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There’s no resolution. It’s just, “Fuck you.” “Fuck me?” “Fuck you.” “Aight. Bye.” And it’s like, “C’mon bro.” That’s what’s wrong with the world. How do we create a resolution? As soon as the video opens immediately it’s
offensive, immediately offensive to everybody. Because you don’t know my voice, because
you’ve never heard me before you are going to think that this guy, and I think that’s
where the shock factor comes into play like “Who is this motherfucker sitting here saying
this shit?” And I knew that when writing it. For years there’s been a lot of that. That’s not new. But white people come out like, “Why?” “My favorite rappers are saying it. Why can’t I say it?” ‘Cause they’re like, “Hey, it’s acceptable
now.” and then when it’s not and somebody reacts they’re just like, “That’s not
fair.” Nobody never ever came at me like that. That would be the end of them. I couldn’t listen to somebody say that shit
to me. Mexicans do all the grunt shit that nobody
wants to do. So basically he was saying, “You should
be doing the grunt work, but you can’t.” “The Mexicans are doing it.” “So let’s kick them out like Donald Trump
wanted to do.” “r matter of fact let’s send them all to
the ghetto then.” He was being an asshole and again being racist. Pac had this side and then he had that side. He was a gangster, he was a gentleman, he
was a ladies man, he was a revolutionary. He was all these things in one. He acknowledged the wrong shit that he’s
done and he’s back tracked and he said “I said this in an interview, I take that
back now because I got more experience.” “I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t do…” He was real conscious, a lot of these niggas
ain’t conscious. Pac openly made mistakes and I think that’s
a lot of the reason why we look up to him. There is a lot of hip hop that’s spreading
a really wack ass message, like doing drugs. Because hip-hop again it’s such a strong
voice and a lot of people want to be hip. Even with the fashion
and the tattoos, you see that and you’re like, “I want to be like him.” It’s a cool thing. Now you’re making it cool to be a pill head
and you’re making a cool to be high all the time and drunk. You’re just talking, you’re just saying
the most outlandish shit not thinking that there is a whole generation and a cult that’s
following you and what you’re saying. Now what’s happening is they’re going
to grow up and they are, then they start using those drugs and they start dying and shit,
you know what I’m saying? They start overdosing and it’s like, that’s
your fault bro. A lot of these owners of these NFL teams they
feel like that. Like, “How dare you kneel?” Donald Trump has openly said that. If you really pay attention to the record,
like I said it slowly starts to get more and more and more racist. It went from the , “Nigga, nigga, nigga,
nigga,” to, “Nigger!” He hit that “e-r” real hard. This is what I meant by the closeted racism
shit. It’s cool, and then as time goes on it’s
out there. Now they’re being real comfortable with
it. Black culture, I guess just being black is
enough to die. You know what I’m saying? And that’s what he was saying. “Or maybe if you pull your pants up, maybe
if you put the grills out of your mouth, maybe” “if you just stop being black,” pretty much. He’s saying all this fucked up shit, but
then he goes, “Well, you know what?” “I’m open-minded enough to listen to you.” “I’m not gonna say all this fucked up shit
and leave it at that.” “I want to know what you think about me.” Fuck you. We’re not gonna do all the, “With all
due respect.” Clearly you don’t like me, I don’t like
you. You just shitted on my life, so let’s just
get disrespectful. There’s a lot of culture vultures, man. There’s a lot of people that just directly just rip off the black culture. Black culture come up with a lot of cool shit. So you’ll shit on the black man and you’ll
be racist as fuck, but then you take the very things that you’re claiming that is what is making him ignorant, and now you want to take those things because they’re cool. I made a whole record about it called “Half
Nigga” a while ago. It just breaks down everything
that I’ve been through growing up. To feel like you don’t know where to
fit in. Man I swear every time I see an article pop
up on CNN or some shit my heart drops like “Damn.” North Korea fired a ballistic missile blah,
blah, blah and I’m like, “Oh shit!” I feel like these niggas going to hit us with
a nuke soon bro. Fucking around with Trump bro, that dude is
reckless and Kim Jong-Un, the president over there, that motherfucker don’t play neither. So it’s like he ready to push that button
bro. Again, I was speaking from the perspective
of somebody who’s actually really full black that is going through all of these things. Getting harrassed by the police. I would imagine it’s enough to make somebody
cry. Again, my intention was to create a resolution. To kind of get people to open up their minds
a little bit.

