Journey to NYC (w/ NYC Comptroller Stringer) – Poetry Pieces | Afraz Khan

mic check mic check
1-2 1-2 change up the rap game
get a brown brother on a “Mic & Ike” I’m sweeten up this rap flow
he’s flowing, going brother better be knowing I’m showing up before the haters say I’ll get showed up hold up slow the story where you come from
some of the same roots here I see my cousin dozens of years ago, we had a parting
with the British imperialistic powers then departing so starting a new era, to the west coast riviera
a couple straight from India who had a pair of kids, just a couple kids
raised in the City of Angels it is what it is six years ago I found myself moving over
wasn’t getting enough servings of fruit so I figured lemme try the big apple
skip the Snapple, I’m ready for the crackle and pop to the next subway stop 8.6 million souls who would have thought
this city has so many stories to drop from the Village to Bed Stuy I got
the entire humanity sitting at your bus stop city will show you everything
billionaire’s row and the rooftop flings rap cyphers in Harlem, yea can you sing? to my people in Jackson Heights who will show you a good Eid down to Coney Island to the beach
then I make my way back up to the streets of K-Town in midtown or go to Queens
any part of the world via train, this is the dream but above all this city’s got a lot of nerve though push back the superficial yes they here for
a world that sees a beauty in that soul past the wealth and skin, all colorful I’m talking folks who hustle on a daily
to keep in touch with the homeless folks dedicated to shutting down Riker’s
(Island) no bonus they take onus, they’ll go to JFK fight
the travel ban, they ain’t hopeless shout out to the Stringer, the city’s Comptroller,
800 staff taking agencies through the ringer one sixty billion public pension mention brother (Stringer) did divest from private prisons because we’re done
we’re done chaining up black and brown bodies we’re done splitting up kids from their families we’re done waking up, no values to embody and our efforts are shoddy the powerful part about New York City
is the fact that you’ll see realities in this city that you don’t know, you can’t relate to
(the) city that never sleeps? your soul awoke too some days I forget my Creator who takes the soul out of my body each night when I am faded but He always finds a reason return it reintegrate it to the soul that stands before you elevated God’s keeping me alive to fulfill my purpose I’m just out here to make it worth it worth it, worth it about to unearth it
rap lyrical genius flow I just birthed it Thank you NYC Comptroller Stringer: I now, in my life can say –
I’ve been in a rap song. You gotta give my man Afraz Khan the biggest round of applause. Next year, when you perform, you and I are going to collaborate together.

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