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Previously on Chasing Poems Do you know where’s the guy who… …he forgot this. I think he just left. Turns out the notebook was actually his
poetry manuscript. All of his poems were about the things and places he loved. And yet, none of the seemed to have an ending. It was time for plan B: as in, be a poet. So I started adding my own endings to his unfinished poems. You know what? I’m going to help you find your… mysterious poet. Julius Meinl presents Chapter IV – Start something real So, it’s been weeks and no sign from my poet. What if he’s seen the posters and simply ignored them? Or what if I’ve taken all I need from this experience and it was just time to move on? I was already feeling as a way better version of myself. So I went out with the girls and I met this guy… Now… if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to my date. I was thinking that maybe we can go on a little hiking trip this weekend? Planning to get me lost into the woods? It’s our second date, so I think you should wait before you get to know me better. Before making these kinds of plans. Yes, but I work in insurance, the last wild thing I did was run my car with the low gas light on. I’d say you’re safe. Did you take a photo? Bragged to someone about it, at least? I need proof. If you can provide it, I’m in for the date. What kind of amateur dare devil do you think I am? I filmed it, it’s already trending on Youtube. Then we have a date. Do we? Oh, sorry. Hello? Hi! I’ve got great news! You found him? Ah, no, I just found the perfect painting for my living room and wanted to brag. You’ve gotta be kidding me! Oh, and I’ve also managed to find your guy. You found him? Where? How? I’ve told you – I’m here to serve. Come to the coffeehouse, on World Coffee Day, October the 1st. You’re the greatest! Um.. sorry, I have to go… family emergency. What happened? Is everything ok? My goldfish ran away! What do you mean, your goldfish? Bye, John! John? It’s Brian! Ooh, look at this fluffy thing! What do you think? Uh-la-la! Too want-y. Yeah, but look at those legs! Is there such a thing as hipster Amish? Because you’ve nailed it! You’re the worst! Oh, come on! You forgot this, guy! Sorry! I thought you were someone… I’m just gonna go… Psst! You found the wrong guy! Did you just picked someone from the local newspaper ad and have him dressed up to match my description? Come on… give me some credit. I found your guy, maybe he got caught up or something… Or, maybe he chickened out. I am a few kilometers above sane level for doing this anyway. I’m starting to wonder… would I still have done it if I wasn’t such a stubborn person? Anyway… gotta go. It’s my boss. Cover me up, cover me up! What do you want me to do? I don’t know… Flash the… That was absolutely the last definitive cosmic sign served up on a big plate of “Nope, not gonna happen!” That it was time to call it quits… Oh.. so this is how nice guys must feel. Hey! What? It’s you! You forgot the manuscript you wanted to give back. Thank you, by the way. What happened to you? Magically parting the sea of people inside didn’t work, so I had to push my way through the crowd in order to get out. But, I guess it was just my turn to… You are awfully late. Yes, I know… I am so sorry about that. To my defense, I missed one of my five connections on my way back, from the other side of the world. Well… my girls were right. You are a criminal mastermind on the run. Before they catch me, would you join me for a coffee? Maybe. Saved by a love song. That’s new. Excuse me? Never mind. Do you fall off the face of Earth each time you’re hitting on a girl? I suggest you back down your mysterious man-game, or else, we’re not having a second date. Running from the authorities doesn’t give you many dating opportunities, you know? Funny guy! That night, I was rushed to the airport to clean up a mess abroad. Didn’t even get a chance to pack my clothes. I’ve been mobbing ever since. No, I’m not a mobster. I’m a foreign assets manager. Boring, I know… How can someone with such a boring job can have so many cool passions? You read my poetry? Yes… I am sorry about that. No, I loved them. Really? What’s up with the unfinished poems? The truth? I don’t think I’m a very good poet. Mhm… I hope you don’t mind a little creative input on them… but I kind of added an ending… to each and every one of them. You did what? Whoa! They sound great! I didn’t know how… Let’s write a poem together! Now! That’s what the poster at the entrance says, doesn’t it? And this time around, you go first. Sorry! Thank you! Yes? Thank you! Inspiring moments together happen when you put your phone aside. Grab a coffee or tea with someone you care about, get inspired, write a poem together and use it to pay for your coffee or tea. Go to Meinlcoffee.com to discover more! By the way, you never told me how you managed to track down Adam all the way to Singapore. That’s a story for another time.

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  1. great story even have to wait like a long time.. hope can drink a cup of coffee there

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