Jurassic Park (novel) in Jurassic World Evolution

alright guys welcome back this is my Jurassic Park build based more around the novel sit in the movie it's good in its own way I like it it's so I said it's more of an open park which is kind of working it seemed like it was a little as envisioned by John Hammond in the book so you have the helipad again like in the other parks but here you know in the book and they soon as like as soon as they get there the other pata sources are lumbering around and coming through the frogs as soon as you get there you're encountering dinosaurs no offenses they're right there if you look at and of course in the game the guests aren't quite as pleased with this idea as they are in the book but that's that's just the way it is this is a novel dressing okay so that's what happens you kid off you walk right through you're walking right through – as soon as you get off to the exhibit at least one of them no offences then you get to the main visitors an area you have a swimming pool safari lodge visitor center people are freaking out for no reason kind of annoying there you go visitor center security bunker and just like in the novel it's talked about how they fit defenses up let me see this defenses the Cape via paddlers away from the gasps – okay go swimmin go away we're not supposed to be the section there first time I've ever seen that come all the way up here towards the visitor center like that it's the only one he's way out here by himself his name should be dope just out here like he's stuck at the fence anyway so you have the fence in the ground case anything were to happen which of course it's not gonna happen Park will never fail and then you have the more mundane security pin that the velociraptors are it is just three words in the book like eight or something like that can they put it here yeah so a lot of lesser actors the movie had three I think there were eight in the book so put eight in the security pin and it was just electrified like chain-link fence book so nothing fancy that's all they were separating them from the velociraptors I shouldn't know that's a bad idea for the get-go again maintenance add security bunker thing and then we get to the Jurassic tour like I said this is an open park so I'm just gonna show it to you before we take a tour of it you know this one another thing I liked about the novel I did better is this is kind of more from the movie really but from the novel as well I can't pronounce the name in the book you don't gotta buy those type of dinosaurs true these are in here they have the hills and the plains for them and you can kind of see the Visitor Center so we got have that going I like that it looks really good and the tour is basically for the most part it's from what I remember from the book because I had to again limitations of the game normally it would go right here first and you see the Dilophosaurus in the book they look down and I see them kind of by River with rocks or whatever and that's kind of what this Pataca supposed to be life a Dilophosaurus of course the tour but you've been this side of the road or to make it back that's the thing about not be able to cross pass she's really freaking annoying another thing that they should modify the drastic tours you should be able to decide which side you want to start from you always have to start from the right and you got to end by coming back into the left yeah you should be able to flip it and change it where if you want to start from the right you can start from the right and then I was huge start from the left and come back to the right because if I could do that I could bring it out and do all this and then go to the Dilophosaurus on first and then when I came back you know I I wouldn't be skipping the order like in the book but see you ready glance of the pack sure lined up for the book so you have the highlands and then you have water source and then I think in the book next they see the aviary so that they're still working on and they asked what it's a hat or whatever they tell them but you know it's not ready yet so that's what the tour goes from there and then you have a triceratops pusher in here themselves and then you have the 2x paddock which is really big the one thing about fish they're pretty much all my dress apart builds as far as whenever I put the tour together it's always rare to get a glimpse of the t-rex and Dilophosaurus as well usually and the way this is built I need to lower the terrain because he let me take the tour come back and listen right up against the fence you can't really see down there to see them which would be great that's to come a goal would be to be able to look down and see them like they did in the book but I either neither braised the path over here or over this is right now that's about all you're gonna see when you go past and so muster right up against the fence you're not going to Sanders but yeah so it has to be next and then you know would be the t-rex let's see that if he was there when you came by that's perfect he's never there for the tourists like I wanted to be never there I never see him up here at all but that's where he's supposed to be for the door you see the t-rex on this side coming through in theory and then again no fences for the herbivores keeping it more like a park like a just a prehistoric you know environment and you have more pedestals over here and there should be some Styracosaurus and yeah and some myosource is around the area so they have free rein sometimes they hear a lot of time they stay over here in the middle in this little area see them today or they could be down here whether Stegosaurus is and again if we had the shale paintbrush this would be this is the perfect spot to paint shale try to make it look as rocky as possible you know in the novel the Stegosaurus are in a rocky area and they're eating the rocks to be gizzard stones or whatever they call to help digest so this is what this is supposed to be you down to end the map into the tour pretty much the Stegosaurus are and they're down here looking for rocks T to help them digest their food so that's what Stegosaurus is going through that area right