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Would like to pay for my coffee with this poem I wrote. Really now? Who’s that? That’s Tom Odell. Do you know where’s that guy who… he forgot this! I think he just left Turns out the notebook was actually his poetry manuscript. I read every word of it and still found no address or phone number. I think I found what I was looking for. I’m sorry. I have to go You know, I’m a music journalist and I have been wondering… Has Tom Odell been around here lately? I’m trying to score an interview with him. You know… I’m a waiter and the last time I’ve checked Tom Odell was not on the menu. Main character here, sorry to barge in but can we go back to me? Thank you! So where was I? Oh, yes catching up to my mysterious poet in graceful slow motion. Of course, it wasn’t him. As he was turning around my face fell flat. Such a cliche! I went to all these places, tried so many new things, learned a ton about myself and for the first time in a long while… I felt inspired by the world around me, and not by the world on a little screen. Who’s that poetry was boring? Anyway, the only thing missing from my super cool story was my poet You’re out of your damn mind Amelia. What if you actually meet him again? And discover, he’s a basement dweller? Or a criminal mastermind chased by the Interpol? Be that as it may! I love this new thing that’s been happening to me. I got to live much more lately, you know…? There is so much poetry around us And I’ve been missing it for too long. And if the poetry of the world says that I’ll come across a criminal mastermind barricaded in his mom’s basement, Well, that’s life. Real life. Not life filtered through a screen. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and not as rewarding as hundreds of likes, but hey, it can be beautiful and surprising and inspiring. Come on… if I were you I just hook up with that kid guy from work. You’re clueless. Look. If you ever get tired of waiting for Sir Galahad the Long Gone, and you will, Just let us know and we’ll take you on a girls’ night out With real people just waiting to meet you, mm? Thanks! it was time for Plan B As in, be a poet. So I started adding my own endings to his unfinished poems. And came up with a plan to put them up in the places mentioned in the manuscript. I bet he’s really missing that manuscript. Hello! Hi there! What can I do for you? I would like to make a unique proposition for you. I I remember you telling me like beautiful stories when we met at the gallery So I was wondering: How would you like to beautify this place with the powerful poetry for your clients? I’m not saying this place doesn’t look great already, but I’m saying it could be stellar What’s your position exactly? I would like to hang up a poster with a poem. There already crowded as it is. Hmm… But you’re lucky that my radar senses an interesting story behind that poster. Well, you remember that night? Yes, of course i do. What night, I don”t! When the pile of fans totally messed it up for me? Oh, yes, yes, yes. I was really hitting it off with this cool guy, when they showed up and afterwards he was gone. So that’s what you’re searching for. But what’s with all the poetry? Well.. Okay, I’m not going to walk you through this part of the story again, but I told him everything that happened. He seemed really impressed with my efforts. Wait a minute. If he does see it, how is he supposed to contact you? Well, he has to make some effort. I don’t want to be called by every weirdo out there. And if he does an investigative work, he might get my number from the very lovely staff of this place. Hmm… You know what? I’m gonna help you find your mysterious poet. How are you going to do that? My job is to serve. That’s nice, but really now why are you nice? I told you I like beautiful stories and yours is pretty impressive. So funny story… You found him? Where? You forgot this. I found your guy.

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  1. Amelia is the most inspiring character I've seen lately! This is beautiful, I can't wait to see the next chapter! 🤗

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