Kaleikuri Prasad: “For a Fistful of self-respect” నన్ను పతితులును పిలవకండి

My landlord’s arrogance
Has tattooed on my heart with plowshares Now Chunduru, the burning Chunduru, the burning Chunduru. Don’t call me a victim; Don’t call me a victim, I am martyr, martyr I am the fluttering flag of defiance.
If you have guts, if you have guts, Bury me in the middle of the city I’ll bloom as the bamboo grove that sings the melody of life. If you have guts
Imprint my corpse, as the face of this nation I’ll spread as a beautiful future into the pages of history If you have guts, if you have guts, if you have guts, Imbibe me into your hearts I’ll become a tussle of conflagrations
And rise again and again in this land.

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