Kadena (Kirby and Corazon’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

– Ma…
– Hm? Please throw that away. We’re almost home.
Papa might see it. Okay. Did you smoke again? No. – Papa!
– You were smoking again! No, I wasn’t! – I told you not to smoke!
– Papa! I didn’t smoke! – You never listen!
– Papa! – Don’t lie to me!
– Stop! You’re hurting me! I’ll make sure you won’t
bother our neighbors again! Dear Charo… Growing up, I always saw Papa locking up
Mama in chains. At first, I thought he was
just really strict. I didn’t know that Mama was ill. bottle gourd, squash,
and more… Radish, mustard, Ma… Can I come with you? Of course, you can!
Why not? Abby has to do the chores. We won’t take long.
We’ll be back quick. No. You guys will spend
too much time together. Abby, dear… Next time, okay? I hope Ate will like this. I’m sure she will, son! Why are there policemen here? – Genaro?!
– Papa! What happened?! Abby? Where’s Abby?
What’s going on here?! – Corazon!
– Genaro! Genaro raped Abby! Her teacher called to
inform me about it. Corazon, it happened many times
in your home! Your husband had malicious
intentions for your daughter, and you weren’t aware of it?! No… That’s not true… He’s just wrongfully accused! By who?! Your daughter?! What kind of mother are you?! Is it true, Abby?! Is it true, Abby?! Because I was so scared, Ma! Papa said you’d go mad
if I tell you anything! I really wanted
to tell you about it, Ma. But I couldn’t. Besides, you’d rather
talk to Kirby than to me! I don’t think
you even love me, Ma! That’s not true, dear… You’re with Kirby all the time, so I have no choice
but to be with Papa! Please forgive me, Abby… I’m staying here with Auntie. But why, Abby? Why?! The social services
representative advised me to take in Abby
for the meantime. She said taking her in would help her
cope better with the trauma. Just let Abby stay here
for the meantime. Ma! What’s happening to you, Ma?! Are you sick again? Ma… Please try your best
to get better, Ma… Because I don’t want you
to leave me… Ma… Put that thing
down, Corazon! No! That piece of land is mine!
You have no right to it! If you get anywhere near me, I will kill all of you! Ma! What piece of land? Just go home already,
you crazy witch! Ma! What are you doing?! Take your mother home, Kirby! Before she does
something stupid! – Why you…!
– Ma, no! I’m not crazy! That’s enough, Ma! Kirby… Why are you crying? – The poor kid.
– Now, now. I’m really sorry, Kirby. But we have no choice
but to restrain her. Otherwise, she’d roam around
and cause trouble. What’s wrong with Mama,
Auntie? Mama’s condition
eventually got worse – she lapsed into manic spells
more often than usual. My sister slowly
drifted apart from us, not knowing just how worse
it’s gotten for Mama. Ma! Wake up, Ma. It’s time to eat. I don’t want to eat.
I want to sleep. May I go out, sir? Ma. What are you doing here? How did you get here? I’m here to give you
your packed lunch. You must be
really hungry now. Thank you, Ma. – You’re welcome.
– Ma… You have to go home now. The test is not over yet. I want to stay here. I’m all alone back home. And I don’t want
to get chained up again. You won’t, Ma. – So please go home now.
– Really? Thank you so much, dear! Thank you! He did nothing wrong! You understand?! – Ma…
– Corazon. – Ma…
– Corazon. You promised me you’d never
chain me up again! How could you do this, dear?! Please don’t do this to me,
Kirby! You promised me. Let me go! Have you brought her
to a doctor? We don’t have money, Ma’am. My husband and I are
looking for a househelper. You can take on the job,
if you want. Yes, Ma’am!
I’m up for the job! Alright, I’ll get going.
Okay? – Take care, Ma’am.
– You go home now. I managed to juggle
school, work, and taking care of Mama
all at the same time. Through hard work, I managed
to finish high school, Through hard work, I managed
to finish high school, Dear! Wow! Congratulations, dear!
I knew you could do it! That’s for you, Ma. Are Mass Communication
courses only available in Tagum? You’ll have to move there if you really want
to pursue that major. It’ll be difficult to
commute every day. She will be very devastated
if I decide to leave her. Besides, I can major in
something else. My mother
is the only mother… …I have in this life,
illness or no illness. Ma! What’s that smell? Dear, I’m so sorry! I was waiting for you.
What took you so long? Son, please don’t leave me
alone like that again. It’s so lonely here.
You were gone for so long! I’m sorry for
leaving you here alone, chained down like this. I’m sorry for being
a worthless son. – I’m sorry…
– Dear. I don’t know what to
do anymore, Ma. It’s not your fault.
I won’t leave you. I’m really sorry.
I just had no choice… I’m really sorry.
I just had no choice… Come on. Let’s sing and dance. Can you do that later, Ma? I still need to finish this. Ma, I have a project to finish. – Later, okay?
– This won’t take long. I just want to dance.
Come on! – Not now, Ma.
– Join me here. Ma! Can’t you see I’m busy?! Can’t you see I’m busy?! I just wanted to dance. Can’t you do that later?
I’m busy. I’m asking you to join me. I know, Ma, but I need
to finish this! I have deadlines to– Ma, what are you doing?!
I worked hard for that! I’m exhausted from studying
and working all day, and this is what you’ll do?! This isn’t easy for me, Ma! I’m sick and tired
of everything! But I’m not giving up. I’m not giving up, Ma. So, please… Pull yourself together. I just want to dance. Son… Ma’am, can I go home early? But it’s still raining. You should wait for it to stop.
It could be dangerous for you. Ma’am, my mother is alone
at home and she needs me. Alright. Just be careful, okay? Ma! Ma. – Are you okay?
– Son… I love you so much, Ma. Thank you, son. Can I have this dance with you? Of course! Your mother has
Bipolar 1 Disorder. It’s a form of mental illness. She experiences two extreme
types of mood swings. The first is called mania, which is marked by
feelings of restlessness. The other is depression, which causes her
to lose interest. Doc, how do we treat it? Will she recover? So far, there’s no known cure
for this. We can only manage it. Your mom’s case is a bit extreme since it took a while before
she sought treatment. I’m recommending her
to be admitted so she could receive
full-time treatment. I’ll stay with Mama until
she becomes stable. I want to make up for the years you took care of Mama
all by yourself. Thank you so much, Ate. My dear… Thank you so much. I know you’ve already
sacrificed so much for me. I don’t know if I can
get through this. I will never get tired
of looking after you… …no matter how difficult
it can be. Because you’re my mother. And you’re the only mother
I have in this world. I love you so much. “After two years…” Let’s eat. Wait, I’m still waiting
for someone. Son, your father’s finally free. Son… How dare you come back here?! Son! Why did you let him set foot
in this house again?! And how could you forgive him after everything he did to us?! Son, this hasn’t been
easy for me. Your father regretted
everything he has done– But it doesn’t change the fact that he ruined our lives,
especially mine! We made it through without you. We bounced back
without him, remember?! I made it all possible! So why, Ma?! Why?! Forgive me, Abby. I’ve changed for the better. I regretted everything I did. Don’t call me your daughter because no father
would rape his own! You’re a monster! Papa did everything he could
to make up to us. Eventually, Mama forgave him. But Ate and I distanced
ourselves from him. After I graduated from college, I got lucky enough to become a
radio news broadcaster in Davao. Son… Your father has passed away. I hope we could
forgive him someday, I can’t do it. Kirby, we should forgive him. Kirby, I know letting go
of the hatred in your heart is difficult. But let’s choose to be happy. I’ll try to. I still work at the
radio station in order to reach
for my dreams. Most things in this world
are replaceable, but our parents are
one of a kind. They can never be replaced. Sincerely yours, Sincerely yours,