now there they are and they're the – pretty much all they put dinosaurs in the novel one that we're in the book which weren't a lot if you actually go by the book there are some that you know don't actually have look at the book all they say is hadrosaurs so I'm just going with bio source bias or they might say I think it just as hadrosaurs I have to look again but that's the closest we have so that's all we have with them Triceratops Tyrannosaurus patter soars t-rex and the velociraptors and that's pretty much all they had in the park than the copies and I can think of on top of my head they didn't have a lot and the Dafa sauce of course they didn't have a lot so this is uh moving or not moving about novel base traffic across the ocean if we can get a tour started or to start pretty soon from the beginning we'll sit back and thinking right through that and in this one it does go past the Rex paddock twice on both sides just because like I said it's very rare that he's actually up here where you can see it when you first passed so the the tour loops around and comes back through here and goes back on the other side though the Rex paddock on the way back so hopefully yeah you have two chances to see it sometimes you don't see it at all but there's two chances there is a pesky goat and the goats will mess up the tour vehicles and there is one that stuck out here because the Rex paddock did extend way out here but I had to cut it off I didn't want the tour vehicle just to go right through the paddock that's why I have goats I'm stuck with everything likes to eat over something forgot to put something over there – are still scaring the guests I wonder if though the guy still over here he's gone he's gone back another thing I live just would add is they don't show the tour vehicles all the shows ranges but I know it's there's probably built about on the same mechanic as a Java spear and it doesn't show Java spheres but I think it should show those things may be nice to fuck Jay Paul they could get broken down or something have happened to either want the Java or the tour truck and you have to go rescue the people or really if the vehicle or the driver out of there and it would just be nice to see with our app so if you want to jump in and click on a jump landed right over you know where they were right so right now that I'll note that again which kind of sucks come on what are you gonna tour stock ladies why not or start the Reich's is actually here perfectly Chapman never had happened so far playing this game as soon as we start is gonna disappear come on look at those people coming in there yeah I get a truck started gotta get a church they don't want a big party the food as we go in unity mr. say who knows that did it welcome to the Jurassic tour travel back in time with us and witness the awesome land of dinosaurs okay please do not feed the dinosaurs the large bony frill and three horns served to make Triceratops one of the best-known dinosaur and this makes her a popular attractive Oh set up perfectly audio tours sometimes you brightly see it the way it did it before we even see it just kind of set it up Triceratops lived at the same time as t-rex they were mortal enemies then and they remained so to this day mr. washio you see the red zone please make sure that you listen carefully to any safety announcements or instructions from staff this tour can encounter difficult terrain and you must keep your seatbelt fastened until the ride is complete the game works good like this you actually see I mean it really makes you feel like it so have motors for the game parts a lot of times the dinosaurs they will come they do see want to remember the experience of a lifetime then make sure you capture that perfect dinosaur selfie for your safety keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times dinosaurs will often congregate around feeders and water sources some dinosaur species are naturally shy and may be hiding in nearby forests some dinosaurs are shy and prefer the cover offered by the forest so may not be visible but they can see hear and smell you lead to any safety announcements or instructions from staff do you like this spot I have Dora means good mother lizard in reference to the first finds of nests and young it really does capture that see like what the book water just biological like pardon sir these animals not in fences really most of all I'll run free take the toy you know the only ones that are fenced off trying officer officer anything else Gallants is the party Ranger teams master and dinosaurs healthy by providing specialized medical care and restocking feeders for a nutritionally balanced night steigleder sometimes it is necessary to transport a dinosaur to another enclosure or to the mainland such actions are taken by the highly trained CTU team please do not feed the dinosaurs please remain seated for the duration of the ride ladies and gentlemen please be advised that our weather forecasts predict an incoming storm ladies and gents our weather forecast has been updated storm warning level has been raised the venomous if she opens her frill you'd better be inside a gyrus fear taken it and here in the Safari explosion two glass windows every dinosaur you see represents account from a wide-ranging team ladies and gentle the weather conditions have started to bath all species of dinosaur have different requirements for care we put their needs first and develop the spoke approaches for each species want something memorable to take home with you souvenirs are available to purchase at the gift shop struthiomimus has large eyes and no teeth but with four limbs and longer claws than other genera of its type nerds want to remember the experience of a lifetime then make sure you capture that perfect dinosaur selfie really fly with a crowd of my dress pretty good pretty good pretty good tour pretty pretty good there we have hope you guys enjoyed it show off some other Park fields and some other videos I have a Jurassic world to have a good spark San Diego so I've got to break them out and show those ones off I'm gonna get a chance thanks for watching

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