Kairos – Visual Poetry

Sitting at the wooden table Thinking bout the times when trunks were green About all that one was able Rewinding to somewhere before between Earned light is glowing through my skin filled with enlightenment deep inside the branch of right is always thin from green to brown and small to wide Branches multiply and leaves start to flourish Everything gets more complicated serious decisions are about to nourish I should have enjoyed should have waited the lightning comes before the thunder not in my case i’ll talk before I go under too much of it i had to waste big trees hardly expire but as we rise and grow our view of it starts to tire developing in a questionable way we think we become wise and glow, feeling faster than the life of a fly that only has a day, 7 times in a row doesn’t feel like an big tree more like a tiny leave of it not a signal of being free in motion strictly following the plan trying to be like the expect a grown man a lot has turned around in my elder mind i would love to rewind rewind and not lose anything be grateful for every little moment of it never enough surely not today wasting it killing it saving it enjoying it time

2 thoughts on “Kairos – Visual Poetry

  1. A truely wonderful and inspiring artwork. Beautiful scenes, great sound mixing and of course an amazing storytelling. Keep going!

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