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Previously on Chasing Poems I called you because I wanted to see what you’ve been up to, you know… like talking… Can you take this phone away
from me? I would like to pay for my coffee with this poem I wrote. with this poem I wrote. Really now? Who is that? That’s Tom Odell. Do you know where is the guy who… he forgot this. I think he just left. Hey! Julius Meinl presents Chapter II – Follow the Poems In the movies, when the actors are going
into the sunset, The red skies are washed in a
melancholic soundtrack, Bliss is dripping in the shape of a kiss and a happy ending… Heart is beating faster sending you a message Something beautiful is
about to happen in this perfect instant So… taking part in a poetry slam in front
of a crowd of complete strangers… That’s something I’ve never
thought I’d do. But let’s backtrack a little to where I left off. That brief meeting with the mysterious guy from the coffee house. Hey! Looking for something? Your phone. Thank you! My pleasure. You guessed right! he was long gone… So I started nosing through the notebook he left behind. Not because I was curious
about the owner or totally wanted to meet him again or something. I was just looking for contact details so I can return it. D’uuh. Just trying to be an upstanding member of society you know… It turns out the notebook was actually his poetry manuscript. I read every word of it and still found no
address or phone number. What I did found is that all of his poems were about the things in places he loved. And yet, none of them seem to have an ending, a closure of some sort. Weird… Anyway, I had to step up my game! You know how bad it is to lose something, right? So, here I am at the cafe that seems to be the inspiration for the poem “Power of Music”. Get inside! Ticket please! Ticket? Are you going to fine me for going in? Were hosting a poetry night and apparently we’re sold out. Then I guess I have no other option than to climb through a back window. Can you give me a lift? There’s a fat bill in for you if you help me. I promise I won’t tell the manager. That’s nice – except that I’m the manager! Don’t tell anyone. This is good poetry here. Hmm, I think we can work something out. One of our contestants dropped out at the last moment. Something silly about waiting for a package or something. Between us? I think he chickened out! Anyway, I need someone to take his place. You seem sassy enough for the job. How’s your public speaking? I was scared stiff
of course. Public speaking is among the top fears for my generation. Right there with a dread of lifelong mortgage. I’ll do it. Maybe he’s in there. Who’s in there? Did I say that out loud? Come on in! Poetry’s not dead! Rhythm and sound… nothing less but freedom in desguise. Great performance, Amelia! Thank you! Congrats on winning your first slam poetry contest! Please tell us how feel. Would
you like to say something to the fans? It was so damn awesome! Literally, the last time I did something remotely close to a public performance was when I was born. To an audience of mom dad the doc and the nurse. Oh, I was so nervous before I
got on stage but once I got there, I got this really cool vibe from everyone. From the audience… I’m so doing this again! And you should do it again! oh quit it! now get that! The season just opened and I can see you becoming a household name here! Amelia does poetry! Thank you, but I have to finish something
at the moment so we’ll keep in touch and repeat the next time round! That’s a deal! Maybe I didn’t find my poet at that night, but what I found was a new side of me that I totally loved. So I kept going
where his poetry would take me Breath in. Clouds Breath out. Hopes Breath in. Doves Breath out. Words Breath in love Breathe out pain Breath in whispers Breathe out rain. I heard people say that dancing is
visual poetry They’ve seen the way you move, apparently. Your wild stride redefines geometry And I swear, atoms follow your choreography. So, when people ask me what dancing is, I tell them it’s how the soul speaks. I turn my phone off and with a coffee cup in hand I sat on the bench in the park, with no purpose at hand. I looked at the clouds and their ever-changing shapes I admired a tree and the carved in names. I studied some birds and their
ridiculous chase. I talked with a stranger face to face I realized inthose moments how much I miss the murmur of the wind. With every new poem, I discovered something new and exciting about me. Until one day… Lovely piece, isn’t it? I don’t know.. I don’t see it as living room material I could clear some framed life-changing quotes from my kitchen for it… But… that’s as far as I’d go… I know you From the coffee house! I didn’t know you
were an art aficionado. Oh, wait. Did I forgot my phone again? You know, there’s more to coffee than meets the eye. Lt’s just say I have a soft spot for
beautiful stories, in all their forms of expression. Also, I am redecorating… Oh, well… if you ever need framed inspirational messages, I think I have a
few too many. And you? You seem to be looking for something, but that something doesn’t seem to be a art. Speaking of it, I think I found what I
was looking for. I’m sorry I have to go! Next on Chasing Poems it was time for Plan B. You’re out of your damn mind, Amelia! Hi there! What can I do for you? I would like to make a
unique proposition for you! There is an inspiring story in every cup of Julius Meinl! Visit your favorite coffeehouse and discover yours!

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