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  1. I don't think this dude should be sitting in the same room as backpack kid

  2. This is so edited it’s not funny🤦🏻‍♂️just give us the FULL interview, not this cut up shit.

  3. I wish he would’ve stopped after the lyrics where he talked about no fathers and talked about that issue

  4. Can you believe that as i was reading a reply to a comment on a reaction to this song. Some dude says "hispanics were never slaves, or did u get confused?" I was so furious, he really thought just cuz Black people were more popular as slaves that anyone who was colored or poor wasnt a slave. Hell, white people were slaves if they were poor. But this is society

  5. “We were all human until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.”

  6. Kinda dumb how it went from an unbiased message back to the “white bad guy” idea. Victory royale

  7. Opinions are stupid, you should just react to your surroundings and be nice 👍🏻

  8. 6:02

    powerful message dude
    let blacks be black, which means look thuggish or be a thug

    powerful message (sarcasm)

  9. This songs great but y'all don't fucking understand that this song is supposed to campaign whites and blacks. Don't hate Joyner because he's making a song that's unbiased. Realistically, Caucasions are being bitches, trying to send Latinos out of America, have you motherfuckers forgot that your free in the US? And blacks are being arrested and getting shot because of their skin color because the cops are fucking racist. Let blacks be black, Latinos be Latinos. And y'all saying TrumpFor2020? Fuck you and suck a dick. People that support that have clearly never heard of the past, That's why it said "I'm fucking Everytime I'm hearing a fucking plane now." Trump is racist, stupid, rude, disgusting, and probably the worst president America has ever had. There's forever 2 sides of every story, get to know yours.

  10. He's from Worcester Massachusetts and that makes me soooooo happy. Ain't anybody seem to be repping Massachusetts except Boston

  11. The shit the white guy said made 100 times more sense than what the black guy said.-.

  12. Unpopular opinion – the white dude had a few lines that were racist but he had way more solid points that were pretty damn true

  13. Anyone noticed how they never had him explain the white side of the argument but had him go into great detail on the black side of the argument? Good god these people are biased even though they claim to not be. And they claim “I’m not racist.”

  14. funny thing is, if he was white and said nigger, everyone would whine. but he’s black and says cracker multiple times and no one cares. people are really uneducated

  15. In reality no one will ever understand eachother, not just by race but by everyones lives including abuse, having no dad or no mom, bullying, disorders, some horrible event in your family like 911 or something. All that. So to cover it we make jokes and stuff that can be hilarious even if in reality its terrible.

  16. This dude is absolutely right. Me, personally I just want racism to die. Let's focus on ending corruption and forget about racism.

  17. Joyner is like that one chill uncle who has conspiracy theory’s when he’s drunk

  18. The whole reason why he didn’t make a audio and made a video was to show the real story and to show the stereotypical white person and black person and the true relations between two races coming together. But at the end of the day, there’s only one race and that’s the human race

  19. I have nothing but respect for dropping a song like that in today’s media. You know he caught heat for this.

  20. It’s a good video but I disagree with genius and it’s liberal bias. Check the description

  21. Joyner Lucas obviously wanted to create a song including both sides to every story. It just doesn't seem like him to bash a white person and put a black person up on a pedestal. He even said in the interview that he was mixed and didn't know where to fit in. That just proves my point that he really DID want to explore the flaws in each persona. Maybe Genius edited the video to make it seem wrong? Even their description seems far-fetched to what he was saying. Also, after hearing the song I can say that I agree with some pint that both the white and black man made. They're not wrong but they're not right either. Joyner Lucas had to have intentionally made it like that.

