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[ Lex Whispering ]
Timmy, what is it ? lt’s a velociraptor. lt’s inside. [ Growls ] [ Roaring ] [ Roaring Ferociously ] [ Growls ]
[ Snarling ] [ Gasping ]
Follow me. [ Snarling ] [ Purring ] [ Purring Continues ]
[ Panting ] [ Roars ] [ Panting ]
[ Roaring ] [ Roaring ]
[ Gasping ] [ Purring,
Sniffing ] [ Snarling ] [ Growls ]
[ Growls ] [ Purring ] [ Growling,
Sniffing ] [ Clinking ]
[ Growls ] [ Clinking Stops ] [ Growling Softly ] [ Grunting ] [ Lex Screaming ] [ Screaming Continues ] [ Snarls, Roaring ] [ Raptor Panting ] [ Growling, Panting ] [ Screaming ] [ Screaming ]
[ Roaring ] [ Screaming ] [ Panting ]

100 thoughts on “Jurassic Park (1993) – Raptors in the Kitchen Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

  1. T rex is the only dinosaur which is better than the raptors they are awesome smart and vicious great dinosaurs

  2. This scene terrified me as a kid. It was like watching the first Alien film all over again.

  3. Spielberg is the greatest with child actors. Every single movie he’s done with child actors in them have some of the best performances from children in cinema most of the time. I’ve also heard the children love to work with him as well. I’d love to work with him some day if I am a successful actor.

  4. Every time I hear the characters say Velociraptor I can’t stand them saying that… I can’t even bring myself to say Velociraptor when referring to Jurassic Park/World. It’s just wrong! So all I say is Raptor

  5. Jurassic Park: All-time classic thanks largely in part to perfectly paced suspense scenes like this.

    Lost World: Very flawed but does have a couple great moments like raptors in the grass.

    JPIII: "ALAN!"

  6. When your not sure if when animals have escaped from their enclosures and the zoo is now to see you, a bit of irony tapping the glass.

  7. At the beginning of this scene, look very closely at the back of the raptor. You can see someone’s hand on the raptor’s tail to keep the raptor from falling over forward.

  8. One minor mistake that dinosaur is 6 feet long not 6 feet tall

  9. Lex:Timmy,What is it?
    Tim:It's a Velociraptor.
    Me:No,It's actually a Deinonychus.

  10. The following is intended only for mature audiences viewers discretion is advices.

  11. This is probably one of the single greatest scenes in cinema history. Absolutely chilling and unique.

  12. When Raptors were feared. Now they're super heroes. The Jurassic World films SUCK.

  13. 2:47 as a child to this very day Lex makes me laugh every single time XD

  14. KD and Curry, hidding from Kawhi raptors, please someone edit this one, lol.

  15. For those who haven't read the book, you are in for a huge suprise.
    Seriously, if the Raptors were bad in the film, they are downright demons in the book.

  16. At 0:00 look at the raptors tail…u can see a director's hand on the raptors tail look closely…. It gosr all the way to 0:02 like if u saw this

  17. Remember when Velociraptors were actually scary and unpredictable?

  18. who would win,

    The most intelligent, lethal and feared dinosaur in jurassic park, given other animals DNA to be more lethal.

    A reflection on a steel cabinet.

  19. This scene gave and gives me so much anxiety.

  20. These are not Velociraptors. Velociraptors, were smaller than an average person. These are another kind of Raptors dinosaurs.

  21. 1:03: One of the last sounds that I want to hear at night, by the way

  22. raptor 1:hey raptor 2,want some kids for lunch?
    raptor 2:sure i do!
    raptor 1:*bites raptor 2 neck*
    raptor 2:dude,why did you bit my neck?
    raptor 1:sorry,i thought you were a kid
    edit:i swear i don't use drugs

  23. I think the kids are the only ones who got a dino kill! xD locked it in the freezer with a key.

  24. 2:07 I loved the dolphin scream. Why didn't they use it in the rest of the franchise I'll never know.

  25. John Deacon, the early years before he met Freddie, Brian and Roger…..BTW Ben Hardy who plays Roger in Bo Rap, was 2 years old when this movie came out

  26. I always loved it when the raptor banged the head on the door sign after entry.

  27. The "arp arp" is actually tortoise mating sounds… Childhood ruined

  28. After Lex taps the ladle you can actually see her reversing into the cupboard but due to the danger, you immediately forget that the Raptor is looking at the reflection. Really cleverly filmed.

  29. You know what’s great about This part? It’s that we all have one thing common with it, we have held our breath and tired not to piss ourselves😂 seriously I had nightmares because of this.

  30. You know why the Jurassic World films suck? Because they don’t have a master of suspense like Spielberg directing the action.

  31. What is usually overlooked and is obvious here is the fact that Spielberg is a horror master

  32. Someone needs to add a laugh track to this scene, when the girl distracts the raptor with the cookwear, when the raptors slip, and when the raptor hits its head on the metal xD

  33. I miss the days of the Raptors being a threat to the park guests, where you felt scared while they were hunting down the protags. Jurassic World really took away that horror feeling, removing what made the Raptors such awesome creatures in the original series.

  34. It’s funny that real raptors were the same size as turkeys, and had feathers they looked nothing like this.

  35. A shame they put doors with those handle type doorknobs. If they put in those regular doorknobs the raptors would never be able to open them. No opposable thumbs. Lol

  36. i love how The Big One crashed into the metal cupboard because she through the Lex was in there but she wasn't

  37. Who came here because they play Ark Survival Evolved and wanted to compare the raptors in the game to these ones? 😁

  38. How does the CGI in a movie released in 1993 look better than the CGI in today's movies?

  39. Hold up this is Jurassic park raptors are form the Cretacous Period and there supposed to be half the sized and have feathers

  40. How can it be that I've seen this scene a million times and it still scares me like hell.

  41. I aint gonna lie. Even as a grown man, those raptors are absolutely terrifying. DO NOT look into it eyes

  42. Gordon Ramsey would cook both of those raptors, serving them with a fine wine and garnish

  43. I remember watching this scene as a kid and clenching the arm rest so hard I almost broke it!

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