Kading Called Out! – Labrynith Author Randall Sullivan Drops New Book. Review incoming

all right everybody I just got Randall Sullivan's new book dead wrong the continuing story of city of lies corruption and cover-up in the notorious b.i.g x' murder investigation I've been starting to read this and I just wanted to let everybody in the audience know I will be doing a full review of this but I will tell you I'm about a hundred pages in and this is a damn good book so everybody be on the lookout I'm gonna do a review of this book after I finish reading it and maybe just maybe I'll get RJ Bangla livestream but for all those that have questions about murder rap and think that maybe you're not being told the whole truth you're gonna want to check out dead wrong by randall sullivan this is the follow-up to the book labyrinth which they made the movie with Johnny Depp city of Lies out of so you're gonna want to keep this book out and stay tuned because I'm about to drop a whole review on it one love everybody

12 thoughts on “Kading Called Out! – Labrynith Author Randall Sullivan Drops New Book. Review incoming

  1. Finished the book! Kading, Reggie Wright, Death Row Police, David Kenner, Chief Bernard Parks, LAPD, GUILTY!!!!!!

  2. Greg Kading isn't a good person as he appears to be. At first I thought he was a gentleman but I started looking into Russell Poole an realized he's not the person who I imagined.

    I also believe tupac escaped Vegas that night. Tupac is a smart dude.

    That whole story about zip was faked. Gene Deal knows how he got to Vegas he flew. Cannot take a gun on a airplane. Only police are allowed.

  3. Jmix……… Always peep your shit, keep doing your thing homie

  4. Where you been ?? Ppl falling off right and left on the Pac topic .. now we got clowns full blown telling b.s. like wired up .. everyone quit tupac .. smh .
    Good to see you back in my notifications ..

  5. DAMN JMIX about damn time!!!

    Tired of Reggie lying ass on Bombfirst

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