  22. I gotta say that I Am a bit disappointed. I really thought Joyner was above all that blame game victimhood bullshit.

  23. The first time I watched that video I imediatly clicked off I was like OMG this is 2019 grow up and clicked off but then I watched it again and I understood

  24. Don't get me wrong I love Joyner and all that, but what a lot of people don't realize and don't care enough about is the fact that there are still racial slurs for all minorities for example in this song cracker is a racial slurs against whites. But I really truly with that we could come to a resolution too many people will say their side but then they don't want to hear mine.

  25. Your honestly dumb asf if you think he anti racist nd just coming for white people you people are not humans yall just stupid asf starting to hate yall just for being so fucking stupid yall listening just to hear what he has to say on both stories yall not paying attetion stupid fucks

  26. I love joyner but I hate the fact that the only thing about hip hop he thinks is dangerous is the glorifying of drugs. What about the guns, gangs, and violence? That shit is just as bad and people just like you said think its cool and copy. Nit knowing any better. I love the song the concept and joyner but I'm at 433 and just suprised that using drugs is what he thinks is bad l. Not selling them and all that other negative shit that can be in alot of rap.

  27. He is right
    Let's say my favorite rapper says the N word
    I mean yeah, if they can say that, then why can't I?

  28. Saying white people are only obsessed with power, money, and being ugly is kinda racist not gonna lie

  29. The “white” point of view was steady attacking black peoples “culture” and hurling black stereotypes and derogatory terms at the black man…. the black man’s side was pointing out that white people treat black people badly (AND THEY FUCKIN DO) if you thought that he was possibly saying that ANY part of what the white said was right you’ve absolutely fucking lost your mind!!! how in the world could ANYone EVER think he was showing middle ground here….. what did you want him to be showing here??? That white people have a right to treat black peoples badly because they ARE actually all those stereotypes the white side mentioned????? Seriously???? Is that REALLY what y’all thought was going on here???? White people are crazier than I thought…. I do NOT claim y’all as “my people” y’all fuckin suck…. if you could POSSIBLY hear this song and think that he was “taking up for both sides” or “showing the bad on both sides” or “seeking middle ground” you have NO CLUE and you will NEVER change!! The white side was saying ALL kinda racist shit and the black guys was basically saying stop fuckin attacking us for stereotypes YOU have placed on us so If that’s REALLY what you thought you ARE RACIST AF!!!!! I HATE y’all!!!! What part did the shire guy say that you feel like was about reaching middle ground and was Joyner “showing both sides have points”??????

  30. I wanna see twenty one pilots on here and at first tyler will be joking around like “I wrote a song you slimeballs” and josh will be laughing and joking along next to him then tyler will get into it and start rambling on and on about dema, not too much but just enough for the locals to be like “who is this crackhead and who is dema, ned, and banditos?”

  31. Okay, look the lyrics say “music rotting your brain and slowly starts to convince you then you let your kids listen and then the cycle continues” okay ima point out something RAP isn’t the only type of music black people listen to! Music helps with stress, people that follow the wrong path go down the lane and it’s with allllllll people soooo. “If you stop being black the cops won’t kill you” pretty much what he said “nigga” was originated to put black people under and its wrong, 2pac was amazing and it’s awful they killed him! America is an amazing place right😂 we can’t talk shit about no country cause America is an interesting place! I’m glad he made this song cause he related it so much! And we live ina white area so when I blast this song in my room ik peoples are shocked!

  32. Bruh even tho I don’t say it myself what’s racist is the fact that black guys can say nigga with no issues but if a white guy does it that’s hate speech. That’s real institutionalised racism

  33. Lmao, love how he says Trump wants to kick all Mexicans out when he literally said he wants to reduce 𝙄𝙇𝙇𝙀𝙂𝘼𝙇 immigration. Not to mention Obama deported more people than Trump has but he's not racist…right?😂😂😂

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