62 thoughts on “Kadena (Kirby and Corazon’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

  1. Ohhhh
    My…. i watched this story last saturday and it really breaks my heart. Kakaiyak grabe. With IINGATAN ka on its background. Huhuhu.

  2. Ang swerte ko din pala na may mama akong katulad niya!! Haayss😭😭 nakakaiyak to!!

  3. Lagi kong sinasagot si mama… Pero after ko napanuod to bigla ko namiss lambingin si mama… thanks to this 😭😭 kakaiyak

  4. I love you ma in heaven

  5. I love you Mama 😘😘😘 Pauwi na ako πŸ˜™ Kiss and Yakap kita dali πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  6. Bakit qoba to na open dami qo loha lumabas 😭😭😭. Salodo aq sa lalake mahal na mahal ang mama nila,

  7. Ang sakit sa ganitong situation.. Habang nariyan pa ang mga magulang natin mahalin natin ito dahil dina maibabalik ang mga panahong nariyan pa cla..😒😒

    # Salamat MMK😒😒

  8. Wagas ang pagmamahal ni Kirby sa kanyang ina. Napakagandang ehemplo para sa mga kabataan ng makabagong henerasyon.

  9. Sobrang nakakaiyak. Sana all ang anak. Kung may kasabihan na hindi natititiis ng ina ang anak, ganun din ang anak may di nakakatiis sa ina madalang nga lang. God bless your heart Kirby.

  10. I watched this story and it was so good. The actors are so talented acting the roles of the ones that had a rough past, i wanted to watch it again now i can! 😊

    Edit: filipino rin ako πŸ˜™

  11. nmiss k tuloy nanay ko. bata p ako ng mwala cya kya sabik ako s isang ina. hbang pinanonood ko ito tuloy din tulo ng luha ko. i misw you s much nay. i love you

  12. Mahal ko kayo mama papa kahit iniwan nio na kmi😒😒😒 masakit kc ulila na kmi..sana palagi nio po kami bantayan..kung maibabalik ko lng po ung dati na buhay pa kayo😒😒😒 sorry po sa lahat ng nagawa ko kasalanan..ang dami kong sana… sana ganto sana ganyan sana hindi nlng ako naging pasaway sana nasabi ko kung gano ko kayo kamahal dalawaπŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜£ kaya lng eto huli na ang lahat kahit kailan nd ko na kayo mayayakap.hindi ko na kau makakasama.. mga okasyon na kau ay napunta hindi na kahit kelan mangyayariπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜£ mama papa…patawad po..mahal ko po kau.πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’•

  13. I love my mother tooπŸ’•β™₯️. Single mother siya and single daughter ako pero nakapagtaposa all ng pag-aaral (as a teacher) πŸ˜‡ dahil sa kanya.

  14. "Marami namang ibang kurso dyan pero si mama, isa lang siya." You can't really have the best of both worlds. Sometimes you need to choose between your career or family but whatever you choose make sure you will never regret at the end of the day, but I believe there is always a right time for everything. Maybe that thing is not yet best for you this year but maybe next year.

    I can't stop crying. I can see how much pain, how much struggle, how much burden but he still manage to endure all of it not because it is his responsibility but it is because he loves his mom so much.

    May this story serves a lesson to everyone. Let's all take care of our sanity because mental health is more important than any material things in this world. Surround yourself in a good environment with good people. May God bless this man for he have shown what a son should be.

  15. Isang drum yata luha ko ditoπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… grabeh napagdaanan nila tsaka napaka swerte niya my anak siyang masyadong mapagmahal sa mama.

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