just because i’m a girl // Slam Poetry

Hi My name is Polina And I’m a girl! Well, wait, I’m probably wrong Because this room can’t belong to a girl It’s too messy for a her… Oh, right, I always forget I shouldn’t wear these baggy clothes I should wear clothing set By… society, I guess Dress, jewelry, and some make up That’s how girl should look Now look up and smile Remember, nobody cares about your thoughts and talents A pretty face is all that matters Because the only thing people see is your body But… I’m not just my hands, legs and head Let me show you another me instead I am a human A daughter and student A sister and dreamer And future filmmaker… Oh, right! I can’t be a filmmaker Because it’s a “men’s job” And my place… in the kitchen Well, actually, why do I care so much? Instead of educating myself, I can just find some rich husband, right? Because without any doubt The money is the only thing I care about Since the early childhood, most girls are told
what they can or cannot do just because of being a girl… What? You wanna cut your hair? Well, boys like it better long So maybe your idea is wrong? No, no, no! Stop reading this book You better go and learn how to cook Because you are a future wife! And that is your future life But you know what? Fu… Right That is so unladylike for a girl to swear I’m so sick of being stereotyped, Being told to be polite,
Kind and quiet What to wear
And how to speak Being told that I am weak Just Just because Just because I am Just because I am a girl But, girls, please, listen Don’t wait for permission To do whatever you want That is your body Wear whatever is comfy And whatever is pretty for you It is your future Become whoever you’re wishing No matter what others are thinking And it’s your life So you are the one who decides To either follow these stereotypes Or just follow your heart Thank you

8 thoughts on “just because i’m a girl // Slam Poetry

  1. А какие гендерные стереотипы раздражают именно тебя?


  3. Привет,я хотела тебя найти в ВК по ссылке, но не получается.Можешь пожалуйста написать как называется профиль.

  4. у тебя такой красивый внутренний мир, который вдохновляет с первой секунды понятия.
    никогда не останавливайся

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