontaneous. But it don't like it. What can you suggest?

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  29. I really need this in my life right now. I feel so insecure and vulnerable. I want to let it out and try to figure out what is going on to me inner level

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  31. I watched this a couple of months ago and I was instantly intrigued by the thought of journaling. I started my own journal and followed these tips of conscious writing. I'm an honors student so I have to write a lot of essays and papers and believe it or not, this technique has extremely helped me in so many ways. Not only is it healthy and relaxing, but it helps give you confidence in writing

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  38. As a literary technique for writing fiction, this isn't how to do it. For journals I'm sure it's fine. Normally I wouldn't bother to say, but I had the wrong idea of what a stream of consciousness novel was for so many years because people never mentioned, or perhaps didn't know, that they're completely different.

  39. Hi Aileen. I am so glad that I found your channel. You are doing an amazing job. I love your topics and it's wonderful to see someone to talk about meaningful topics… Keep being the wonderful soul that you are… You truly are an inspiration.

  40. You can also submit your journal entries anonymously at the Life Between the Lines project!

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  42. Thanks for this video! I read about stream consciousness journaling in the book Tools of Titans and decided to take a look on Youtube.
    Summarizing : write, write, write; no rules; ask why.
    Appreciate it!

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  45. hi lavender my name is cassie wiemer i write in my journal everyday i need advice on journaling

  46. I hated doing this in high school. We spend a whole week doing different writing techniques. When it came to stream of consciousness, I just kept writing " all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" for two and a half sheets of paper. I got a c on the paper, and a fun-filled trip trip to the counselor…

  47. Let it go, let it flow, let go of perfection. Transcribe streams. Be humble in the face of your writing. Write in present tense as it will help drive you into here and now. In other words transcribe your here and now streams of consciousness.
    Remember to prime yourself to have better creative streams. Chau!

  48. I do love you . thank you so much? I want to learn about making serious decisions in my life , how can you help me?

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  52. "Let It Flow"….. truer words were never spoken. "Let It Flow" is also a song by Toni Braxton that I love to listen to while I'm journaling.

  53. Hey Aileen,
    Thank you. I started journaling because of your videos. I've only been doing it for a week but I already feel a lot better&happier. You saved me.

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