like he'd flash of fumes just look like he already knows the whole thing just fall down like what up what y'all doing it's rap like radio man check me out on youtube got a few videos on there you know but I'm about to have some merch on there you know I mean I'm about to have a little bit of a couple chains a little bit of go a couple stats man I'm on that show be on Lookout madness it's more I'm either going on I got a couple booked for Covington and I got one book for Ohio ain't gonna be on the angle me or the hook I bought three of them but in Ohio man I won't throw some merchandise in the stands to the fans and you know just the supporters watching you know right though a few in church at least at least five five hundred to a stack you owe me I'm throwing it all in the stands at the people's man anything to get crunk got a couple of songs to take care of all y'all me so and then we're gonna do what we got to do man you know saying but that's why my brand be our fans in the stands because I'm gonna tight like I started that shit like you can look at my first show I do like I'll do like a hundred eighty-five dollars down the stairs on my first show ever when I was down at the bottom you know saying before I was climbing up to the top you know saying sorry now we even though when you hold me check Ray J writer poet slash yelling infamous you know saying when I get to where I'm supposed to be you know recognition I deserve all my people giving out charity all my people's money that's how we got a do a man I do this shit for the culture you don't saying and I ain't no motherfucking vulture they better watch they bank because they get in my lap then they make they they go crack people mess around old man and I put some in looking at your own neck you better not walk they asked me because I got me my ask you and put one in your motherfucking hands like this put your motherfucking weed in I don't fuck with pH number finding governor put the Bourbon a developer get a black man straight fucking I'm ready to blast case take any say yeah yeah believe me yeah but I believe that we made it a very hard and leaving it that we from this meeting is aligned and still got me a numb of the fucking zone coming in the sky but Robinson like da betta take up an infinitive in nickel get a runner cuz I got the kitchen like anymore me your name messing around like take to all I wanna pull fit and get you but these notebooks you don't want a motherfucker you too close to with G take your glasses off your face and make you look like that do make sign plan time and place somebody to get them they call me to go and I ain't got no way no moon you names you square like the balls on a motherfucking big dog rock rock rock the fucking rock pop shots at all y'all huh I got my click copy it back but shots drop the top huh put you in a pitfall you think you might come my fans fitting up who you off yeah we got the motherfucking soul oh wait they get you bring your fucking cool and I'm gonna make your box all you know whatever they boy yeah man listen like a freestyle actually what a freestyle is people think they like say just now that I didn't write nothing down that was all off the top of the head that's what it's called it's called off the top of the head or off the time and a dome everybody be like oh man that's a freestyle he didn't write that shit if you really look at your hands come if you pay attention to the science og brother where hey where you been in your light turn I mean how many years ago prison I mean you can look you can assume then you can thank what you want to but Jay ray it's a beautiful human being I'm just like all the rest of the people on the street like I'm gonna mention no names and no hate in my veins man ain't no hate my blood you know so I won't even mention nobody personally like I don't even pay attention well enough but I am hip hop you don't saying without me there ain't no hip hop I just think I'm too wrecking this in the desert I got eight albums independent at least 995 songs like I got hella bangers late fight the call roll them cash me black give it an act up got that Mac better back up man there's a kind of pimp about to get out on your haul you better get out the ball you better get out you wait for motherfucker you better to dump me for a buck quick stuck with my maxi and got chicks ugly bitches change Snake Eyes bitch what the fuck is wrong with you now come here come here listen all you fellas out there sorry I didn't mean to call you bitch don't ever call a woman a bitch Mike wait like most of the writers do names but especially the one that you went you know one that you love see the thing about Jay gray slash young infamous when infamous on the mic um you can to get some wicked shit well when Jay ready to post on I'm like you won't get real facts real life that's what I really put the pins in a pan and get busy y'all saying for the young miss freestyle a bit more but back to the subject though when you've reach down people think it's like family let's bust ray off the topic not that's called off the top of the head a true freestyle it's actually where you don't write about a subject like say if you're talking about robbing a house or you're talking about somebody looking like wacko mothers like if you got a subject and they're writing about a subject are you writing about a scheme that's where you're coming off or whatever if anything you're making up and you're piecing it on paper that's still that's that that's what's called priests and y'all saying a national I mean that's that's what that's called like if you're not making up a story or something all the domes and he doesn't be spitting random words so just a little bit of knowledge from your boy Jay rain man hit that like button it does ascribe by you know saying make sure don't forget man cuz I love y'all man and you're going somebody's gonna win a king free things like I said I'm gonna post events on on YouTube let y'all know when it shows this coming and if you live nearby me man you know saying plus and want travel to other places and do show so whatever man that's it they're gonna be live nervous when you see me live you know saying I love you guys just make sure you hit that subscribe button follow follow brightness man rap like radio know y'all

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