‘Kabir’s poems are testimonies,’ says Kapil Tiwari

Kabir put his name
in his poems. It was with deliberate intent.
It has a specific reason. He’s saying,
“Understand this…” “I, Kabir, am witness to
this truth.” He’s giving testimony
to this truth. “This cannot be a lie.
Kabir vouches for it.” “I didn’t take this
from the scriptures.” “It isn’t just hearsay.” “I didn’t study this
in the scriptures.” “This was born within me,
I testify to this, I am witness.” That’s why Kabir’s signature
is in every verse. Kabir doesn’t speak of
someone else’s truth. If he speaks, it is only
from his own experience. This is the secret
of his signature. It is not just a
showy gesture. It is perhaps the small-mindedness
of modern times… ..that we see this only as
an assertion of IPR… “This is my work…
my originality.” What is Kabir saying?
It’s important to understand. He’s not literate.
He hasn’t read the scriptures… ..the Vedas or the Upanishads. He hasn’t studied Agam-Nigam. He isn’t a man of
the written texts at all! He found the truth
in his own spiritual practice… ..with the grace of
his guru Ramanand. And what Kabir experienced
in his practice… ..he expressed through
his poetry. In no poem does he
forget to put his name. Let the world remember..
these words cannot be a lie… ..as they bear the
stamp of Kabir. The stamp of Kabir’s
own experience! It’s his testimony. So in every poem he says,
“Kabir says, listen seekers!” Do you think he wants
to immortalize his name? He has no desire for
personal glory. If anything, let the truth
be immortal. What will Kabir
gain by immortality? He’s just putting
his stamp of authenticity. This cannot be false! I’ve heard that the
word ‘saakhi’ (couplet)… ‘Saakhi’ (couplet) comes from ‘saakshi’,
which means ‘witness’. The one who watches,
as the world goes along. He is bearing witness
to what he sees.

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  1. कपिल जी को सुनना सदेव ही प्रेरणास्पद रहा है . उनके विचार सुस्पष्ट और पारदर्शी हैं . साधुवाद इन बातचीत को साझा करने के लिए

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